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"Umm, hmm..."

Slowly, Her consciousness returned.

After a long time, Ortansia opened her heavy eyelids.

It was remarkably bright. Much brighter than when she'd wake up in her own room at the Duke's mansion.


Why was she here?

It felt like she had forgotten something incredibly important...

As if urged on by an unseen force, Ortansia sat up.

And then...

"Looks like you noticed"



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Suddenly, a voice came out of nowhere, and Ortansia screamed out in  panic.

Panicking, she looked around, only to find...

"Eh, Goddess!?"

The goddess Auriella, who once bestowed divine blessings and a mission on Ortansia, was there

The space was very similar to the space where she met the goddess when she was given the blessing.

'Why am I here!?'

The goddess Auriella smiled gently at the confused Ortansia.

"First of all, I would like to thank you for your efforts thus far. Hortensia altiel verité. Thanks to you, we were able to stop the evil deeds of the demon god."


After a few seconds' delay, Ortansia finally managed to digest the goddess' words.

'It worked. ......!'

The demon who had disguised itself as a human, Lucian, and had planned to use Gerard as its vessel for resurrection, had been eradicated by Gerard himself.

The goddess told her so clearly, and Ortansia finally realized that her efforts up to that point had not been in vain.

'Thank goodness... But wait, I remember being stabbed by Lucian, and then…'

'Why... am I here?'

Ortansia had a vague premonition and timidly asked the goddess.

"Um, I feel like Lucian... the demon stabbed me, and I was on the brink of death. What happened?"

The goddess Auriera was silent for a moment in response to Ortansia's question, and then quietly opened her mouth.

"I am sure you have noticed that I am only inviting your soul into my realm at this time. In reality, you are in a situation where the light of life could go out at any moment due to the wounds you sustained when you were stabbed by the ...... demon."

'Ah, I knew it…'


She was not surprised. She had a hunch. Ortansia was able to fulfill her greatest mission. It would be a big lie to say that she had no regrets… but at least she felt that she will be able to face death more peacefully than the first time.


'I wonder if Onii-sama is okay…'

She hoped that Gerard didn't feel any guilt over her death.

'He's probably fine... When Father passed away, he took over as the head of the Duke's household properly…'

He just lost his sister who he spent just a few years with. She was sure he would recover soon.

'But I wish I could have watched over Gerard and helped him more... I wanted to make sure Father didn't pass away like before... Oh, thinking about it like this, I feel more and more regretful!'

The goddess' eyes were filled with compassion as Ortansia groaned.

"The world is saved thanks to your efforts. When you are born next, I will give you a happy life, free from any inconvenience."

The goddess's words should have brought joy, but Ortansia couldn't help but feel that she wanted the tumultuous life of "Ortansia of the House of Verite" more than a worry-free, happy existence.

'But I shouldn't be so selfish as to trouble the goddess…'

Ortansia desperately swallowed down the words that came to her throat, "I want you to rewind time" once again.

Seeing this, the goddess Auriera gently laughed.

"With all the powers at my disposal, I shall grant you every blessing. You were meant to have a peaceful life under the care of loving parents, cherished by all".

"But you said 'meant to have'? What happened?"

To the goddess's oddly hesitant words, Ortansia tilted her head.

"Something troublesome occurred... Well, it was within the realm of expectations."

The goddess sighed softly and smiled wryly as she looked at Ortansia.

"Due to some calculations, it seems that as things are now, there's a high probability that the world will once again head towards destruction."



Ortansia let out a shocked exclamation at the unexpected statement.

"But... the demon should be gone by now, shouldn't it?"

"Yes, thanks to you and your brother, the threat of the demon has been eliminated. However, a different threat has emerged."

"What on earth...?"

What could it possibly be this time? As Ortansia held her breath, the goddess quietly revealed the answer.

"Your brother Gerard Adonakion Verite."


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