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At the unexpected mention of Gerard's name, Ortansia was left completely stunned.

Why would Gerard's name come up now? She thought they were discussing a new threat, separate from the demon.

"Um, are you saying that my brother is going to somehow become this new threat?"

"No, your brother himself is the new threat."

"What!? But how? I thought the demon was gone...!"

The shock of hearing that her brother, Gerard, could be a threat was almost too much for Ortansia to bear.

Indeed, in her first life, after Ortansia's death, Gerard had aligned with the demon and brought about the world's destruction. But now that the demon was gone, why was Gerard considered a new threat?

"Why...? I don't understand."

"It seems the thought of losing you again is quite a burden... He might blame himself for your death, resent his fate, and drive the world into chaos."


"Simply put, he's just that kind of person."



The Goddess's casual tone left Ortansia torn between wanting to cry and wanting to laugh. This series of events was completely overwhelming for the timid Ortansia, just as her first encounter with the Goddess had been.

"So, to prevent Gerard from falling into darkness again... Ortansia, we can't afford to reincarnate you once more. As a special exception, you will return to the current world."


A moment later, Ortansia comprehended the situation and blinked in surprise.

"Does that mean... I can go back to my brother...?"

In response to Ortansia's words, the goddess smiled kindly.

"Yes, that's right. However, we cannot erase the fact that you were once near death. There will be scars, and there might be lingering effects. Nevertheless—"

"I'll go! I'll go right now!"

Seeing Ortansia's restless demeanor, the goddess chuckled.

"It seems you're not worried. Ortansia, it appears your brother may become a terrible catastrophe without you by his side. Please continue to watch over him—or rather, support him in any way you can."

"Yes! Of course!"


The goddess, bending down, gently kissed Ortansia's forehead. At that moment, light filled the surroundings, and Ortansia felt her body becoming lighter.

"Ortansia Remi. Of Vérité... a child beloved by the gods. May your future be filled with light."

Gradually, the figure of the goddess, Aurelia, began to blur. Simultaneously, Ortansia felt herself slowly descending.

However, she wasn't afraid. She could clearly sense that this was the path leading her back home.

'Just wait a little longer, Onii-sama.'

She wondered what she would say to him when they finally met. Lost in these thoughts, Ortansia's consciousness slowly faded away.

And then...

"...Ah... Sia."


She heard a voice from afar, but her entire body felt as heavy as lead. She couldn't move a single finger.

"...Wake up, Ortansia!"


Despite her struggles, Ortansia couldn't open her eyes or respond fully to the voice calling her.

But her body was heavy, as if her whole body had turned to lead.

She couldn't  move even the tips of her fingers.


That voice, filled with desperation and pain, pierced through Ortansia's heavy slumber. She felt compelled to respond, to wake up and acknowledge the person who was calling her name. Gathering every ounce of strength within her, she pushed through the overwhelming lethargy that weighed her down.

"...Wake up, Ortansia!"

With a determined effort, Ortansia forced her eyes to flutter open, but the intense brightness nearly blinded her.



Attempting to sit up, she was met with excruciating pain coursing through her body. She managed to move only her gaze, and the first person she saw was...

'Oh, Onii-sama...?'

Gerard was staring at her with an expression of disbelief.

'So, it was Onii-sama who called me…'

She had managed to return, back to her beloved brother, Gerald. Ortansia summoned every ounce of strength to lift her arm and reach towards Gerald.


"I'm back... Onii-sama," she whispered, though her voice came out weak and hoarse, far from the lively greeting she had hoped to offer.

Gerald treated her as if she were the most precious treasure in the world, gently accepting Ortansia's hand. He held it firmly and spoke softly, his eyes filled with concern.

"I thought you might never wake up..."

He pressed his forehead against her hand, a gesture of deep relief. However, what happened next shocked Ortansia even more. Gerald's white cheeks were illuminated by the sunlight shining through the window… a single tear trickled down Gerald's pale cheek.


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