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 At the same time, Annabelle's lessons as Ortansia's educator also became more and more heated daily.

 Recently, the lessons were often interrupted by the intrusion of the designer, and Annabelle seemed to be tenser than ever.

'May I, miss? Yes, bend at the waist and bow your head... Well, I guess you pass."

 With a look of reluctance, Annabelle passed Ortancia's bow.

 Ortansia breathed a sigh of relief that she had made it through the lesson without incident.

'As expected, she managed to pass thanks to the hard work she did in the past…'

Before, Ortansia was very terrible.

 Thanks to her mother, she had acquired the manners of a 'commoner', but there was no way that would be acceptable in aristocratic society.

Annabelle was particularly harsh with her, to the extent that she felt like she was avenging her parents.

"You are like a wild monkey with no discipline!" She scorned Ortansia and gave her lessons until midnight... It was a memory she didn't like to recall... if she could help it.

 Even now, it was obvious that if Ortansia had the slightest crack in her character, it was clear that her thunder would strike.

 For this reason, Ortansia was very cautious in Annabelle's presence and behaved like an ideal lady.

 It seemed a little unnatural, but it was better than being squeezed like a rag by Annabelle again.

"Well, that's it for today's lesson. 'Miss, please don't be careless just because lesson time is over. A true lady must never let her guard down at any time."

"I know, Annabelle. Good day to you."

 With a perfectly angled bow, Ortansia left the room.

 As soon as she slowly closed the door, a loud sigh escaped her lips.

'Haah... I was so nervous. Annabelle is always scrutinizing me to see if there's a mistake somewhere.'

She was a genuine lady. So Ortansia, the daughter of a tavern woman and raised in an orphanage, would be just like a bump on her eye from her point of view.

'Well, it can't be helped…'

 Annabelle's feelings were not hard to understand.

All Ortansia could do was act like an ideal duke's daughter so as not to offend Annabel as much as possible.

 One day, Ortansia was suddenly summoned by her father, who had been at the duke's residence since the morning, which was unusual.

'What have I done? Have I done something wrong…?'

 When Ortansia visited his office with trepidation, her father smiled at her sincerely.

"You're welcome, Ortansia. Now, Annabelle has told us something about you. At those words, Ortansia took a deep breath

'Annabelle reported to my father! I wonder if I've done something terrible without knowing!'

 Ortansia was nervous… but...

"Annabelle complimented you on your hard work. She also said you're so solid it's hard to believe you've only just arrived at the Duke's."


Her father grinned at her, and Ortansia was dumbfounded by the unexpected words.


“Therefore, I think it’s about time for you to show up in society little by little as the daughter of the Duke of Verite…”

'Annabelle praised me...? No, no, I'm sure father is exaggerating.'

 Ortansia convinced herself of this.

 However, at least in Annabelle's eyes, the current Ortansia seemed to be considered 'fine' to put in a social gathering.

 In her first life, Ortansia did not make her first public appearance until much later. She was too ill-prepared in terms of manners and etiquette to show up at social events.

'What should I do about this...? I don't really want to go, but should I actively attend to improve my brother's impression of me?'

As Ortansia was thinking deeply, her father spoke gently.

"You don't have to worry so much. It's a tea party for children your age, so you don't have to be so uptight about it."

"Thank you, Father. I'm a little nervous, but I would love to attend." Ortansia replied, even though she was confused.

 In her first life, as a result of not being able to make any friends, she was abandoned by everyone and executed publicly.

She didn't have much confidence, but it's better to show up a little now and then.

'Huh, I wonder if it's okay. I… wonder if I can change the future'

 The situation was slowly starting to change from her first life with her brother, whose true intentions are still unknown...

 'Am I moving forward or backward?'

Unconsciously, Ortansia thought about the unpredictable future.

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