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 The seasons changed from winter to spring, spring to summer, summer to autumn and winter was coming again.

 The correspondence between Ortansia and Gérard continued uninterrupted, and the boxes in which Gérard's letters were carefully stored grew in number.

 And now, Ortansia was all smiles at the newly received letter.

"Listen, Pamela!  Brother has decided to join the Order of the Black Eagle, one of the court knights!"

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"The Black Eagle Order is a super-elite unit, on a par with the... White Eagle Order! The activities of the Order are shrouded in mystery, but only those who graduate from the Academy of Nobles with good grades are allowed to join the Order."

"Wow… that's amazing."

While surprised by Pamela's vigor as she floundered excitedly, Ortansia was filled with a sense of pride.

'After all, My brother is amazing'

In her first life, all she knew was that he had a job at the court. She didn't know if he was doing the same job as this time, but she guessed Gérard was still a genius and hardworking man, to Ortansia's surprise.

"Brother is coming back to the mansion."

Ortánsia kept down Gérard's letter and slowly stood up. Gerard's letter on the table and another letter from her father right next to it.

"What's wrong, Sia. Your expression is stiff."

Tyrol, who had grown twice as big, was now playing at her feet.

Ortansia said to Pamela who was by her side, while holding Tyrol in her arms.

"I'm going to take a walk outside in the garden for a while."

"Then I'll go with you…"

"It's just in the garden, it's fine. I want to have tea time when I get back, can you set it up for me?"

"Yes, Miss!"

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Pamela, who started preparing energetically, gave a chuckle, and Ortansia and Tyrol headed out into the garden.

The shadow of Ortansia on the ground in the sunlight was much larger than when she was a child. It's no wonder. On her next birthday, Ortansia will be 14 years old.

'The day I died in my first life is getting closer…'

Every time she thinks of it, she gets scared.

'If I stay here for a while… maybe I won't have to be afraid anymore.'

Like a sweet temptation, such thought sat in a corner of her mind.

It was about her father and her genius brother, they can get along just fine without her... Rather, Ortansia's presence will be a hindrance to them.

That's how she thought of it.

'What should I do?'

She was deep in thoughts about it when she came to the bridge that she used to cross while being carried by her older brother.

Suddenly there was a dazzling light, and Ortansia involuntarily covered her eyes with her hands.

"What the…!"

"Sia, are you alright?"

Tyrol rushed over roaring

Ortansia also tried her best to open her eyes and brace herself.

Soon, a figure emerged from the blinding light…

"When was the last time we met like this, Ortansia?"

"No way… goddess!"

There she was, the goddess whom Ortansia had met not long after she had been reborn - Auriera.

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"Who is this?"

'Wait, Tyrol!... Is this guy… or is he a god? Anyway, don't bite her!"

If he accidentally attacks the goddess, he might receive divine punishment.

Ortansia hurriedly picked up Tyrol from the ground

 The goddess Auriera giggled at the sight of her.

"You've grown a lot, Ortansia. As for me, I'd like to see you make use of the blessings I've given you a little more, too."


Hit in the sore spot, Ortansia awkwardly looked away.

'Because it's difficult to make use of the blessing... that the goddess gave me!'

The "listening ear" which eavesdrops on distant conversations is quite useful, but it is hard to say that she is currently able to use the other blessings to their full potential.

"No, you see, I'm trying to master it somehow"

These days she had forgotten it existed and Ortansia tried to excuse herself with a slurred voice. The goddess was not offended, but stared at Ortansia with a benevolent expression.

"Ortansia, I have come to see you today to give you advice, since you are lost."


"Yes… Ortansia, your family is in danger. The demonic forces are already at work."


The goddess Auriera once gave an oracle to Ortansia.

 After Ortansia's death in her first life, her brother, Gerard went crazy and the Demon God resurrected, causing the world to go into great trouble. It is true that Ortansia was kidnapped by a group of demon worshippers, but Gérard took care of all those who were there.

Since then, at least, Ortansia had not heard of any movement of the Demon God or the Demon God worshipping group.

"The Demon gods are after your brother. They are plotting to take over him and plunge the world into darkness again."

"No way…"

"Ortansia. I know it's cruel to you, but you are the only one who can save Gerard. Please, make a wise decision."

"Oh, wait!"

Again, the goddess disappeared abruptly.

 Ortansia just looked on in dismay after she vanished.

'Is my family… in danger, my brother and maybe even my father?'

Ortansia started feeling a buzzing, unpleasant feeling of foreboding in her chest.

She took a deep breath and hugged Tyrol tightly.

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'If I stay here, I might be saved. But…'

There was no way she could abandon her precious family.

"Tyrol, I've made up my mind. I'm going back to Royal Capital!"

To save her brother and her father.

Ortansia decided to return to the royal capital, the place of her death.

'I wonder if Prince Victor has already forgotten about me. I have many other worries, but...not to don't worry, I'll do it!'

"Do your best, Sia! I'm here for you!"


Tyrol raised his cute front legs with fluffy paws. Making a high five with him, Ortansia made up her mind and started running towards the Castle.

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