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 Thanks to Ortansia's help, Pamela was to continue working at the duke's residence, and the real culprit was handed over to the guards. There were additional charges such as unauthorized use of the master key, so it seems that simply dismissing her was not enough.

 Ortansia sighed as she watched Pamela prepare the snacks while humming a tune.

'And even so... I never expected that Onii-sama would help me'

Since the incident, Ortansia has been thinking over and over again the meaning of Gerard's actions at that time.

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"How dare you, a servant, talk back to a member of the Duke de Virité family?" Depending on how you think about it, those words sounded like he was acknowledging Ortansia as a member of the ducal family.

'But that can't be possible because he once said, "I never once thought of you as my sister".'

Maybe he simply didn't like the fact that the servant had a cocky mouth. Still, it turned out, he saved Ortansia.

Pamela was to remain with the duke, and the future will change a little.

'It would be nice if I could somehow get Onii-sama favorability with this flow. But how could I get along with that expressionless man?'

Ortansia, who had been groaning, called out to Pamela unconsciously

"Hey, Pamela."

"What's wrong, miss?"

"I'm... trying to get along with someone, but I can't talk to him very well. How do you think we can get along?"

"If... you smile and talk to him, it will solve the problem right away! There is no way anyone would get angry after being smiled at by a cute young lady!" 

 The answer Pamela gave cheerfully  made Ortansia involuntarily wince.

'I don't think so! only someone as naive as you can make a move like that'

 Ortansia smiled awkwardly as she thanked Pamela.


 Since Pamela's advice didn't help much, Ortanshia wandered around the mansion blindly, hoping that her walk would give her some ideas. Then, just as she turned at a corner, she bumped into someone.

"Oh, I'm sorry!"

As soon as she apologized and looked up, Ortansia froze.

The culprit that troubled Ortansia's thoughts, Gerard, was staring at her with a cold gaze

"Uhh, Onii-sama…"

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'Oops! I was careful not to be overly familiar! Why would I call him Onii-sama'

 Feeling as if she was about to start crying, unable to look away, Ortansia just continued to stare at her brother's face. Gerard, too, was still staring at her with his emotionless, cold gaze, but he suddenly opened his mouth.

"The maid you spoke out for, I heard she's still staying in the mansion."

'I'm not sure what to do.'

"Yes, yes!"

'Huh, my brother is talking to me! What is this? Is this a sign of an impending disaster?' Ortansia's head was in a state of panic at this impossible situation. Read only on

Her thoughts were jumbled together and she immediately remembered the words she heard from Pamela just a few minutes ago.

 "There is no way anyone would feel annoyed about being smiled at by a lovely young lady!"

'Huh! It doesn't matter anymore'

Confused, Ortansia stopped thinking. Then, she smiled adorably as she spoke to Gerard.

"Brother, you were amazing! Ehehe, thank you!"

 Without knowing what she was saying, Ortansia just kept saying, " brother is amazing! She continued to praise Gerard with a smile.

She was frightened that at any moment he would say, "Shut up right now or I'll cut your head off!"... But for some reason, Gerard seemed to be listening to Ortansia very patiently. Read The Reborn Lady is Loved by her Foster Brother: The Scariest Villain only on

'I'm not sure why, but I'm in a really good mood today!'

 Everything was out of the realm of Ortansia's imagination, and her head was filled with "???" 

 But there was no backing out now. She has no choice but to go through with this "cute little sister'' mode.

  Gérard suddenly looked out the window and sighed.

 Ortansia was frightened that his anger had finally crossed its limits and that the thunder of judgment would fall, but…

"I'm sorry, but it's about time. Tell me if you have any trouble again."

After saying that, Gerard clumsily patted Ortansia's head with an awkward expression quickly left. Read only on


 Ortansia stood there in a daze.

'...Was that a dream? That's right. There's no way my brother would listen to me silently and ask me to tell him if I had any trouble...'

 She pinched her cheek to immediately wake up from the dream, but what she felt was definitely pain.

 Until Pamela, who was worried, came looking for her, Ortansia repeated her odd behavior of pinching her cheek and shutting and opening her eyes on the spot for about half a minute.

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