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 Among the men dressed in formal attire, he stood out from the crowd.

It was not that there was anything wrong with his attire. He was dressed in a rather standard and relaxed formal wear, but even so, his presence was outstanding.

'What is Oniisama doing here? Could it be that... he got engaged to one of these ladies without my knowledge?'

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She could picture Gerard taking the hand of a girl about the same age as Ortansia, with a blank look on his face, "Oh, didn't I tell you?"

'Come to think of it, I've been in the territory for a long time, and Oniisama is kind of a mature man, so it's not surprising that he has a fiancée.'

He probably got engaged without Ortansia's knowledge and forgot to tell her about it. He went out of his way to come here in formal attire to escort one of the Noble Ladies whom Ortansia had just greeted.

Ortansia knew that, as a family member, she should be celebrating his engagement..

'I wonder what it is…'

'Is it because he didn't talk about something as important as getting engaged'

Ortansia didn't understand. She couldn't look at Gerard, and she naturally turned her head down.

Then she felt someone approaching at a quick pace.

"Hey, are you sick?"

Suddenly, a voice called out to her from above, and Ortansia reflexively raised her face.

Gerard was looking down at her with a blank expression on his face and a hint of worry in his eyes.

Ortansia hurriedly put on a smile and said cheerfully, "It's a strange coincidence, isn't it?"

"What a coincidence, Oniisama!"

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"...What are you saying?"

"I never thought I'd meet you in a place like this! Whose escort are you brother?"

"Who else is there besides you?"


Ortansia froze with a smile upon hearing Gerard's voice, which had an astonishing sound

'What, who else but you?... Don't tell me, Oniisama is my escort!'

After a beat, Ortansia understood the situation and panicked greatly.

Seeing her expression, Gerard gave a little sigh.

He said, "... I'm going to be your escort in place of Father. Haven't you heard?"

"I haven't heard..."

Where on earth did the miscommunication occur

No, it was that scheming Father.

He may have dared to hide it, thinking that Ortansia would be frightened if he told her beforehand.

'What a surprise!'

Glancing around, it seemed that everyone was surprised by the appearance of Gerard, the son of a prestigious Duke.

If she was too timid, they might think she was suspicious.

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'Don't worry. Calm mind, Calm mind.'

Taking a deep breath, Ortansia managed to mend her elegant smile.

"So that's what you meant. Shia is so happy to be escorted by my Brother!"

"...I see."

Gerard averted his gaze from Ortansia and muttered so briefly. At first glance, that attitude appeared to be curt, but...

'I wonder why, I feel like the air around Onii-sama is warm and fuzzy.'

It's as if spring had come all at once from the dead of winter, and I could even see the illusion of flowers blooming around him.

'Brother, could it be that you love balls in spite of your... appearance?

 In her first life, Ortansia rarely encountered Gérard at social gatherings, partly because she had always been a recluse.

Even in her few recollections, she had never seen him dance while holding any woman's hands... Maybe he loves dancing more than she thought.

She couldn't imagine much, though.

'I think someone as big as Onii-sama would get into a great rumor just for dancing once. He probably avoided dancing because he didn't like it, but he really wanted to dance. I wonder if he was happy to dance with me, his sister, because it wouldn't be weird for him to dance with me and he would be proud of it.'

While thinking about things which would likely cause Gerard's mood to plummet if he knew, Ortansia stood next to Gerard and stared at the door leading to the grand hall.

Seeing them, those present whispered to each other.

"I've never seen Master Gérard like that before."

"How lovely she is."

"Gérard-Sama and Ortansia look like a painting when they are side by side.

Such murmurs did not reach the ears of Ortansia, who was so nervous that she ignored Gerard.

 Eventually, the ushers announced the start of the entrance, as if preparations had been made.

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"Let's go."

"Yes, brother."

Finally, they were approaching the stage that had lured Ortansia to her death in her first life.

'But it will be okay, because now I have my brother next to me'

Ortansia took a deep breath and took a step forward.

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