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The opera the other night was wonderful.

The dance scene was especially breathtaking. 

 In the garden of the duke's mansion in the late afternoon, the girls' happy chatting and laughing echoed.

Today there was a small tea party hosted by Ortansia.

Ortansia was still not good at socializing, but little by little, she was starting to make friends

"It still feels like a dream. I can't believe I'm on good terms with Ortansia…"

It was Viscountess Emily who muttered that enchantedly.

She has a calm personality and doesn't stand out much, but in her first life, she caught the eye of one of the top marques in the country.

Ortansia wasn't sure if she would follow the same path in this life, but she was definitely a good-natured person who was easy for Ortansia to talk with.

"I learned a lot at the jewelry workshop I visited the other day! I want to produce jewelry like that one day."

"I thought you were going to wear it yourself."

"I'm more interested in finding something that looks good on someone else rather than wearing it myself. Ortansia-sama, please become a model someday!"

The one who said this cheerfully was Countess Janet.

Her family, the Count family, focuses on trade, and perhaps because of this, Janet herself is sensitive to trends and keeps Ortanshia up to date on the latest news.

She was also a bit of an unusual young lady who, whenever she sees a beautiful jewel or dress, thinks first about how to seize the commercial opportunity.

She was often frowned upon by other aristocrats, but Ortansia liked her because she seemed to resemble her father in some way.

Both of them made their debut into the social world on the same day as Ortansia.

 As ladies who have entered the social world, it was essential to regularly exchange information with each other.

The time spent with these two ladies has gone beyond the framework of "a means to survive," and Ortansia had come to look forward to it with great anticipation.

 "By the way, have you heard that masquerade balls are popular these days? I've always wanted to go to one and ...... would like to join you if you don't mind?"

Janet asked unexpectedly, perhaps reminded of the opera she had just heard about. 

Ortansia and Emily involuntarily looked at each other.

It was not that Ortansia doesn't know about masquerade balls,


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"I know it's popular, but... Some of them are pretty dangerous, so I guess I should be careful. That's what my father told me."

A masquerade ball is a ball in which people hide their faces behind masks and attend without knowing who they are.

The popularity of masked balls had grown because it allowed people to enjoy themselves without their identities being known, but there was also a danger that unscrupulous people would take advantage of this anonymity and enter.

"There are dangerous transactions going on, and the whole thing is shady and dangerous"

Gerard would no doubt be angry if he knew that Ortansia had wandered into such a place with impunity.

She didn't want him to be disappointed. It was with this in mind that Ortansia was not very keen on the idea.

But Janet, with a chest-puffing attitude, seemed to say 'Leave it to me.'

"Well then, please rest assured! Actually... it seems that a masquerade ball sponsored by the royal family will be held soon! Surely, no one would dare to do anything suspicious in such a place, right?"

"Is that so...! As expected of Janet, you have quick ears."

Ortansia had never heard of a masquerade ball hosted by the royal family.

If it's this popular, it might be better to have Ortansia participate at least once.


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"I will ask my father and brother about it. If they give me permission, I think I can go. What about Emily?"

"I'd like to go too, if I can go with Lady Ortansia and Janet…"

For some reason, Emily was also interested.

Being labeled as "unfashionable" in social circles is terrifying.

 Ortansia was relieved when she was asked about the masquerade ball.


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'Sponsored by the royal family, or... Well, I guess it's all right, since my mask will hide my face.'

A glimpse of Prince Victor came to mind, but Ortansia quickly sighed, thinking that she was thinking too much. 

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