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 In the end, she was too afraid to speak to Gerard during breakfast. Of course, he never once looked in Ortansia direction, ignoring her presence like air.

'Yeah. Probably I should just give up trying to have a good relationship with my brother now!'

While she was in such a downcast mood, her father called out to her.

"Ortansia. We are going to the cathedral for your baptism. Go get ready."

'Oh, that reminds me.'

In this country, there is a ceremony in which a person can be baptized by the gods and receive blessings by offering a certain amount of money to the cathedral.

Many common people were not baptized due to lack of money, but children of nobles were usually baptized as soon as they were born. Read only on

 What kind of blessings one receives depends largely on one's own qualities, and the blessings Ortansia received in her first life were honestly too weak for a nobleman. That's why she almost forgot that she received the baptism ceremony.

'But there's no particular reason to refuse. Will we head to the temple as we did the first time...?'


No matter how many times she came here, she was always impressed whenever she saw the cathedral in the royal capital.

The Cathedral of Auriela, the goddess who protects the Country.

"Is this your first time here?"

"Yes. I've only ever been to a small church before…"

'Actually, I had been here a few times in my previous life.'

Ortansia followed her father's lead, looking around to avoid suspicion and giving off the impression that she was overwhelmed by her first time here. Read only on

As soon as she stepped into the cathedral, she was greeted by the bishop, as if he had already spoken to her.

'As expected of the head of a prestigious ducal family. The special treatment is amazing..!'

 The bishop looked at the astonished Ortansia and smiled.

Welcome, my dear. Oh... this is the Duchess of Verite, what a lovely young lady you are."

"My daughter, Ortansia. Bishop, baptize her as I told you."

"Yes, sir. Come this way, please."

Ortansia followed the bishop's lead and went further into the cathedral.

She arrived in front of a large statue of the goddess Auriela.

"Kneel down here... and soon the goddess will bestow upon you a new name and blessing."

She knelt before the statue as she was told, and the bishop began to recite a very long prayer. She was very excited during this ceremony in her first life, but now Ortansia was feeling somewhat downcast.

By being baptized by the goddess, one receives a new name and blessing. Read only on

Incidentally, the strength of the blessing is proportional to the length of the baptismal name, and the longer the baptismal name, the stronger the blessing.

Ortansia's baptismal name in her previous life was "Remi".

What a short name! It was too short a name, to say the least.

Nobles usually received names of about more than four letters, so Ortanshia was often ridiculed in that regard as well.

Her blessing was a light one that "keeps evil away," but when she thought about it, she didn't think it kept evil away at all.

'I was executed for being involved in an attempted murder..!'

 By the way, Onii-sama, Gerard's baptismal name is "Adonakion."

 His baptismal name is "Adnakion," which is very long. This is comparable to royalty, and just saying his baptismal name is powerful enough to make the other party bow down to him. just by saying his baptismal name.

She didn't know what kind of blessing he had received, but he must have tremendous power.

While she was thinking about this, the bishop was about to finish his prayer.

The bishop was about to finish his prayer: "O Goddess Auriela, I pray that this child be given a new name. Please grant this child a new name and blessing."

Then the bishop looked at us and opened his mouth. Read only on

Your new name is... "Altiel."


 Ortansia's mouth was gaping open at this unexpected turn of events.

As she looked up in surprise, a strong wind blew, and she closed her eyes

The next time she opened her eyes, she felt a strong wind blowing on her face, and she quickly closed her eyes. The next time she opened her eyes, she found herself in a mysterious space that was completely white, no matter where she looked.

"What is this! What's going on?"

Ortansia, can you hear me?》


As she was dazed and confused, a voice suddenly echoed in my head, and I reflexively let out a pitiful scream. Then, as if the fog gradually cleared, a statue of the goddess Auriera appeared before her eyes.

The sudden appearance of the statue made Ortansia gasp. Read only on

"What, uh...?"

《We don't have much time, so I'll keep this short and sweet.》

"Yes, yes!"

'perhaps this voice is coming from the statue in front of me? Which means that the owner of this voice is by no means… The goddess!'

 《Ortansia. Do you remember your first life


Ortansia was so surprised by the sudden question that she uttered a strange cry. No one but herself was aware that time had rewound.

 Infact she had begun to suspect that it had been a long dream.

"Did that really what happen?!"

《That event was not a dream or an illusion, it really happened.》

"Oh no... then why am I still alive!"

《With your death, the world lost its equilibrium and plunged into an era of chaos. So many lives were lost that time was rewound starting with you.》


Completely unable to understand, Ortansia nodded her head.

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