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The man speaking was Zhao Guowu, the head of the Zhao family. The other man was Li Yunlin, the head of the Li family. Owen and Mok were the two foreigners they had invited to treat Hong Shiwen's grandson, Hong Tao.

A year ago, Hong Tao had contracted a mysterious illness. When it struck, his body burned up, his eyes turned blood-red, and he would bite anyone he saw as if possessed.

The Hong family had consulted numerous renowned doctors to no avail, even enlisting a Taoist master from Longhushan Mountain, but nothing worked.

A few days prior, after conducting a comprehensive examination, it was deduced that Hong Tao had at most two weeks to live. Consequently, the Hong family offered a staggering billion-dollar reward for any doctor who could cure him.

Owen and Mok, who were already in China for a medical exchange at the invitation of the Chinese Medical Association, happened to have business dealings with the Zhao family. Thus, Zhao Guowu and Li Yunlin connected with them to treat Hong Tao.

Yet, even after Owen's thorough examination, he couldn't identify the root cause of the illness. He suggested taking Hong Tao to his home country for treatment, but Hong Shiwen rejected the offer.

Owen was to return home the next day, so he had come again that evening to persuade them. It wasn't out of the kindness of his heart; instead, it was the allure of the billion-dollar reward. Even with their world-class medical team, they couldn't resist such a tempting offer.

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Just then, Wang Lin arrived on the third floor, and Hong Ying excitedly announced, "Grandpa, Mr. Wang is here!"

"Haha, Mr. Wang, welcome! Please have a seat," said Hong Lin, greeting Wang Lin with a respectful face as he poured him a cup of tea.

Seeing how deferential Hong Lin was to Wang Lin, Owen and Mok looked displeased. Struggling with their broken Chinese, they asked, "Mr. Hong, may we know who this gentleman is?"

"Mok, this is Mr. Wang, a miraculous healer. His medical skills are unparalleled; he once saved my father's life," Hong Lin smiled.

After Wang Lin had treated Hong Shiwen last time, two days of observation revealed not only that there were no complications but also that Hong Shiwen seemed to have grown a decade younger. 

This left the Hong family filled with awe and curiosity toward Wang Lin. They had never heard of a mere acupuncture session detoxifying someone and making them look ten years younger. Hong Shiwen even went so far as to consult a disciple from the Valley of Divine Medicine, only to learn they couldn't accomplish such a feat either.

"A miraculous healer?" Owen sneered, asking, "What kind of medicine does this Mr. Wang practice? Western medicine or some sort of witchcraft?"

Facing the provocation, Wang Lin simply responded, "Traditional Chinese Medicine."

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Owen burst into laughter, "Traditional Chinese Medicine? Hahaha…"

"Isn't Traditional Chinese Medicine just a bunch of hocus-pocus?" Mok mockingly blurted out. "Mr. Hong, you should probably get another medical check-up at a hospital. Who knows, you might have some hidden ailment."

"The marvels of Traditional Chinese Medicine are beyond your comprehension," Wang Lin retorted.

"I trust Mr. Wang," chimed in Hong Shiwen, who had remained silent until now. "I also plan on having him treat my grandson Tao's illness."

"I'm afraid Owen's trip here might be in vain," he added.

"Mr. Hong, your grandson has a week at most. Sending him to our country for treatment could save him," Owen quickly countered.

"We can't afford to waste time," Li Yunlin, who had been eavesdropping, urgently advised.

"Mr. Hong, may I examine your grandson's condition?" Wang Lin asked, sensing the lack of regard Hong Shiwen had for Owen and his team. He also had little respect for the arrogance of Western medicine and wanted to seize this opportunity to dampen their overconfidence.

"Of course, please follow me," said Hong Shiwen, leading Wang Lin into a bedroom. Owen and his team trailed behind, eager for an opportunity to ridicule Wang Lin later on.

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Upon entering the room, they saw a ten-year-old boy lying on the bed—Hong Tao, Hong Shiwen's grandson. He looked ghastly pale, reduced to skin and bones. If not for his faint breathing, one might have mistaken him for a mummy.

Wang Lin carefully observed Hong Tao, his brow furrowing increasingly. He had identified the cause of the illness: a form of "Gu Poison." Although he could employ the Nine Needles of Ghost Valley technique to expel the poison, Hong Tao's weakened condition couldn't withstand such an intense treatment.

Seeing Wang Lin's furrowed brow, Owen couldn't help but smirk. "Just a moment ago, 'Doctor Wang' made Traditional Chinese Medicine sound so miraculous. So, have you diagnosed the condition?"

"Haha, Owen, don't give him a hard time," Mok joined in, jeering. "He doesn't even have medical equipment; how could he possibly identify the cause?"

"Who said I didn't figure it out?" Wang Lin calmly responded. "Not only have I diagnosed the condition, but I also have a treatment plan in mind."

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