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 'But how can I help Pamela?'

Ortansia pondered in her room.

'The stolen mansion furniture was found in Pamela's luggage…  meaning someone put them in there?'

Someone had deliberately planted stolen items in her personal belongings in order to frame Pamela. If she can successfully prove that they were falsely accused, she will be able to rid Pamela of the accusation

'I don't know what to do!' Ortansia groaned as she hugged her pillow tightly and jiggled her tiny feet.

No matter how much she wanted to find the culprit, she couldn't keep a 24/7 watch on the servants' quarters where Pamela lived. Read only on

What else could Ortansia do?

'Oh, yes. I received a new blessing from the goddess!'

 Finally remembering this, Ortansia hurriedly pulled out her naming card from the shelf. The naming card should have contained the new name given at the baptism and details about the blessing.

 She was so busy on the day of the baptism that she didn't have time to check it carefully, but if she checked the naming certificate, she would know about the blessings.

 When Ortansia opened it with trepidation, she was astonished.

'So many blessings!'

 There was a list of blessings given to Ortansia (or so it seemed). Read only on

'I really didn't realize there were that many blessings! I didn't notice that at all.'

'But with this... It might prevent Pamela from being falsely accused.'

 Ortansia gulped, and began to think of a plan.

"Excuse me, Lady Ortansia!" The next day, Pamela arrived at Ortansia's door in high spirits and Ortansia answered her with a smile, taking a small potted plant in her hand.

"Pamela," Ortanshia called out with a smile, "I went out in the garden yesterday. I went out into the garden yesterday and saw some really beautiful flowers blooming, so I thought I'd give them to Pamela as well."

'Are you okay? It's not natural! Is this what a 7-year-old should be like!'

Taking care to sound exactly like an "innocent seven-year-old girl" as much as possible, Ortansia uttered the line she had practiced over and over again. Read only on

She said, "Pamela will always take care of the flowers in my room. I know I'm a bit nervous about suddenly being in a big mansion, but the flowers that… Pamela takes care of, cheers me up! So... I'll give Pamela some beautiful flowers too! I hope you'll take good care of them as if they were mine!"

 With a smile that made her look as lovely as possible, she offered Pamela a potted plant of flowers that she found randomly in the garden yesterday.

 Pamela looked at Ortansia in surprise.

'Ugh... was that weird?! As expected, such a dirty potted plant wasn't good enough!'

 She had just unearthed a potted plant that was almost buried in the soil around there and planted some random wild flowers, so to be honest, it was not even a subtle interior design. Read only on

'I should have made it more elaborate'  And when Ortansia began to regret it,

"Oh, I can't believe the young lady said that."

Pamela suddenly bursted into tears.

"Why are you crying?"

 "I... am a country girl, I'm not witty, I make so many mistakes, and I've thought about quitting this job so many times already, but... Thank you, Miss!"

 Pamela received Ortansia's potted plant with a smile, even though she was crying raggedly. The sheer joy of it all made Ortansia feel a tingle of guilt. Read only on

'Ugh... if I knew she would be this happy, I would have done better, but this should be a breakthrough in clearing Pamela's false accusations.!'

"I'll treasure it!" Pamela said happily. Ortansia nodded to her in reply and let her gaze follow Pamela's back as she proceeded with the cleaning while humming, with eyes full of calculations unlike a child.

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