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Later, she realized that she had awakened in her familiar room at the Duke's Mansion.

Ortansia had gone to the Duke of Linie's Mansion, where she was attacked by Lucian, taken to another dimension, rescued by Gerard, and then returned to her original world. However, it seems that she lost consciousness due to the injury inflicted by Lucian. She had bled too much.

For several days, she remained unconscious and teetered on the brink of life. Without the assistance of the goddess Aurelia, she likely would not have survived.

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'But it's all over now, isn't it?'

The demon that would have plunged the world into chaos was completely shattered into pieces by Gerard. For now, the world had been saved, but despite accomplishing such a monumental task, Ortansia didn't quite feel the reality of it all.

Bored from lying in bed for so long, she tried to get up with a groan, but...

"Stay in bed."

Gerard, who had been reading documents by the bedside, noticed her immediately and gently pushed Ortansia back into bed.

"But it's so boring just lying here."

"The issue isn't whether it's boring or not."


While they continued their conversation, Gerard's hands deftly sorted through the documents. Ortansia knew that he was deeply concerned about her, and that's why she couldn't assert herself too strongly.

'And I had some terrible misunderstandings too…'

On that night when Ortansia stormed into the Ducal residence of Linie, she had believed that Gerard was being swayed by the demon and had joined forces with Duke Linie, who planned to usurp the throne. However, in reality, Gerard had simply been pretending to align with Duke Linie.

'I never imagined it was a secret investigation by the Knights Order…'

Gerard's unit, the "Black Eagles," was a specialized force that handled covert and dark operations not often seen in the public eye. Duke Linie had ties to the royal family, making him a formidable opponent for an ordinary person. This was why Gerard had pretended to be aligned with the demon worshipers to get close to Duke Linie.

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Thinking back, Ortansia realized that her constant wandering around must have been quite troublesome.

'Well, as a result, the demon god was defeated and Prince Victor was safely rescued, so was it a good thing...? Though it might have gone more smoothly if I hadn't interfered.'

As she pondered this, Ortansia couldn't help but feel sorry. She timidly apologized to Gerard beside her.

"I'm sorry, Onii-sama."

"I'm sorry, brother..."

"What's this about?"

"I was told to quietly stay in the mansion, but I didn't listen and kept getting in the way..."

Ortansia's words caused Gerard, who had been deftly handling documents, to stop abruptly. He seemed to be seriously contemplating something, and after a thoughtful pause, he spoke slowly.

"No... To be honest, I am glad you were there"

"Really? How so?"

"If you hadn't appeared, I might have... the prince..."

Gerard stopped speaking at that point, letting out a small sigh.

"...No, it's nothing."

Gerard, who had hesitated with his words for a moment, made Ortansia tilt her head in confusion. With his abilities, Gerard could have successfully rescued Prince Victor even without Ortansia's presence

"Brother, you could have rescued Prince Victor even without me," Ortansia said to encourage him, but Gerard's expression turned slightly grim.

Perhaps it was a topic that should not be touched upon too much. Ortansia quickly tried to change the subject.

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'Oh, by the way, Pamela told me something interesting. She said they're celebrating you as a national hero for rescuing Prince Victor... Brother, is it alright for you to be here?"

Since Ortansia had awakened, Gerard remained almost constantly by her side. 

Although Ortansia was delighted to have her beloved brother with her, but it really wasn't an appropriate time for that.

The kidnapping of the prince for the purpose of usurping the throne by the one with the Dukes and Gerald was the hero who came to the rescue. Normally he should have been busy with the Knights' Order managing the aftermath or perhaps even participating in ceremonies celebrating his heroics

However, Gerald was adamant that he would not leave Ortansia's side.

Many times a day, the Duke's servants would call out, "The knights are here to see you...," or "A royal messenger is here to see you..." likely for official business. Yet, Gerald would always tell Ortansia he needed to step out "for just a moment" and return shortly.

'No, no, it can't be right for my brother to be here like this!'

"Um, Brother... I'll be fine. So, shouldn't you go to the royal palace or the Knights' Order?"

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"There's no need for that."

Gerald's determination was as unyielding as steel. In this situation, it seemed impossible to sway his will, whether it be the Knights' Order or the royal family.

'It's incredible. To think that he wasn't swayed by the country's elite Knights' Order and even the Royal Family…'

In normal circumstances, they might try to use Gerald's position within the Knights' Order or the Verite Ducal Family as leverage to force him into action. However, Gerald wasn't clinging to his status or position. Even if they used those as leverage, he would likely easily discard them. Instead, it might be the royal family and the Knights' Order that needed Gerald desperately, doing their best not to upset him.

'Probably, Father is smoothing things over skillfully.'

When Ortansia woke up, her father rushed to her side immediately.

…"Thank goodness, Ortansia. I'm truly relieved...!"

The Duke of Verite, who usually maintained a composed and unruffled demeanor, embraced Ortansia tightly, his breath ragged, his hair disheveled, and tears in his eyes. At that moment, Ortansia truly felt that she was loved by her father.

She didn't know if they were biologically related. No, even if they were strangers, he was Ortansia's father, and Ortansia was his daughter. She felt that strongly.

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Her Father must be the one handling the estate in Gerald's absence and likely busy explaining the situation to various parties by now. Once things settled down, Ortansia would need to take good care of him.


Unintentionally, a smile spread across Ortansia's face, causing Gerard to look at her with a puzzled expression.

"What's so amusing?"

"No, it's not that anything is amusing, it's more like..."

Ortansia met her foster brother's gaze and gently smiled.

"I feel happy."

Everything wasn't magically resolved, and there were many uncertainties in the future. However, for now... Ortansia couldn't help but wish that this peaceful moment could last forever.


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