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"I see, a masquerade ball…"

 Today is the first time in a long time that all three family members are together for dinner.

 Her father laughed in amusement when Ortansia told him about the masked ball organised by the royal family, which Janet had told her about.

"Are you interested in it too, Ortansia?"

"Yes. Yes, it's a very hot topic in social circles these days. But, depending on the location, the masquerade ball can be a bit dangerous, right? In that respect, if it's hosted by the royal family, I think it's safe."

"Certainly, if it's organised by the royal family, they can't do anything shady."

In order to participate in the masquerade ball, it is necessary to purchase a ticket sold by the royal family, which is the organizer. Even though you can enjoy the ball while wearing a mask and not knowing who is who, participation is limited to those who can get a ticket.

"But are you okay with that? You don't want to get too involved with the royal family, do you?"

"Then I'll be fine. I'm going to disguise myself so well that you won't even recognise me!"

Ortánsia proudly said this, and her father laughed out loud.

"Indeed, you are my daughter. Knowing when to withdraw is crucial for humans. As the saying goes, 'A wise man stays away from danger'. However, it is also true that 'Nothing ventured, nothing gained'. "

Ortansia was just embarrassed to be out of trend, but her father seemed to appreciate Ortansia's suggestion in that way.


"Okay. I'll arrange tickets for the upcoming masquerade ball, including those for your friends."

"Really! Thank you, Father!"

Ortansia was delighted for a moment, but then suddenly remembered the existence of Gerard, who had been silent for some time.

Timidly, she turned her gaze towards Gerard, who had stopped eating and seemed lost in thought.

'I wonder what my brother thinks'

By all means, Gerard is not the type to enjoy a masquerade ball.

Would he be taken aback by the ridiculousness of participating in such a gathering?

Such anxiety may have shown on her expression.

The Duke, who immediately understood Ortansia's intention, asked Gérard in a natural tone.

"What do you think, Gérard? 'I'm sure you've overheard the rumours about the masquerade ball too."

"Preparations are being made too, to ensure that not a single mouse enters. As long as it is, perversely, hosted by the royal family, there should be no scandals."


Gérard quietly expressed his opinion.

If Ortansia had just arrived at the Duke's house, she would have been confused by his words, but now Ortansia was able to clearly understand his intentions.

'You mean you don't oppose.., brother.'

Moreover, since it was organised by the royal family, the knighthood to which he belonged was probably involved to some extent.

Hearing this, Ortansia was suddenly relieved.

'After that, if I work hard on my disguise, I'll be fine… right?'

She had been allowed to participate. She must avoid doing anything that would cause trouble for her father and Brother.

With that in mind, Ortansia enjoyed the family reunion for the first time in a long time.


 That night, when Ortansia was walking alone in the corridor of the Marquis' mansion, she saw Gérard standing in front of her.

That figure looked like he was waiting for someone… perhaps for herself, and Ortansia stopped involuntarily


'Wow, did I do something to make Onii-sama angry without my knowledge? I didn't, right?'

For the time being, she ruminated on her recent memory, but she shouldn't have done anything particularly bad.

Telling herself this, Ortansia took a deep breath and stepped forward.

 When Ortansia came up to him, Gerard called out to her as if he had timed it right.

"... about the masquerade ball."


Ortensia was prepared to be opposed after all, but what came out of Gerard's mouth was unexpected.

"Take that cat with you"

"That cat... you mean Tyrol?"

When Gerard said something that would make one say 'I'm not a cat!' in anger if they heard it, Ortansia couldn't help but tilt her head in confusion.


"But is it okay to bring a cat to a ball?"

"He's a spirit too. He can probably disguise himself so his presence isn't noticed."

"Huh, can spirits really do that?"

"... "

"Um, sorry for my ignorance…"

 Gerard looked at her with a stoic gaze, and Ortansia involuntarily shrank back.

To reassure her, Gérard gently placed his hand on Ortansia's head.

"It looks like it is still a child, but as a spirit, it should be able to do more than just be a pet. Besides, you went to the spirit world because you wanted the power to protect yourself, didn't you?"

"that's right…"

"It's about time to be strict and disciplined."

In other words, he may be trying to say, "Make more use of Tyrol's power."

'Yes, my brother is right.'

Ortansia has not been able to draw out Tyrol's power as a spirit, nor has she been able to make much use of the blessings she received from the Goddess.

It's no good just being protected by her brother and father all the time

According to the oracle of the goddess, the two of them are in danger.

From now on, Ortansia must protect them.

"Yes. Thank you for your advice, Brother."

Ortansia told him firmly and bowed her head.

Gerard quietly tells Ortansia.

"I'll be very careful as well. I will make sure that no dangerous people can enter or leave, but if you feel that you are in danger…"

"What if that happens?"

"Kill them without hesitation."


The radical statement that came out of nowhere made Ortansia jump up unintentionally.


However, without paying any attention to Ortansia's reaction, Gerard continued in a calm manner.

"Do you know where a human's vital spots are? It might be difficult for you to inflict a fatal wound with your skinny arms, but aim for the vital spots anyway. Blinding them is also effective. As for other methods..."

"Hhh…" (G-gasp)

Ortansia nodded like a frantic pendulum doll, but she couldn't imagine being able to carry out Gerard's extreme advice.

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