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"Are you sure about this, Ortansia?"

"Yes, I'm sure, Father. I'm going to the Debutante Ball next year."

When she announced her debut plans at the dinner table, her father looked surprised.

In this country, Noble ladies are recognized as full-fledged adults when they make their official debut in society at a debutante ball. They will then be involved in the social world in earnest.

'I'd be lying if I said I am not scared. But I can't stay on the run forever.'

In order to protect her beloved brother and father, she have to stand up

Ortansia was determined, but her brother, Gerard replied in a curt way.

"It's too early."

"It's not too early! I'm already a full-fledged lady!"

He quieted the indignant Ortansia and opened his mouth as if to admonish her.

"If that's what you intend to do, I'm not going to stop you, but you need to think it over and before you make a decision, Ortansia.You will receive many more invitations than in the past, and even marriage proposals. You'll have to take each one of them seriously."

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The moment the word 'marriage proposals' was uttered by her father, she noticed out of the corner of her eye that Gérard's brow furrowed in displeasure.

He is the next head of a prestigious ducal family, and he is a handsome man. He must have had more marriage proposals wandering around than Ortansia could ever imagine. He may have had a bad experience with one of them.

Not expecting her brother to be offended by the thought of her being proposed to by a stranger, Ortansia nodded toward her father.

"Don't worry, father. I'm ready."

Ortansia's main goal is to survive the fate of being executed. But that was not currently her only goal. She wants to protect not only herself but also her brother and father.

In her first life, her father fell ill while Ortansia was in the royal palace and never recovered, and Gerard was possessed by a demon god after Ortansia's death, and she heard that he went through a terrible time. Such a dark future must be changed at any cost.

'I've changed. This time, I should be able to change things!'

Ortansia did not just spend her time idly in the Ducal territory. In addition to all kinds of ladylike education, she also learnt about the administration of the estate so that she could help her father and brother in their work.

"Well, that's encouraging."

In contrast to her father, who smiled at her, Gérard never changed his stony expression.


 That evening, when Ortansia finished her work and was walking down the corridor to return to her room, Gérard was waiting for her with his back against the wall.

'Hmmm… I used to be so scared and my heart would stop whenever I saw Oniisama like this'

While immersed in old memories, Ortansia approached her brother without fear.

"Is something wrong, Brother?"

"I need to talk to you."

"Hmm, then I want to walk in the garden with Oniisama for the first time in a long time."

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When she said this with a smile, Gerard's eyes widened in surprise.But immediately, he nodded slightly.


Gerard came up to Ortansia. Not forgetting her Lady etiquette lesson she had learned from Annabelle, Ortansia held out her hand to be escorted by him, but...


Gérard picked up Ortansia as if she were a little girl.

"Oh, Oniisama! I'm not that young anymore!"

"There's no problem."

"It's a problem…"

Ortansia's protests were in vain, and Gerard walked away with Ortansia in his arms.

"Don't be violent, or you'll fall."


Being told so calmly, Ortansia meekly relaxed her body and leaned back against Gerard.

'After all, Oniisama is quite strange…'

He learned many things at the Academy of Nobility and should have general common sense, but she couldn't help feeling that he is still somewhat missing a screw somewhere.

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'Well, maybe that's one of the good things about Onii-sama…'

While she was still in her thoughts, she realized that they had arrived at the  garden.

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