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Suyang smiled lightly, feeling much better than before. "It's not just luck. You must have performed very well on the spot. When you start filming, I will definitely watch it every day."

Speaking of this, Shen Yuan also spoke up, "Which production crew is it?"

"Hehe, for now, I'll keep it a secret. After all, I have only passed the initial selection. The director hasn't notified me to audition yet. I can only get the role after passing the audition. I'll come back with good news once everything is settled." Suyang smirked.

Shen Yuan nodded, "Alright. Yanyan is becoming more steady, not bad."

Shen Yuan rarely praised his children in public, and his statement garnered the attention of many people present.

Shen Jingxiu quickly glanced at Wen Yan after hearing these words.

Shen Zhirou stopped eating altogether.

It was just an interview, yet she was praised so highly.

She had been at the company for almost half a month but had only received subtle criticism.

Shen Zhirou's expression turned sour.

Suyang, however, wore a relieved smile.

But she didn't discriminate, and immediately continued, "All the children in our family are outstanding. Jingcheng has recently published two papers, although they are academic, I found them quite interesting."

Shen Yuan also added, "I've read them too. He conducted in-depth research, which is quite rare for his age."

Wen Yan, in order to show support, didn't let this topic die out. "Third Brother is amazing. I want to attend one of his lectures when I have the chance. I've heard that his classes always attract a large number of people. I really want to experience his charm. Zhirou, why don't you come with me next time?"

"But I have to work. I only have time on weekends. Does Third Brother hold classes on weekends?" Shen Zhirou asked.

"I'm not sure about that, but I can ask Third Brother later."

The family's conversation flowed naturally, and the atmosphere of the gathering finally returned to normal.

Wen Yan also felt relieved.

She was just a little thirsty.

After dinner, Suyang personally brewed tea, and Wen Yan brought out the desserts she had bought earlier, intending to continue the lively atmosphere from the dinner table.

This time, Suyang took the lead and discussed entertainment industry matters. After all, she had dealt with people from the industry frequently, and she wanted to give some advice to Wen Yan as a newcomer.

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As a parent, Shen Yuan also expressed his opinion, "Yanyan, this circle is complicated, with many people waiting to take advantage of you. If you openly disclose your identity, it will be beneficial for you."

"My parents have a point, but I think it's better to go with the flow. There's no need to explicitly tell everyone that my father is the chairman of the Shen Group and my mother is a famous designer. If I don't do well in my work, it will only bring criticism to you and I'll be mocked by others. It's best to be low-key. Plus, Second Brother hasn't made his identity public either. In fact, it's better not to be public, otherwise, my private life will be exposed without any privacy left. Besides, I don't want to be a celebrity, I want to be a good actress."

Shen Yuan nodded, "Then let your Second Brother take care of you more. The production crew you are currently in contact with is also Jinghe's crew, right? Jinghe..."

After the meal, Shen Yuan finally figured it out. He should take the initiative as a father, especially since his second son had come back. He was considering using the production crew that Wen Yan was negotiating with as a segue to have a deeper conversation with him, whether it was investing in his film or other aspects.

But Shen Jinghe harbored such deep hatred for Shen Yuan.

Shen Yuan had just called his name, and he stood up with a cold face. "I have no obligation to take care of anyone. Whoever wants to take care of someone can do it themselves. Mom, I'm a bit tired. I'll go back to the room and rest."

Wen Yan: .... All that for nothing, it's as if we're back to before the revolution.

And it didn't end there.

After Shen Jinghe left, Shen Jingxiu received a phone call and went to the study.

Soon after, Suyang received another phone call and said she had to go to the studio to handle an emergency.

It was already dark outside, and Shen Yuan was worried about Suyang going out alone. He decided to be her driver.

Finally, only Wen Yan and Shen Zhirou were left facing each other. Wen Yan proactively handed a small piece of dessert to Shen Zhirou. "Do you want to try this? It's a popular online dessert recently, and it tastes pretty good."

Shen Zhirou gave Wen Yan a deep look and lightly curled her lips. "Thanks, but I'm trying to maintain my weight recently, so I won't eat this high-calorie dessert. Since you want to enter the entertainment industry, it's best to take care of your figure as well."

After saying that, Shen Zhirou got up and left.

Wen Yan watched her leave and knew that what Shen Zhirou said was reasonable and sounded like a well-intentioned reminder.

But for some reason, Wen Yan felt that the way she had just looked at her wasn't very kind.

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After Shen Zhirou left, the spacious hall suddenly became empty.

Looking at the colorful desserts in front of her, Wen Yan felt a pity.

Especially since these desserts weren't cheap, even a small piece cost three digits.

Such expensive and delicious food, yet no one touched them.

It was such a waste.

Adhering to the principle of not wasting food, Wen Yan picked up a piece and quickly ran upstairs.

After half a month, she stood outside Shen Jingxiu's room again.

The last time she did this was when she just transmigrated, holding a glass of drugged orange juice to sedate Shen Jingxiu.

But this time, she was just here to feed him.

Unlike last time, Shen Jingxiu's room door was half-opened and not tightly closed.

From where Wen Yan was standing, she could clearly see his every move.

She saw him talking on the phone while searching through the drawer on the bedside table.

His movements were casual yet eye-catching.

[Wow, Big Brother looks good even when making a phone call with one hand. How does he do it? If he were to enter the entertainment industry, with just his appearance, he would probably become a top star.]

Shen Jingxiu, who was looking for documents, suddenly paused.

He couldn't even hear what the person on the phone was saying.

[Sigh, why does his pause feel like a frozen still frame from a magazine? There must be many employees in the company who secretly admire him, both men and women.]

Shen Jingxiu: ........What is she always thinking about? Does she have the same thoughts about everyone, including Shen Jinghan?

Having found the documents he wanted, Shen Jingxiu hung up the phone.

As soon as he turned around, Wen Yan knocked on his door.

"Hey, big brother, are you still working overtime?"

"Yeah, I have some things to take care of."

"I came to bring you some dessert. I specifically asked them to put less sugar, so if you're working overtime, you can have a small piece."

Shen Jingxiu had initially wanted to refuse, but he thought about how patient she had been waiting outside the door without saying a word while he finished his phone call, if her silence counted as her speaking.

In the end, he nodded. "Alright, thank you."

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