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 The day of the Debutante Ball.

In a corner of the royal palace, in the antechamber - there was a gathering of young ladies, anxious and expectant, preparing to make their debut in the social world. I

It was a dazzling world that the Ladies who had grown up in the countryside for so long could not have imagined, and even those who had been rubbing shoulders in the royal capital from an early age could not help but feel nervous before today's big day.

"Would I be dressed correctly?" " Would I be able to dance properly, or would I make a terrible mistake?..."

Driven by these fears, the girls were silent and tense as they waited for the moment when they would step out into the social world.

The door to the antechamber opened, and with a slight buzz outside, an introductory voice reached their ears

"Well then, please wait here until it's time."

"Yes, thank you for your guidance."

The girls all gulped at the sight of someone stepping into the antechamber with such a voice.

“Nice to meet you, everyone. My name is Ortansia, the daughter of Duke Verite.”

The young lady Ortansia, smiling as she introduced herself, did not show the slightest sign of nervousness.

She wore an elegant pale blue dress.

The dress is of a subdued design that evokes an atmosphere of modesty, but anyone who looks at it will see how high-quality fabric was used and how each embroidery and floral ornament was incredibly carefully crafted.

Not only the dress, but also the girl wearing it. She is so elegant in every movement that one could not help but be captivated by her gaze.

 Even with all eyes on her, Ortansia showed no sign of concern and did not lose her smile. She then bowed gracefully to those present.

"I hope we will get to know each other as we embark on this journey of socializing together."

At the words of the duchess, some of the girls relaxed their expressions and replied to her in relief.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Lady Ortansia."

"It's a pleasure to meet you!'

The girls began to introduce themselves one after the other, gradually creating a sense of solidarity.

Ortansia spoke softly to each of them and smiled.

The girl's cheeks were uplifted as if they were soaring, having exchanged words with a duchess, who they had thought was above the clouds.

Meanwhile, Ortansia, who is the sole recipient of everyone's envious glances, is...

'Okay! So far I haven't failed! They don't even know my legs are shaking!'

It was already a state of inward anxiety.

No matter how much she had experienced it in her first life, it was a debutante ball that would greatly affect her future social activities.

 No matter how hard Annabelle had coached her and how much Ortansia had learnt to speak and act like an ideal lady, there was no way she wouldn't be nervous.

'Ugh, that girl was in the royal palace as a candidate for queen! I should make a good impression while we're at it'

Among the Ladies who, like Ortansia, will be entering the social world today, there were a few who were gathered at the royal palace as candidates for Prince Victor's queen.

She had no intentions on becoming a princess candidate this time, but it was better to have some personal connections just in case.

"Oh my, you are the daughter of the Countess Michelet!"

"Wow, you know my house? Lady Ortansia…"

"Yes, I'm a lover of the Countess Michelet's speciality, tea. I am proud to meet the Michelet family."

When Ortansia mobilized all the knowledge in her head and flattered her, the girl in front of her burst into joy.

'Hmm, I guess I made a good impression… for now? I'm glad I learned a lot from Constan…'

Behind her elegant smile, Ortansia let out a grand sigh of relief.

Since she began to study under Constan, "so that she can be useful to her brother and father" Ortansia had learnt many things from him.

Not only the Dukedom of Verite, but also the characteristics and specialities of the Country's nobility's territories, the history of the country, the names and achievements of the major nobles, etc. 

Thanks to the many times she has looked through history books, maps and noble directories, the information was now firmly alive in Ortansia's mind.

"I heard that Viscount of Difor Grandfather played an active role in the defence of the territory. I also heard that it is thanks to the Viscounts of Difor that this country exists today."

"Nice to meet you, Baroness Debord. Is your father well? I heard that he is an authority on botany... Well, you're helping your father with his research? That's wonderful."

Having managed to finish greeting the Ladies gathered there without failure, Ortansia was already exhausted.

'Ugh, I'm mentally exhausted already. I wonder if I'll be able to dance properly after this.'

First dances for the Ladies making their debut in the social world will be with their fiancées, if they have one, or with a male relative.

If not, a male relative usually served as an escort. It was decided that Ortancia's partner would be her father.

 Well, her father, who is a good middle aged man with a hundred battles under his belt, will be able to lead Ortansia well.

When Ortansia breathed a sigh of relief at this thought, the door to the antechamber was knocked on and a guide appeared.

"It's time to go. This way, everyone."

"Hmm, it's going to be fun."

Ortansia gave a gentle smile to relieve the tension of the girls around her who were suddenly stiffened.

While a large amount of cold sweat broke out in her heart

'Aaahhhh, I wonder if it will be okay! I hope I don't make any weird mistakes.'

Although she was in a constant state of anxiety, she thoroughly followed the Annabelle-style graceful gait, and followed the guide down the corridors of the royal palace.

 In front of the door leading to the Great Hall, a group of men were waiting for the ladies to escort them.

Trying to find her father among them, Ortansia froze as soon as she spotted his conspicuous presence.


There he was, Ortansia's brother Gerard, dressed in full formal wear.

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