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"Eh, I'm not sure about the world or anything, but... anyway, you're saying that my execution wasn't a dream but something that actually happened, and that the you as the goddess rewound time?"

As she frantically twisted her head around, the goddess's voice echoed again.

《First of all, let me tell you about what happened after your death. After your death, an investigation was conducted again, the false accusations against you were cleared and the stigma was wiped away.》

"Did someone… Do something to help me?"

《 No, it was more about stopping the Countess of Dendane, who was the target of an assassination attempt, from becoming queen.》

"Not for me?!"

For a moment, she was almost moved, but Ortansia was soon demoralised. Read only on

Reality, it seemed, was merciless after all

《As a result, Countess Dendane's self-made act was exposed and your stigma was cleared. You were canonised as a saint as a sign of atonement.》

'So it was all a staged act...'

Apparently, the Countess of Dandane took the poison herself, in a desperate attempt to gain the Dauphin's attention and sympathy. (T/N: Dauphin means prince or heir apparent to a throne, but you can also do your own research. I will be using both during this translation)

This was the behaviour that Ortansia does not understand. Read only on

'She framed me, with whom she had no particular interaction with, as the culprit because I was a recluse who... didn't have any friends'

Ortansia was simply sacrificed as a human to be easily made into a villain…

When she thought about it, she let out a dry laugh because of how pathetic she felt.

《With this, the kingdom seemed to have regained its calm, but there was one person who was quietly consumed by madness... Gerard Adonakion Verite. Your foster brother.》

"What? Why?"

If Ortansia's stigma had been cleared, it would have been unexpected to her brother and the Duke's family…

《Gérard regretted day after day that he could not believe in your innocence and that he could not save you. And when your innocence was proved... he finally exploded with rage.》

"What? Did Onii-sama have such human feelings?" Read only on

《He stormed into the royal palace and demanded to see the Countess of Dendane, who was imprisoned. When he was refused, he murdered dozens of people present, including members of the royal family.》


《The Countess of Dendane, who had been imprisoned, also died at his hands. Gérard's rage was still unrelenting, and he even invoked the demonic god, whose fury resonated with his own.》

"...No, no, no, wait a minute. I don't understand." Read only on

《He fused with the Demon God and became the Demon King, and with the advent of the Demon King, the world plunged into an age of chaos. Conflict led to conflict, and as more blood was spilled and lives were lost, which led to me finally rewinding time.》

"The scale is too complicated to keep up with!!"

It was so incomprehensible that Ortansia was confused. Read only on

'What is the Demon King? Why did she suddenly change the topic from my false accusation to that! Or rather, why is she talking about my first life…'

"I think it's strange that Onii-sama was angry that I died because I was falsely accused."

Gérard hates Ortansia, the disgrace of the ducal family.

He was definitely happy that she was dead, but she couldn't believe that he would continue to regret that she couldn't be saved.

《...Ortansia, what you see is not all there is. Gérard certainly loved you. so much so that his love consumed him into madness.》

"No way…"

《There is not much time left. There is only a little time left for me to speak to you in this way. Ortansia, please remember what I am about to tell you.》

There were many questions Ortansia wanted to ask her, but for now it seemed better to just listen to what the goddess had to say. Read only on

When she nodded gently, the goddess began to speak softly.

《You may have been reborn, but you were once canonised as a saint. I have bestowed stronger blessings on your soul. It will surely be of help to you.》

It seemed that the baptismal name was longer than the first time because of this.

《Ortansia, please stand by Gérard and guide him on the right path. His hidden power is mighty, and depending on how he uses it, it could be the sword that destroys the world. Only you can save him.》

"No, I can't."

《I have asked you, Ortansia. I beg you, Ortansia, may blessings be with you》

"Wait a minute!I can't!"

"I can't be close to that cold-hearted brother, it's absolutely impossible! It's bound to fail!"

But as soon as the goddess finished what she wanted to say, her voice stopped, and at once the white surrounding disappeared and the familiar scenery and bustle returned. Read only on

A familiar voice reached Ortansia's stunned ears. "This is  wonderful, Your Excellency the Duke!"

"I never thought this would happen… Ortansia."

"Your given name is 'Altiel'. Like Gérard, it is a name as precious as royalty. From now on, you shall proudly call yourself Ortansia Altiel Verite."

'Your Excellency Duke, a maiden with such strong blessings could be canonised as a saint immediately. By all means, would you entrust your daughter to our care?"

"No, I can't do that. She's a girl I've only just met, and I'd like to keep her for a while to pamper her."

When he dismissed the bishop's proposal with these words, her father smiled as if he was planning something.

"Your Excellency the Duke! Please, please reconsider"

"Come on, Ortansia."

The Duke picked up Ortansia and walked away briskly. Read only on

"I'm sure you'll be inundated with offers of marriage from royalty and nobility all over the world."


Her father was smiling happily, In contrast to her father, Ortansia was exhausted

 While leaning against her father, Ortansia ruminated vaguely on the words of the goddess earlier..

'Haa... I don't understand, but if I'm not mistaken, my brother will be in trouble if I leave him alone like this, so somehow I have to pull him back to the right path…'

The goddess' requests were impossible but they were in line with Ortansia's objective of getting Gerard on her side in order to survive.

"Whatever it is, I have to find a way to get Onii-sama to like me… is there such a way?"

 Facing her first and biggest mission, Ortancia was at a loss.

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