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 And so, once again, Ortansia was on her way to a soiree hosted by the Duke of Linie.

'Don't get upset no matter what he says. Just smile and make a face that says, "I know all about it.'

A lady should never forget her elegance at any time.

With Annabelle's lesson in mind, Ortansia looked at the people around her with a completely different expression while exchanging greetings with a smile.

'Do all the people here support Duke Linie? I wonder if there are also those who worship demon god.'

The masked group that once kidnapped Ortansia.

They were supposed to have been annihilated by the efforts of Gerard and others, but there might be survivors among them.

Even now, Ortansia shudders at the thought of that time.

But Ortansia, not showing any sign of trepidation, continued to smile graciously.

Before long, the Duke of Linie appeared in the hall, just out of the corner of her eye.

She did not panic, she was in no hurry, and she did not rush.

Ortansia followed the Duke's movements with her eyes. When she saw him approaching, she braced herself.

'Here he comes!'

Inhaling softly, Ortansia smiled at the Duke of Linie as he arrived.

"Good day to you, Duke. Thank you for inviting me here tonight."

"Well, well, Lady Verite. It is an honor to have you with us again. I hope you are enjoying this evening's gathering?"

"Yes, very much so. ...Everyone here is so knowledgeable. It's a great opportunity to broaden one's horizons by hearing valuable stories that are hard to come by at other soirées"

Saying this, Ortansia smiled meaningfully.

Oh, really..."

With a sly grin, the Duke of Linie narrowed his eyes at Ortansia's obedient attitude.

The Duke of Linie narrowed his eyes at her obedient attitude.

'Alright, this is going well...!'


Although she had considered the possibility of a quick escape, it seemed like she could delve a little deeper into the conversation.

"I would love to have the opportunity to speak with Your Grace as well... But, of course, that must be difficult. You are busy and everyone is waiting for you, after all."

As she showed a slightly reserved attitude, Ortansia's intentions were fulfilled as the Duke of Linie took a step closer to her.

"Don't worry about that, my apologies for the inconvenience. However, Lady Verite has no need to hold back. I also would very much like to have a discussion with you."

The smiling Duke of Linie whispered softly in Ortansia's ear.

"I will show you to the other room. Please follow me."

He was willing to leave Ortansia to her own will.

'Don't worry, Tyrol will be there for me too.!'

Swallowing a gulp of spit, Ortansia followed the Duke, trying to cover up the fact that her limbs were shaking.

Leaving the great hall, Ortansia quietly made her way down the fine carpeted corridor.

His residence, once built as a royal villa, still exuded a majestic air without fading.

But this, in turn, heightened Ortansia's sense of urgency.

Eventually, she arrived at a room with a large door.

The door was engraved with the royal coat of arms, and Ortansia clenched her fingertips.

"Please, come this way."

Smiling, the Duke of Linie slowly opened the door.

For a moment, Ortansia was afraid that the group of masked men who had tormented her in the past would be waiting for her as soon as she opened the door.

But there was no one inside. Beyond the door, she could only see the scene of a fine, calm parlor.

"Come this way, please."

The Duke of Linie motioned for Ortansia to take a seat.

Ortansia glanced around the room, checked that no one was there, and sat down quietly on the sofa.

"It is an honour to meet you, Duchess Verite."

Duke Linie also sat down across from Ortansia and smiled leisurely.

"I'm relieved that you seem to be an intelligent person as rumored. There are many high-ranking aristocrats who pretend to show off and spread rumors that are far from the truth."


Ortansia smiled wryly, unsure of what to say.

She had heard countless rumors about herself, such as being able to speak multiple languages, being a stunning beauty that could make people faint with just one glance, and being the best musician in the country if asked to play an instrument. Ortansia was aware that she was being overvalued beyond her actual abilities, but at least in front of Duke Linie, it seemed best to keep quiet about it.

With a face that seemed to say "I'm weary of such rumors," Altansia elegantly smiled.

"As you probably already know, everyone here is intelligent and adept at reading current trends. I know you are, too."

Ortansia neither denied nor affirmed, but simply continued to smile quietly.

That seemed to be enough.

"We desire individuals with exceptional abilities such as yourself," said the Duke.

"To judge the false king with the true king--is that the reason?"

Recalling the information she had obtained through Tyrol, Ortansia spoke quietly.

At this, Duke Linie grinned.

 Remembering the information she had received through Tyrol, Ortansia quietly put it into her voice.

 Then the Duke of Linie chuckled.


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