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 Tyrol, too, seemed to have noticed the mention of the Duchess of Verite, and stopped moving and was hiding still.

"Oh, I didn't expect the Duke of Verite's daughter to come"

"Is everything all right? The Duchess of Verite is the daughter of the Duke of Verite, who is also a candidate for the Crown Prince's wife, right?"

"But she has made it clear that she is not interested in the prince."

"I see. So that's why she came to our Duke."

'…Somehow, they misunderstood!?'

Ortansia broke out in a cold sweat as she listened to what they were saying.

She knew that in social circles, rumors are always everywhere, but when it came to herself, she could not be at peace.

'Come to think of it, I don't remember the Duke of Linie being single. But I never thought people would think this way.'

Ortansia let out a small sigh. It was important to search for information, but perhaps she should be more careful about how she conducts herself.

"I heard that the Duchess of Verite was once kidnapped by that cult."

"Since she fell into their hands once, there is a possibility that she will give herself up to them this time. People are creatures who can't stay away from danger."

"Well, whatever the case may be, pouching her would be a great step forward in his Excellency's plans. Rumor has it that she has a blessing as powerful as royalty."

Ortansia's hands were sweating without her knowing it.

Her heart was beating fast.

'What the hell are they talking about?'

She swallowed hard, and at that moment….

"If we can get her under our control, Your Excellency will be wearing the crown before long."

"Toppling the false god with the true one and judging the false king with the true one... It's wonderful, isn't it?"

"They were certainly growing in power. It was hard to believe that they were once driven to destruction and went underground."

'Oh no, no way.'

Perhaps because of the great shock, there was a cut in the sensory sharing.

But without even realizing it, Ortansia crouched there in a daze.

'Duke Linie crowned? The true god overthrowing the false god? Those who were driven to destruction and went underground are growing in power…That can't be true.'

Ortansia shuddered as she hugged herself at the answer she had arrived at.

'Is the Duke of Linie in cohorts with the occult group and plotting to usurp the throne...?'


Ortansia sat there, stunned and unable to move, as the answer came to her.

"Sia! Sia! Are you okay?"

When she came to her senses, Tyrol, who had returned before she knew it, was anxiously fumbling on Ortansia's knees.


"You look pale. Did something happen?"


At Tyrol's urging, Ortansia weakly nodded.

Due to the side effects of their prolonged "sensory sharing" session, Ortansia was in an extremely exhausted state, on the verge of collapsing.

But even more than that...the information obtained through Tyrol had shocked Orutanshia deeply.

She had no idea that the Duke of Linie was not only working with the occult group, but was also plotting to usurp the throne!

The shock was so great that Ortansia could not even remember how she had returned to the duke's mansion.

 However, she found herself in her room at the duke's mansion as usual, exchanging bedtime greetings with Pamela.

When no one was in the room, Ortansia sighed heavily with a pillow in her arms.

It wasn't going to be a very good night's sleep.

'What should I do... I should tell someone that the Duke of Linie is after the throne, right? But…'

'Can I speak rashly after hearing only one gossip?'

'Father will surely take it seriously. But without any proof, the Duke of Linie and the occult group might get away with it, besides…'

Ortansia's mind replayed the scene of her Father's funeral, which she had experienced in her previous life.

'If something happens to  Father because of me...!'

He might get involved in political disputes because of Ortansia's unverified news, as a result, he may die an untimely death, as he did in her previous life…

'No! I can never let that happen.!'

Tears were about to spill out, and Ortansia hugged her pillow tightly.

'If it were my older brother, I wonder... But Brother…'

He said;

"You, you don't have to do anything. You just stay here and be quiet."

"It's a nuisance to have you wandering around defenseless. Just do the bare minimum and stay quiet in the mansion." h

The cold words thrown at her not long ago replayed in her mind.

He probably wouldn't want to listen to anything about Ortansia . Rather, he might be disappointed that she went to a dangerous place on her own.

 Or worse than that, something worse might happen.

'...If I don't do something about the occult group soon, my brother…'

He's clearly not himself right now. As the goddess said, the power of the demon God must be having some kind of negative effect.

'If I do something about the pagan group, I wonder if he will return to being a kind brother…'

Right now, that seems to be her only hope.

Ortansia didn't want to endanger her father and Brother because of her.

In that case…

'I must gather more information on my own.'

She knew what the Duke of Linie wanted.

If she pretends to support him and infiltrate his inner circle… she might be able to obtain more decisive information.


An avalanche of anxiety swept over her and Ortansia sighed loudly.


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