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"Miss, I can see it now!"

Pamela's excited voice woke up Ortansia, who had been sleeping peacefully.

She hurriedly turned her gaze to the carriage window and saw the nostalgic ducal Mansion of the Royal capital beginning to appear beyond the fullness of the city.

'I'm back! '

With deep emotion, Ortansia looked at the nostalgic ducal residence. It had been several years since she had returned in this way.

 She has frequently exchanged letters with her brother and father, but she was still nervous when she was about to meet them after so many years.

'I remember the first time I came here…'

The first day she set foot in the Duke's residence for the first time in her life, Ortansia was so nervous that she forgot to take a breath.

Naturally she made a lot of mistakes, and as a result of her failure to build a good relationship with her brother, Gérard and the rest of the Duke's household, she ended up in a mess.

 In her second life, when she had the chance to start over, she struggled to avoid repeating the same mistakes as the first time.

As a result, Gerard became a little worryingly overprotective towards Ortansia, and the servants in the house also became kinder to her.

It could be said that things were going much better than in her first life.

But... it is surely from now on that she will have to really work hard.

'The Goddess told me that my brother and father are in danger. I have to protect them both!'

Anyway, she must get along with Gérard! It was not the same as when she knew what would happen. From here, Ortansia will have to grope her way.

"... Okay!"

While looking at Tyrol, who was sleeping with his stomach at her feet, Orrtansia regained her spirit.


 The Duke's residence.

 In front of the nostalgic Duke's mansion, the servants were all lined up, just as they had been that day.

As soon as the carriage door opened, her father appeared immediately

"Welcome back, Ortansia"


The moment she saw his face, she felt a deep heat in her chest.

Pulled by her father, she got off the carriage... As soon as her feet touched the ground, Ortansia hugged her father tightly.

"Father, I'm home!"

He hugged her back tenderly.

'Good to be back here.'

Anxiety had been swirling in her heart until she arrived here, but now she was filled with the feeling that she was glad to be home.

"Oops, don't get mad at me for monopolising Ortansia. Gérard has been waiting for you to come back too."

With her father's encouragement, Ortánsia turned her gaze towards the centre of the row of servants.

There stood Gérard, with the same expressionless face as the day she first set foot in the ducal residence.

 Gérard was already mature when she first met him, but now he is at an age where he is already changing from a young man to an adult man.

He had grown up to be a supple and strong man, and Ortansia couldn't help but gasp at his beauty, which still gave a sense of sagacity.

'My grown-up brother, I knew him in my first life, but... in this way, he's so intimidating!'

There was certainly a time and bond that had accumulated between him and Ortansia. Even while they were apart, they exchanged frequent letters.

Even knowing this, Ortansia could not help but be afraid.

The Gerard in front of her had probably forgotten all about Ortansia, and she was afraid that he would give her the same cold attitude as in her first life…

   Gerard approached with a steady clacking of his shoes. Ortansia did not know what to say and could only stare at him, trembling slightly.

Gérard came up to her and stared down at her with ice-blue, emotionless eyes.

His hand reached out to her, and Ortansia involuntarily cowered.

She immediately felt the sensation of a palm gently placed on her head.

"You're still smaller than I thought you'd be."


When she looked up at the ridiculing words, Ortansia could see that Gerard was still expressionless… no, he had a slightly teasing smile on his face.

As soon as she realized this, she felt her whole body relaxing.

'Ah, I knew... that the time I spent with my brother wasn't a dream!'

Encouraged, Ortansia managed to resist the urge to burst out laughing and puffed out her cheeks.

"I'm not! I've grown up so much!"

"Really? To me it looks like a mistake."

"Brother is getting too big! Even I... Oh, I might get even shorter if I hold my head down so much!"


"You are not allowed to tease me like that!"

Ortansia was indignant at Gerard, who in his good mood was stroking Ortansia's head... or rather, pushing.

Everyone present there relaxed at the sight of such a happy reunion between the siblings.

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