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 The servants at the Territory's Castle were surprisingly good to Ortansia.

Thus, Ortansia was able to get used to life there sooner than she expected, and when she was able to relax a little...

"Miss! Oh my God!"

"Pamela! What's wrong?"

While she was leisurely reading in her room, Ortansia was startled when Pamela suddenly opened the door with great force and hurried in.

"Don't tell me something bad happened!"

"No, it's not that, it's... here!"

Pamela, out of breath, offered something to Ortansia.

"A letter...?"

It was a letter. The letter, which was apparently made of high-quality paper, looked as if it had been sent by someone of high status, but...

"Who could it be?"

Ortansia, wondering, gulped as soon as she saw the wax seal.

'This is the seal of the Duke of Verite!

Then, could this be a letter from my father?'

Ortansia became nervous, wondering if something had happened to her father, when Pamela said something even more outrageous.

"Miss, this is a letter from Gérard-Sama!"


Ortansia screamed out in surprise at the unexpected sender.

'Oniisama! Oniisama wrote me a letter! Oh no, I didn't expect or assume that I would get a reply.'

"I'll write to you a lot!" Ortansia didn't expect a reply from Gerard, even though he said he will send her letters.

At best, she thought he would just recognize the fact that he had received a letter from his sister and leave the letter alone or, at best, look at its contents.

'Oniisama wrote to me! I can't imagine what he looked like when he wrote it'

Fearfully, Ortansia looked at the letter in front of her. She was a little afraid to read what was inside.

She walked around the room with the letter in her hands, sat down on the sofa again, and after groaning, Ortansia finally gathered up her courage and decided to open the letter.

 With trembling hands, she gently opened the envelope and took out the letter.

"Dear sister, Ortansia."

 As soon as she saw the words, Ortansia was so emotional that she fell off the sofa to the floor.

"Miss, are you all right!"

"Yes, I'm fine... maybe"

With the help of Pamela, who rushed over to her in  panic, Ortansia managed to regain her stance.

'This destructive power in just one line... Oniisama, how scary…'

Her heart was still beating fast.

Even though she knew it's just cliché, she couldn't sit still with something like "dear sister".

Taking deep breaths repeatedly, Ortansia returned her attention to the rest of the letter.

The content of the letter was just an ordinary status report.

'That's true l, I'm sure even Oniisama has a lot of letters to write for his duke's business.'

At least it was not a radical sentence that would shake their hearts.

Slightly relieved, Ortansia read through the details with a calm feeling.

    The letter was apparently written soon after Gerard's arrival at the institute, and it briefly mentioned that they were about to unpack and that Ortansia's letter had arrived before theirs.

He must have taken time out of his busy schedule to write this letter, as he did not want to keep Ortansia waiting.

 Ortansia's heart was filled with joy at the thought of it.

'I can't be there for him, but if my brother feels a little closer to me by continuing to send letters like this...'

'I am glad you sent me the letter'

Ortansia read the short letter over and over again before putting it away for safekeeping.

"Ummm, I must write back a reply immediately')"

"That will be good for you, Young Miss."

She looked at Pamela and smiled.

'I can't let my guard down so that I can give a good report to Oniisama.'

She didn't want him to think she was a sister who never progresses. She wants to be the one that Gerard would be proud of.

Ortansia braced herself and picked up her pen again.

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