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 Having managed to make her debut in the social world, Ortansia received a mountain of various invitations every day.

 She was seriously considering these invitations, which until now had been frightening.

There were balls, concerts, operas, and so much more.

With Pamela's help, Ortansia read through each one.

Socializing is an important part of the aristocracy. As a member of the Ducal family, she wants to support her father and brother.

"Uhm, the young lady is popular”

Seeing Pamela looking happy without knowing Ortansia's feelings softened her heart

"Oh, how about this soirée? The hostess is the Countess Dendane…"


Ortansia almost frowned at the name, which she did not want to hear so much, but she held it in just in time.

The Countess of Dendane was the person who had falsely accused Ortansia in her first life and was partly responsible for her execution.

It was not as if they were particularly close.

 On the contrary, she and Ortansia, who was a recluse, hardly interacted with each other.

'I wonder if that's why she targeted me, because I seemed to be less popular.'

The goddess told her that after Ortansia's death, she was slaughtered in the wrath of Gerard.

'Everything is so messed up. Will we just get along this time? But I still don't want to be around people who falsely accuse others and execute them, because they're dangerous.'

Instead, she should firmly establish other connections and be ready to deal with Countess Dendane no matter how she moves.

'I'll keep an eye on her movements, but keep a good distance from her.'

"I'm thinking of going to the theater on that day. I've been looking forward to it for a long time."

"Wow, a new play! This playwright is very popular among my fellow maids."

"Pamela likes it too? I'll ask Father to get tickets for you next time."

"Th-That's too much, I couldn't possibly request that..."

"It's fine, it's fine. It's a gift from me since you always help me out."

Pamela's cheeks are flushed and she is delighted.

Relieved that her attention was diverted, Hortensia suddenly thought about her brother, Gerard.

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'If my brother has a crush on someone, would he invite them to the theater?'

Ortansia was  not very well aware of all of Gerard's activities. Even more so since he started working for a knighthood with a court.

'I hope my brother will be happy.'

What was the best way to act to achieve this?

It was difficult to foresee a bright future.

 ◇ ◇◇◇

"Good day to you, Miss Ortansia."

"That necklace is so beautiful! It's like the brightest star in the night sky."

When Ortansia went out to socialize, she was immediately approached by a young lady of the same age.

It seemed that the face connection she had made on her social debut had paid off.

"Good afternoon everyone. This necklace was given to me by my father. I heard that a new cutting technique was used for the gemstones on it."

"I knew it!"

"The way it shines is different!"

Ortansia smiled wryly at the young lady whose eyes sparkled as soon as she started talking about gems.

'She's just like Tyrol, That child also often overturns my jewelry box.'

Tyrol is a sucker for anything shiny and sparkly, and is often spotted admiringly rubbing his cheeks against Ortansia's jewelry. Well, anyway, she guessed both humans and spirits like shiny things.

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'I also like shiny things. No doubt this gem is attracting everyone's attention.'

Then she will just have to use them as bait.

"I'm sure everyone is interested in this jewelry, too. It was developed by the craftsmen of the workshop supported by the Duchesse de Virite."


"If you would like, I would be happy to take you on a tour of the workshop."

When she invited them to visit the workshop, the ladies who had gathered there were all in a flurry of excitement.

"Is that really okay?"

"We are now inundated with orders from high ranking nobles and royalty, and it is difficult for us to even make reservations. "

"I will ask my father to be especially flexible."

'If I remember correctly, this girl is marrying a marquis who owns a port, and her family will be successful in trade and become wealthy at once... She might make a good customer in the future!'

And best of all, sharing "specials" like this creates a sense of solidarity.

'Father often says "you are special to me." It works pretty well…'

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Right now, Ortansia is being treated as a novelty, but if people think she's boring and not worth hanging out with, they'll quickly pull away. The only ones who will remain are those who want to take advantage of her value as a "Duchess".

Before that happens, she had to firmly establish her ground.

'Huh, social circles are tough. Father who always get through with a smile is really good at it.'

Nevertheless, it was reassuring to have friends of her generation in this way.

Ortansia couldn't help but be aware that her heart was bursting with excitement at the experience, which she hadn't had in her first life.

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