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'Miss! They've decided to convert the spare room into a dressing room exclusively for Miss!"


Pamela's cheerful words made Ortansia want to hold her head in her hands.

The closet in Ortansia's room was by no means small. Rather, the closet alone was many times larger than the room she lived in when she lived in the orphanage.

And yet, Ortansia's exclusive dressing room, which was even larger, was...

'What is this, what's actually going on…?'

"Excuse me. Here is a delivery for you, miss."


Someone knocked on the door of the room, and Pamela, who was in a good mood, answered immediately. Read only on 

When Pamela returned, she was carrying a number of large boxes.

"Here's a present for you, miss! Wow, what's inside?"

"...Can you open it for me?"

"Oh, I don't mind at all. Uh... look! Cute stuffed animals, and over here is a trinket!"

Stuffed toys, dolls and accessories that little girls would love were laid out on the table. Ortansia could only look in horror.

"…By the way, from whom did all these items come?"

"Of course, they are all from Gerard-sama!"

"Oh my god! do you really mean…?"

Finally, Ortansia's head was placed in her hands. Read only on 

"Oh, Onii-sama why are you doing this…" When she muttered this unintentionally, Pamela replied with a big smile.

"That's because he wants you to be happy, that's obvious!"

'I'm not sure how that's possible! But that's what it looks like from that perspective…'

Ortansia took a deep breath and hugged one of the gifts, a stuffed bear, to calm her mind.

Hugging the fluffy, adorable bear indeed calmed her down a little.

'Er, I think brother is trying to please me'

He collected flowers that Ortansia said she liked, ordered a large amount of dresses for Ortansia, and gave her gifts that a little girl as young as Ortansia would love.

As expected, I have come to realise that they are doing this in the hope that Ortansia will be pleased. Read only on 


'What was his motive for pleasing me! What's beyond that!!!'

It is frightening because I don't know his key motive.

Squeezing her bear to escape reality, Ortansia pondered.

'Anyway... I don't know his purpose, but my brother is really trying to please me.'

According to her mother's teachings, in times like this, she should just be overjoyed. So Ortansia, who immediately encountered Gerard in the hallway, turned around on the spot, so lightly that she seemed to be dancing.

"Look at me, Oniisama! The Sorciere dress that Oniisama asked Madame Solange to make for me is really wonderful!"

 The lovely dress, which looked like something out of a fairy tale, certainly suited Ortansia well.

 The hem of the skirt fluttered as Ortansia moved.

 If Annabelle had seen it, she would have raised her eyebrows and said, "That's not very flattering!" But it's not out of place in the image of a seven-year-old girl overjoyed by a present. Read only on 

'Isn't this fine...?'

"The stuffed bear is really cute too! Ehehe. I sleep with it every day!"  Ortansia tilted her head in a cute pose and smiled in the most adorable way possible.

 Gerard was staring at her with a cold gaze.

'Hee! Scary! That was indeed too much!'

"I understand."

Gérard said this without hesitation, patted Ortansia who froze in a cute pose lightly on the head, and walked away.

'...So, what exactly did you "understand"'

 A few days later, a wide variety of stuffed bears arrived, and Ortansia was even more troubled.

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