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"I'm sorry, Onii-sama"

Clinging to him, Ortansia pressed her forehead against Gerard's back.

"You don't have to worry about it."

Gerard's voice was the same as usual and showed no emotional disturbance.

Nevertheless, it was certain that Ortansia touched the depths of his heart without reservation.

"I-I have done a terrible thing without thinking of Onii-sama's feelings."

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"You have every right to think that. It seems your teacher is doing a good job of educating you."

Gerard's attitude of not trying to blame Ortansia at all brought tears to her eyes.

As she was sniffling, Gerard told her in amazement.

"Hey, don't cry. You'll look suspicious when we return."


Ortansia tried her best to stop the tears and sniffled, but without much success.

Before long, a disheartened sigh could be heard from Gérard, and involuntarily, her body froze.

 'Big brother must be disappointed…'

What a tiresome and stupid girl, he was taken aback.

She noticed that Gerard turned back to look at her, but Ortansia was still shaking uncontrollably and couldn't lift her face.

Gerard gently placed his hand on Ortansia's shoulder. Just when she thought he was about to say something hurtful…

"Don't cry so much. I don't know what to do when you cry."

Ortansia was terribly surprised when she was gently hugged.

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"Brother… aren't you angry…?"

"Why should I be angry? You are not saying anything wrong."

Gerard was neither angry nor dismayed.

Relieved as soon as she found out, Ortansia pressed her forehead against Gerard's chest.

'I just didn't know, Onii-sama has been having a hard time for a long time.'

In her first life, to Ortansia's, he was just a ruthless person.

But deep down inside, he must have had many thoughts swirling in his mind.

'I want my brother to be happy.'

Ortansia thought so from the bottom of her heart. She didn't know where happiness lied for him. But if there was anything she could do, she would do it.

Thinking of this, Ortansia tightly gripped the hem of Gerard's garment.

Both Gerard and Ortansia stayed that way for a while without saying anything.

 Then the sound of someone's footsteps approaching from the distance jolted Ortansia back to her senses.

'Wow, I must look terrible now!'

She must have looked terrible because she had been crying so much.

If anyone saw her face like that, it would be a waste of her successful debut in the social world.

 Gerard whispered to the horrified Ortansia, "Stay behind my back."

"Ha, yes!"

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The area was dimly lit, and if she hide behind Gerard, the person would not be able to see Ortansia's face unless the person gets too close.

Just as Ortansia was stealthily shrinking behind Gerard's back, the owner of the footsteps appeared.

"I didn't know you were here… Gerard, Ortansia."


Ortansia looked up, relieved to see who had appeared.

It was the father of the two.

When he saw that they were together, his expression relaxed, and then he called out to Gerard, his expression tightening in some way.

She could tell that Gerard looked uncomfortable and furrowed his brow after his father whispered something to him.

'I wonder what it could be. It doesn't seem like it's is a pleasant conversation…'

After glancing over at Ortansia, who was silently watching, Gerard approached her.

He then took Ortansia's hand and announced.

"We're going home."

"...Eh? But we're still in the middle of the ball."

"I've finished showing you my face. There's no problem if I withdraw here. Besides, are you going to meet everyone with that look on your face."


After all, Ortansia now has a very disgraceful face.

As she turned over in embarrassment, her father, who had approached her, placed his hand on Ortansia's shoulder to encourage her.

"Ortansia must be tired, I'll take care of the rest. You and Gerard can go back to the mansion first."

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She didn't really know what happened, but they both said so.

Ortansia followed their words honestly.

    Gerard made his way through the almost deserted passageway, and they made it back to the duke's carriage without Ortansia exposing her disreputable face to the masses.

 As soon as Ortansia got in, the carriage started moving.

Gently gazing through the curtains at the royal palace as it moved away, Ortansia breathed out a sigh of relief.

'At any rate, her debut in the social world was a success is that right ?'

It may not be a complete success, but at least she didn't make any terrible blunders and didn't make a bad impression on those around her.

At any rate, the big event went off without a hitch, and Ortansia felt her strength slacken.

'Huh, I feel sleepy now that I am relieved.'

Ortansia, dozing and sleepy, inadvertently leaned on the shoulder of Gerard, who was sitting next to her.

"… ha!"

"I-I'm sorry, brother... I…"

"It doesn't matter. Just go to sleep."


She apologized anxiously, but instead of getting angry, Gerard pulled Ortansia's shoulder in order to make her lean on himself

'I can't sleep in this condition!'

Perhaps it was because of the tension, but her heart was pounding fast and she was in no mood to sleep. Read only on

 Still, she couldn't ignore his actions, Ortansia closed her eyes and desperately pretended to be asleep.

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