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"Leave it to me, Sia! What kind of difficult task can only I do?"

With a smug look and sparkling eyes, Tyrol seemed pleased to hear "only Tyrol can do it."

'Uh, I wonder if it will be okay…'

While feeling a little uneasy, Ortansia explained the situation in a straightforward manner.

"I can't leave here, so I want Tyrol to go alone to the various rooms in this palace and secretly listen to what everyone has to say."

"... It's fine, but I wouldn't understand complicated human chats if I heard them."

"That's alright. You can do the usual thing, can't you?"

As she smiled, Tyrol nodded suddenly.

"Of course!"

"Hehe, thank you."

Ortansia gently took Tyrols fluffy paw and lightly touched the soft pads of his paw.

Then, she closed her eyes and focused her thoughts.

-'sensory sharing'

This was also one of the blessings bestowed by the goddess.

By touching the other person like this and connecting with them emotionally... for a certain period of time, it's possible to share senses such as sight and hearing - the five senses. for a certain amount of time.

'It's an extraordinary skill when you think about it…'

Sharing the senses requires the agreement of both parties, and it is not possible to forcibly hijack the other's vision.

But depending on how it is done, it could be abused to any extent.

That was why Ortansia didn't tell anyone about this skill.

Tyrol is the only one who she had ever practised sharing sensations with in this way.

'Please, succeed.'

She had practised this skill several times, but it was quite difficult to master it.

So far, the only thing that Ortansia was able to use to some extent was sharing her hearing with Tyrol.

'When I tried to share the sense of smell before, it was quite difficult... Cats have a much better sense of smell than I thought.'

After sending Tyrol off to "go for a walk in the mansion" while sharing his senses on a trial basis, he inadvertently rushed into the kitchen where a spice dish was being prepared.

As a result, Ortansia, who had to taste the feline sense of smell in the body of a human, ended up fainting in agony from the storm of pungent aromas that hit her from all directions.


'I really think my nose would twist this time. Compared to that, a cat's hearing is supposedly two to three times better than a human's, so it should be fine... I think.'

When she gently let Tyrol share her hearing, various sounds that she had not been aware of before immediately rushed into her mind.

The hustle and bustle of a night party, the sound of the night wind shaking the leaves in the trees, the sound of a horse waiting somewhere to sniff...

'... Probably won't last long. We need to gather information as soon as possible.'

"So Tyrol, can you go round to different places and eavesdrop on a chat? Somehow, go to the people who are whispering!"

"Oh, I'm on it!"

Tyrol puffed out his chest proudly and jumped down from the balcony with a supple movement. Soon a crunching sound reaches Ortansia's ears as he moves, stepping on the grass.

"Tyrol, good luck!"

Eventually, Tyrol seemed to have found an open window, and with a hiss and a jump, he landed on the hard ground.

He must have been able to enter the building, as she could hear people talking in the distance.

'Okay, great..!'

Ortansia promised herself that she would give him lots of pettings when she got back.

Tyrol seemed to be going around the building and poking his head into any available rooms.

She heard various 'sounds' that Tyrol might be listening to, such as the clinking of dishes, servants gathering and complaining, and the voices of several people playing betting games.

'Ugh, my head hurts… but I have to keep trying!'

Ortansia frantically sharpened her concentration to see if there was any useful information.

But the sounds she was hearing were all too useless for an evening party held in a nobleman's house.

The constant sharing of sensations was also causing more damage to the body and mind than expected.

She didn't think she would be able to hold on much longer.

'Just a little more, if there's anything, anything at all…!'

Ortansia heard Tyrol step into a new room.

Apparently, several participants have gathered to play cards. She could hear the sound of quickly shuffling cards, the pleasant sound of ice clinking in glasses, and the voices of people getting excited about gossip.

"Damn, I lost again..."

"You're too transparent with your hand, sir."

"You'd better hide it better or you'll get your foot in your mouth, eh?"

'Not here either…'

She was starting to feel dizzy and lightheaded. When she began to consider stopping the sense-sharing, suddenly…

"Oh, by the way, did you see her? The Duchess of Verite was here this evening."

'About me..!'

Ortansia was startled and hurriedly concentrated on their conversation.


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