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 Thanks to her father's good arrangement, Ortansia was able to spend her time leisurely, without being bothered by unnecessary matters between the Nobles

 Prince Victor was not too worried about what was going on in the capital, but he was more interested in his own studies at the moment.

"Yes, Miss... Yes, turn there!...  you're in pretty good shape."

 Annabelle, who followed Ortansia, was more energetic than ever before and was burning through her lessons.

Ortansia was surprised that such an urban girl came along, but the person in question seemed to be full of motivation.

"Hey Annabelle. Are you sure you're glad you came with me?"

'What are you talking about, Miss? I have been appointed by the Duke to be his daughter's teacher. It is my mission to go wherever she goes and make her into a proper lady!"

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"Oh, I see. Thank you."

Despite Annabelle's enthusiasm, Ortansia was relieved that she came along.

In addition to Annabelle, her father also arranged for teachers who excelled in various fields.

 Thus, Ortansia was studying every day, but there were other things she wanted to learn.

"You wanted to see me, miss?"

"Thank you for coming, Constan."

 Ortansia called on Constan, the middle-aged man who manages the territory's Castle, to have a conversation.

"Thank you for being so good to me here. I enjoy every day very much."

"That's very good to hear. I will tell the servants."

"Yes, please. So, you know, I'm happy with my life now, but there's actually something I'd like to learn from you myself."

When she said this, Constan's eyes twinkled in surprise.

"You want me to...?"

"Yes, I want to learn from you about the administration of the estate."

It was something Ortánsia had been thinking about for some time.

She wants to help her father and brother. They were always busy, so if Ortansia could help them or shoulder some of their work, she could be useful.

 Constan seemed surprised by Ortánsia's words, but he eventually opened his mouth to admonish her.

"I don't mean to be presumptuous, Miss. But I have not heard of many noble daughters like yourself learning about the administration and management of their estates."

" Yes, I know."

She heard that when a nobleman's daughter eventually gets married and becomes the Mistress of the Manor, she may be involved in the bookkeeping of the upkeep of the estate. However, it was rare to be involved in the operation and management of a territory.

Naturally, it was not incorporated into the education of a lady.

That was why Ortansia was asking Constan directly for help.

"I know that there are not many similar situations in the past and that it is not considered very good. But I want to learn because even a little bit might help my father and brother."

Constan immediately understood that Ortansia was serious.

"I understand your feelings,  Miss. However, I cannot approve of your decision. I will ask the Master in the royal capital to make the final decision. Is that all right?"

"Yes, thank you, Constan."

He did not disregard Hortensia's request.

She had thought about being sniggered at and not being taken seriously, so the results were better than that.

'What would my father think of that?'

The Duke always allowed Ortansia to do as she pleases, but she wondered how he will act on this matter.

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' Yes, I'll write to Father too! I have to let him know I'm serious.'

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Seeing Ortansia's sparkling eyes, Constan squinted dazzlingly at her.

Soon after, she received a reply from her father. With her heart pounding, Ortánsia read through the letter.

 The letter expressed surprise that Ortansia wanted to learn about the administration and management of the estate, and admonished her that she did not need to worry so much about it.

Just as she was about to say, "I guess I can't after all," she saw the rest of the letter and Ortansia widened her eyes in surprise.

 "I'll give you permission on the condition that you don't neglect your other lessons."


The Duke acknowledged Ortánsia's desire. He even said he would support her.

She was so excited that she remembered his kind face and her heart warmed.

"Thank you, Father!"

"Listen, Constan! Father has written back to me!"

All the servants watched with kind eyes as she ran happily around the mansion.

 Thus, in addition to her education as a lady, Ortansia began to learn about the administration and management of the estate. Both Annabelle and Constant were kind and strict teachers.

Ortânsia would not be indulged just because she is the daughter of a duke.

If she let her guard down even a little, they might throw harsh words at her.

In order not to disappoint them, Ortansia was busy with her studies every day.

    Time flies like an arrow when one is focused on something.

Soon, the snow covering the land melted, fresh greenery sprouts and spring arrived.

With Tyrol flitting about the garden with great excitement, Ortansia was writing a letter to Gérard, as usual.

Their correspondence was repeated with a frequency that surprised the servants.

Because they are far from each other, the correspondence took time, but both Ortansia and Gérard replied to the letters almost the same day the letters arrived.

 Ortánsia carefully stored the letters from Gérard in a special, beautifully decorated box. Every time the contents of the box thickened, she felt happy to feel the bond with him.

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"This time I might enclose pressed flowers with it."

That way he will also feel the smell of spring in the dukedom(TL: Ducal territory)

Not expecting to receive a mountain of gifts in return, Ortansia carefully picked the flowers in the garden while chasing after Tyrol.

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