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 The garden, lit by lanterns at equal intervals, was dimly bright.

While the garden in the Territory's Castle lol valued the natural landscape, this one is neatly arranged with an awareness of orderly beauty.


Ortansia was again impressed by the scene, which looked like a work of art.

"Your favorite Shangri-La flowers have increased"

"Eh, that's true!"

The gardener worked hard and the number of Shangri-La flowers, which Ortansia said she liked (unintentionally, in a conversation with Gerard), had increased to the point where they now occupy an entire corner of the Duke's garden.

"Wow, so beautiful"

By the light of the lanterns, the Shangri-La flowers created a different magical atmosphere than in the daytime. Gerard carefully lowered Ortansia to the ground.

 While Ortansia was involuntarily fascinated by the sight in front of her, her brother suddenly spoke.

"Aren’t you going to reconsider?"


"I meant your social debut."

Ortansia's eyes widened at the unexpected words her Brother said.

"I'll make it clear at this point. You may have a bright impression of society, but that's not the case in reality. It's just the appearance that's gorgeous. The hearts of people there is black and all they think about is how they can use you or kick you down."

Gérard told her indifferently

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"The fact that you were kidnapped in the case of the demon cult has already spread. Some people will gossip about you, and some will take advantage of it as a weakness... I will, of course, erase such people as soon as they appear."

Ortansia was taken aback by Gérard's casual mention of something so horrifying.

Ortansia was aware of the concerns he spoke of. However, if he purposely said something like that…

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'He is probably worried about me'

When she thought of it, her heart grew warm.

In other words, Gerard was probably worried that Ortansia will triumphantly walk into the glittering social world, realize the gap with reality, and be hurt by inadvertent gossip.

"Onii-sama, you're kind, aren't you?"

When she spilled it, Gerard frowned in disgust.

"Your eyes are knotty. You should be more observant."


The bluntness of the words made Ortansia laugh.

“…What are you laughing at?"

"It’s okay, Onii-sama."

 Besides, Ortansia had knowledge from her first life. She was also aware of the pitfalls to avoid, even though she had a miserable life, which was hardly enough to gain enough social experience.

Ortansia looked straight at Gerard and spoke firmly.

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"Besides…  I heard that a noblewoman is only recognized as a full-fledged member of society when she makes her social debut. I want to be properly recognized as a member of this family."

 When she said this, she noticed Gérard took a deep breath.

The changes were so minor that they are difficult for ordinary people to discern, but Ortansia, who had been watching Gerard for a long time, could clearly see them.

'I have to make sure Oniisama understands that I'm serious.'

Ortansia was no longer an ignorant, protected being. As a member of the Duke of Verite family, she wanted to support her father and brother.

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"I also intend to be part of Father and Brother's family."

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