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As soon as he saw her figure, Gérard's movement stopped.

'No, that's...!'

"Brother, it's an illusion! I'm right here!!"

Ortansia hurriedly shouted.

However, Gérard didn't look at her and didn't react to her voice at all.

'Could it be that he can't hear me...?'

Without Ortansia realizing it, Lucian might have cast some kind of barrier separating them.

Realizing this, Ortansia shuddered.

At that moment, the fake Ortansia at Gerald's feet twitched, and Gerald picked up the woman as if he had been shot.


"No, no. Brother, that's not me...!"

Ortansia tried to stand up and go towards Gérald.

But the moment she did, black tendrils emerged from the ground and grabbed her feet.

"Oh, don't you think it's really beautiful... to kill your beloved sister with your own hands?"

He looked at the fake Ortansia, who was picked up by Gerald, and whispered to Gerald.

At the other end of his gaze, the fake Ortansia being held by Gérald was whispering something to him.

The tension in the air crackled, and it was evident that Gérald's emotions were intensely disturbed.

"While I could have used you as a shield..."

As Lucian's voice echoed in his ear, Gérald felt a cold touch on his neck.

"'While you were distracted by the fake sister, your real sister was being cruelly devoured nearby… Don't you find that even more grotesque and beautiful?"


Simultaneously with those words, Ortansia felt a strong pressure on her neck, causing her to gasp in pain.


"Last time, I didn't pay much attention, but you look quite delicious now. I'll savor every breath until the very end."

"Such twisted... tastes!"

"Don't be absurd! As I mentioned before, there aren't many gourmets like me."

Lucian seemed to take delight in toying with Ortansia's reactions, applying and releasing pressure in a teasing manner.

However, Ortansia hadn't given up.

If Lucian used his full strength, he could easily snap her neck in an instant.

She would make him regret not doing so...

'Please, Tyrol...!'

Hoping that the small spirit was hiding somewhere, Ortansia prayed.


And then, the next moment...

"Get away from Sia! You perverted bastard!!"

A small ball of fur burst out from Ortansia's hair, transforming into the familiar Tyrol, who attacked Lucian.


Lucian was scratched by Tyrol's sharp claws and reflexively backed away from Ortansia.

It was a seemingly weak blow that shouldn't have dealt any damage to a demon god, but it was enough to disrupt Lucian's concentration and weaken his barrier.

"Brother! I'm here!!"

Ortansia shouted desperately, her breath ragged.

Her voice reached Gérald without a doubt.


Gérald quickly turned to face her.

It wasn't clear whether he had seen Ortansia's figure or not.


But he didn't hesitate.

He let go of the fake Ortansia he had been holding and rushed towards the real Ortansia.

Ortansia tried to run to Gérald, but she was stopped by Lucian's barrier.

"Step aside."

Without hesitation, Gérald swung his sword, cutting through Lucian's barrier.

In the next moment, Ortansia leaped into Gérald's arms.

"Brother, I'm so glad..."

Ortansia pressed her head against Gérald's chest.

A gentle hand descended from above and touched her head.

"You're safe now."

With just that one sentence, Ortansia felt her tension melting away.

But it was still too early to feel at ease, so Ortansia quickly pulled herself together.

Lucian was still right there.

"Kuku, kuku..."

Lucian, who was a short distance away, let out an eerie laugh, and Gerard quickly hid Ortansia behind him.

""Although you may have let your guard down for a moment, breaking through my barrier is quite impressive, as expected of Lord Gérald. I am impressed," Lucian said as he touched his own face with his fingertips, and the scars from Tyrol's scratches vanished in an instant.

"That guy is abnormal...!"


Tyrol, perched on Ortansia's shoulder, bristled its fur in alertness.

"No need to worry. I'll erase it right away."

Gérard remained composed and aimed his sword at Lucian without showing any signs of agitation.

"My, my. Wouldn't it be nice to listen a little more? For example... What you did before time rewound."

"No!". Read

Lucian was attempting to expose Gérald's actions.

Before this world rewound, what had occurred.

"Brother, please don't listen!"

Ortansia desperately pleaded with Gérald, but he remained motionless.

As if rooted to the ground, he stared intently at Lucian.

Master Gérald, you must have memories too, right? Memories within yourself that you're unaware of. Are the nightmares you see truly just nightmares?"

Ortansia tried to cling to Gérald, but her body wouldn't move.

She was frozen, unable to even twitch a single finger.

'Could it be that I've fallen into Lucian's trap...?'

Lucian… the demon, was deeply intent on plunging Gérald into despair and using him as a vessel.

If Gérald were to learn what had occurred before the rewind of time…

Would he still be the beloved older brother Ortansia cherished? She couldn't be certain.



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