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 The servants gathered in the hall were looking at each other with mixed expressions of anxiety and curiosity. Apparently, they had not yet been informed of the details.

 As she watched them one by one, Ortansia searched for the real culprit behind Pamela's false accusations.

'Oh, there she is!'

 The woman was indeed present in the gathering. She probably thought that there was no way they would find out that she was the culprit. She had a smile on her face. Read only on

'Hmmm, it's only a matter of time before she does so!'

 Ortansia stood proudly next to her father, stretching her back and chest out as best she could to avoid being looked down on.

"The reason we've all gathered here is none other than the case of the theft. It seems that my daughter has found the culprit. Please listen carefully."

 Ortansia didn't miss the smile of the real culprit towards her fathers words.

Ortansia slowly stepped forward and looked at each of the servants' faces.

Then she stopped in front of the maid and stared at her face.

"You're the one who put the stolen goods in Pamela's luggage."

"What are you talking about...!"

The real culprit seemed to scowl for a moment, but then immediately coughed and smiled thinly. "Master, it pains me to say this, but I'm sure the young lady was persuaded by Pamela. She has been tricked into believing that it was someone else who did it. Do you believe what this child says?" The way she said it, the mockery was evident. Read only on

But my father didn't stop smiling.

"Is that so, Ortansia?"

"Yes father. I have no doubt."

"My Lady! If you're so sure, do you have any proof?"

"Yes, because I saw you frame Pamela with the power of the blessings I received from the Goddess."

"How can something like that be used as proof! Master! The young lady said something untrue and tried to unfairly frame me"

"Shut up."

At that moment, a chilling voice echoed through the hall.

 The maid who was the real culprit, expression froze at the sound of that voice, and Ortansia froze at the unexpected turn of events.

The sound of footsteps resounds.

 Ortanshia's brother, Gérard appeared. Read The Reborn Lady is Loved by her Foster Brother: The Scariest Villain only on

'Huh, why is Oniisama here!? Is he mad at me because I'm getting on his nerves!'

 While Ortansia was worried, Gerard came and stood right in front of Ortansia.

He looked down at Ortansia with those absolutely cold eyes.

'Huh! How can a Mistress daughter behave like a boss?!'

 Ortansia froze and waited for Gerard to tell her to ridicule her.

 But Gerard suddenly took his eyes off Ortansia and announced in a chilling voice:  "How dare you, a servant, talk back to a member of the Duke de Virité family?

 The one that Gerard's cold gaze was on was not Ortansia, but the servant, who's the real culprit. Read only on

"Huh! Could it be that.. he is protecting me?"

 Ortansia looked up at her brother in disbelief.

"No, no, Master Gerard"

"Shut up. The most important thing to do is to answer exactly what you are asked if you don't want to have your head chopped off. Is that clear?"


The servant, who was the culprit, was glared at by Gérard, and was shaking her head like a bobblehead doll with a pale face.

"You stole the Duke of Verite's fortune and tried to frame another servant for the crime. no doubt." Read only on

The maid, perhaps oppressed by Gerard's stare, continued to shake her head like a broken doll. She easily admitted her guilt.

"That's right. Father, about the rest of the process…"

"I'll take care of it. I'm sorry to have bothered you, Gerard. Thank you, too, Ortansia. Thanks to you, we will be able to save the innocent and punish the culprit properly."

"Ha, yes..."

 Gerard was no longer interested and left, his shoes clacking against the floor again.

'No way, I never thought Onii-sama would help me…'

 Unable to believe what had just happened, Ortansia pinched her soft cheek.

 The pain she felt seemed to tell her that what had just happened was definitely real.

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