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 Ortansia's debut was a tea party at a certain count's house.

 Ortansia was accompanied by her father to the count's mansion, and stepped into the venue with a sense of excitement.

'Ugh, their gaze are...!'

 As soon as she stepped into the hall, she was met with curious stares from all directions.

 After all, the current Ortansia was a mysterious duchess who had suddenly appeared in one of the country's leading ducal families.

Well, she didn't understand the feeling of wanting to pry into various things, but it felt like was going to ignore it with all my might.

"Come on, Ortansia. Over there is the Countess, the hostess of today's tea party."

"Yes, Father."

With an air of "I don't care at all about your stares", Ortansia stepped forward towards the Countess. Read only at

'Father's introduction means I am from the the Duke de Verite family…'

 If she make connections here, there is no chance that she will not get help in the future when she is in a difficult situation.

'Okay, I will try my best to flatter.'

Ortansia immediately made up her mind.

"Madame, this is my daughter, Ortansia. I previously had to leave her in the countryside for a reason, but now she can finally live with me."

'How do you do, Countess? It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Ortansia Altier Verite."

 The moment Ortansia said her name,  murmurings could be heard from different directions.

'Eh, did I say something wrong!?'

Maintaining a lovely smile on her face, Ortansia quietly panicked, but…

 The next moment, the Countess bowed her head with the momentum of prostrating herself, and Ortansia was taken aback

"It's an honour to meet you too, Lady Ortansia. Ah, you really are a divine young lady, like a goddess…"

 The Countess stared at Ortansia passionately with a somewhat ecstatic expression on her face.

 The unexpected reaction made Ortansia dumbfounded.

'What a huge... difference in response!'

 In her first life, when Ortansia ostentatiously introduced herself, everyone smiled meaningfully, saying, "Ah, so this is the rumoured mistress daughter of the Duke of Verité." Some even mocked her outright. So Ortansia thought such mocking reactions were normal...

'Why this sort of reaction! I just said my name normally!'

 Suddenly, the murmurings of those standing at the corner of the hall faintly reached Ortanshia's bewildered ears.

 She secretly activated her "listening skill" and eavesdropped on the conversation.

"Did you hear that? She did indeed call herself "Altiel" just now!"

'It's a prestigious baptismal name, comparable to royalty."

"It's indeed certain that she is the Duke's own daughter…"

'Oh, I see…'

 Ortansia was finally a little more convinced.

 The big difference between her first life and now was Ortansia's baptismal name.

Apparently, baptismal names in social circles have a much greater influence than Ortansia thought. Read only at

 As she was admiring how one name can make such a difference.. Her father came closer to her.

"Look Ortansia. Shall we head over to greet everyone else?"

"Yes, Father."

 As her father led her, Ortansia introduced herself to many people and greeted them.

"You are as lovely as a pearl, my dear."

"She looks just like the Duke."

"The dress you are wearing, my lady, is very lovely... Huh, it’s a special order from Solciere!?”

"How clever and intelligent you are!"

The flattery that came one after another almost made Ortansia's cheeks blush.

'So this is how nobles scare each other…'

Nobles by nature live in a world like this from an early age. That's why Ortansia, a sudden duchess, can't compete with them.

'I wonder if one day I will be able to read these faces too... Hmmm, I wish I knew what my brother was thinking first...'

 While munching on her sweets at the tea party, Ortansia gently  sighed into her teacup.

'I'd like to think that, at least for now, I'm doing better than I did in my first life. Anyway, I need to get more allies and work on my social skills! Gotta work harder at tea parties from now on!' Read only at

While flashing an adorable smile at those around her who spoke to her, the little duchess renewed her resolve.

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