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 The next morning, Ortansia woke up and nervously made her way to the dining room.

'Somehow, I have to get my Oniisama on my side…'

(T/N: Oniisama means brother. It is formal and usually used by the upper class)

But what should she do?

As she walked along, deep in thought, she saw her father and brother-in-law in the corridor, talking about something.

'Ugh, I'm not prepared!'

She didn't expect to run into them so soon, so she hadn't decided what exactly she was going to do about it at all. She tried to turn on her heel to plan a strategy… but her eyes met her father's exactly.

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'Oh, Father! Don't smile at me so nicely!'

Now that she has been spotted, it would be strange to run away from here.

Determined, Ortansia advanced on her feet trembling.

'Smile, smile'

 "Okay? Ortansia. No matter how annoying someone is in front of you, you must never stop smiling. A woman's smile is a trap that catches them off guard." A story her mother told her in the past came to mind.

Ortansia's cheeks twitched, but she kept on a lovely smile.

 "When you meet new friends, greet them loudly. That way you'll get to know them quickly." The teachings of the kindly smiling, orphanage teacher came to mind.

Ortansia, who had been emotional, felt a sense of mission: 'At any rate, I have to greet people with a smile!' She opened her mouth with a sense of mission.

"Good morning, father. Oni…"

 As soon as he shifted his gaze from her father to Gerard, Ortansia froze.

'Isn't it too familiar to suddenly call him "Onii-sama"! It's rude! Um, in a situation like this…'

Ortansia managed to hold back the urge to start crying at any moment and opened her mouth towards Gérard.

'Good morning, Gérard-sama.'

'I'm drawing a line at modesty,' she appealed.

But at that moment, Gérard's eyes widened and a blizzard blew up around him... he was attacked by an illusion.

The cold air, which chills both body and soul, caused Ortansia's smile to instantly falter.

'Heh, it was no good! Was it presumptuous for an insect like me to call out to him?'

"...Hun." Gerard snorted disinterestedly, then turned away and left immediately.

As his figure moved away, I felt my body finally regain its normal temperature.

'Thank God, I am alive..! Not good at all!'

No matter how she thought about it, the likelihood of getting on good terms with him was leaning towards a positive zero or rather a negative one.

Unable to come up with any plan at all to get Gerard on her side from this state, Ortansia was at a loss. Read only on

"Good morning, Ortansia. Did you sleep well last night?"

She gave a small nod to her father, who called out to her briskly and laughed a little annoyed.

"Don't worry about Gerard. He's at a rebellious age and... Doesn't dislike you."

Father explained, but Ortansia's heart was heavy.

'No, no, no, that look in his eyes, he thinks I'm no better than a Daphnia, right? I think  that not showing up is the best way to not lose my favorability'

But that would be a repeat of the first life. As she walked along, Ortansia sighed a little. Please do not read on pirate sites. Read only on Please read this content from the original site.

'I'm his father's mistress's child, and I'm not even sure if I'm actually of my father's blood. From my brother's point of view, there's no way he would accept a sister who grew up in an orphanage and was suddenly in as a member of the duke's family...'

On the contrary, by positively greeting him, it might have made him feel like, "What an overly familiar and impudent woman...!" and his likability might have gone down.

'Huh, I wonder if I'm alright like this'

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