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"I, too, consider myself a member of your Father and Brother family.

These words were uttered by Ortansia with a determined heart, but Gerard's expression did not change and he said nothing.

Looking at his icy cold but beautiful face, a bad memory stirred up in Ortansia's mind.

"... Shut up, you disgrace the duke's house. I have never, not even once, thought of you as my sister."

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Those words reverberate repeatedly in her ears like curse.

Things are different now than they were then. Ortansia should have been able to capitalize on her previous failure and build a good relationship with her brother Gerard.

Even if she tells herself that, the anxiety that smolders in the back of her mind still rears its ugly head. Ortansia couldn't shake the fear that the world around her will return to the way it was in the past, and that her brother will once again throw her out of his sight.

Cold sweat ran down her spine at that thought. A few seconds seemed like an eternity.

Gerard replied Ortansia, whose expression stiffened, in a cold voice.

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"Do you think of us as family?"

Ortansia gasped at these words.

The warm memories of the past were now frozen in time.

She wondered if he was the only one who thought they had become a real family.

The daughter of an unidentified concubine is not accepted as a family member.Just like in her first life.

Ortansia's vision, which was unintentionally looking down, darkened. When she looked up to see what was going on, she saw Gérard's hand reaching out toward her.

Without even time to gasp for breath, she was hit by a gasp of surprise.


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He stroked her head, messing up her neat hair, and she let out a surprised cry.

"Oh, Brother...?"

"I don't intend to be family. We are family."


Gérard told Ortansia, who widened her eyes, with a slightly stunned expression.

"You are a member of the Duke of Verite family, my father's family. I've told you that many times."

Ortansia gasped at these words.

Gerard was still looking straight at Ortansia with an emotionally unreadable expression.

"If you show such a weak attitude, you will be taken advantage of immediately. If you are going to step out into the social world, you need to be more confident and strong. If you can't do that…"

"It's okay, big brother..!"

Ortansia was glad the surrounding was dark. Otherwise, he would have found out her change of expression.

'That's right. I have to face my 'present' brother instead of looking back at the past forever'.

Ortansia was sure that the memories of the past will continue to torment her.

But she must not keep getting held down. She must look forward to the future.

"Thank you, brother. I'll do my best not to embarrass Father and Brother!"

"It's dangerous."

“Nothing like that!"

When Ortansia cheerfully declared so, Gerard's expression loosened a little.

"Don't do anything unreasonable"

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"Yes! Of course, Of course, you can't be too hard on yourself Onii-sama. Have you been sleeping properly lately? Onii-sama seems to lead an unhealthy life as soon as one takes his eyes off of him for a moment…"

The garden of the duke's mansion was filled with the sound of Ortansia's joyful voice.

The cheerful voice, which seemed to announce the return of the duchess after a long absence, caused the people in the ducal residence to unwittingly soften their expressions.

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