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When Wen Yan was brought home and adopted by Shen Yuan, Shen Jingxiu had already gone abroad to study.

Although they were technically siblings, Shen Jingxiu had no feelings towards the original host and had never been curious about her.

But last night, he unexpectedly heard her thoughts.

Now that he was sitting next to her, Shen Jingxiu wondered if he could still hear anything.

Wen Yan had no idea that the person sitting behind her was the young master of the Shen family.

She quickly ordered the dishes.

Whether the food was good or not wasn't important. It was important to make Qiao Kexin pay a hefty price.

Qiao Kexin watched as the waiter handed her the bill, and her heart was bleeding. To save money, she had to settle for a lesser meal.

But then Wen Yan joked, "Kexin, since you invited me to eat, I won't be polite to you."

Qiao Kexin's face turned dark, "You don't have to be polite with me, Yan Yan. Just order whatever you want, what matters is that you enjoy your meal."

"Well then, don't worry, I'm really enjoying myself today. I went to a spa, bought a bag, and had a big meal."

Qiao Kexin was furious. The spa cost her 150,000 yuan, she borrowed 50,000 yuan to buy the bag, and now she had to pay for this meal too!

Wen Yan hadn't spent a dime today, so of course she was happy!

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Qiao Kexin resentfully thought, seemingly unaware that Wen Yan had simply copied her actions.

And these were just the appetizers.

While waiting for the food, Wen Yan suddenly took out a piece of paper and a pen from her bag.

She exaggeratedly sighed before speaking, "Kexin, I lied to you just now. When we were buying the bag at C's, you asked me if I had encountered any financial difficulties. I didn't admit it at the time because I didn't want the store staff to hear and embarrass me."

Qiao Kexin frowned, "What do you mean, Yan Yan? Did something happen to you?"

"Yes, something happened. Kexin, my pocket money has been cut off by my family. Because I constantly caused trouble for Shen Zhirou, we had a big fight at my mom's birthday banquet the night before yesterday, so my pocket money was stopped."

Shen Jingxiu heard her at the next table. He stayed overnight at home on the night of his mother's birthday banquet, so how did he not know about Wen Yan's unpleasantness with her family?

As for pocket money...

Ding! His phone rang.

He opened the screen and saw that it was a notification about a change in his bank card balance.

Although he had started working and became an adult a long time ago, the tradition of giving pocket money to everyone in the family had never changed. His parents treated everyone equally, including the four siblings and one adopted daughter.

And after the "ding" sound of his phone, he almost simultaneously heard the sound of Wen Yan's phone ringing behind him. It was likely a text message notification about a change in her bank card balance.

Of course, Wen Yan noticed as well.

20,000 yuan had been deposited! She could hardly contain her smile.

But the show had only just begun, and she hadn't had enough yet. She had to keep going.

"So, Kexin, now I'm a poor beggar without a job or pocket money. I don't even know when my adoptive parents will forgive me. Can you help me, Kexin?"

Qiao Kexin's mouth twitched, "Um... Yan Yan, you know, I have no position at my stepfather's house. How can I help you?"

"Don't worry, Kexin! We are best friends, and I definitely won't give you a hard time. But you might have to repay the money you borrowed from me before. Look, I've already printed the transfer records on this paper. Let's deduct the 50,000 yuan you borrowed from me to buy the bag from your debt.

Over the past two years, you've borrowed a total of 600,000 yuan from me. Subtracting the 50,000 yuan for the bag, you still owe me 550,000 yuan. Now I'm waiting for you to help me out. The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, and I plan to buy some gifts to please my parents."

Qiao Kexin was completely dumbfounded.

She hadn't figured out how to say it yet, but Wen Yan stuffed the printed bill into her hand.

"Kexin, why don't you transfer it to me now? I plan to buy a diamond bracelet for my mom later, it's going to cost a lot of money. Hurry up, I've been waiting for you."

Wen Yan urged Qiao Kexin innocently, leaving Qiao Kexin unsure of what to do.

She actually planned to ask for the money she borrowed from her a year ago? She thought she had forgotten about it after all this time.

Every time she only borrowed ten or twenty thousand, how did it accumulate to 600,000?

Qiao Kexin looked incredulously at the records on the A4 paper and silently opened the banking app.

But the reason why Qiao Kexin opened the banking app was actually to check the accounts.

Wen Yan took advantage of the situation and grabbed her hand. "Kexin, you are truly my good sister. Just transfer it now. You wait, I will definitely treat you better after I regain my parents' love. I'm so looking forward to it. With this money from you, I can buy gifts for my parents."

With the words spoken, Qiao Kexin still planned to continue taking advantage of Wen Yan in the future. This money has to be repaid now, whether she wanted to or not.

After transferring the money, Qiao Kexin felt completely deflated, as if her soul had been emptied.

"Yanyan, I need to go to the restroom."

"Well, go ahead. The appetizers should be served by the time you come back."

Qiao Kexin forced a smile and then pushed her chair and walked away.

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Once she was far away, Wen Yan put away her phone and sneered coldly, "Little brat, you have to spit out what you've eaten. You really think I'm easy to bully."

Shen Jingxiu was drinking water and almost sprayed it out when she heard this.

Shen Jingxiu's family knew that Wen Yan had a friend who wasn't very good, and Su Yang had also criticized Wen Yan twice, but Wen Yan always got excited whenever this friend was mentioned.

She would say things like her friends who were friends with Shen Zhirou were good, but the ones she made weren't. After that, Su Yang stopped criticizing her, but would occasionally complain to Shen Yuan.

Shen Jingxiu happened to have heard it twice.

But from what just happened, Wen Yan didn't seem to be that foolish.

She acted pitifully and pretended to be poor, which made her friend obediently repay the money without offending anyone.

Why didn't he realize that she was a pretender before?

But Shen Jingxiu thought carefully and realized that he hadn't had much contact with Wen Yan before. They only met at home, and even then, it was just a casual greeting.

It was the first time they had met in a public place outside of the Shen family villa.

Thinking about this, Shen Jingxiu unconsciously smiled.

He didn't notice his own shallow smile, but the woman with long wavy hair sitting in front of him seemed to have snapped out of her thoughts.

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