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"Huhhhhhh... Onii-sama…"

 Meanwhile, Ortansia, who returned to her room with a broken heart, was sobbing and wetting her pillow with tears.

'Onii-sama... I thought we had become close…'

Was all of his previous kindness just an act? Did he actually find Ortansia annoying and unbearable?

'No, I don't think so. I'm sure Onii-sama has his own reasons.'

Sniffling, Ortansia hugged her pillow tightly.

According to the words of the goddess, the evil hand of the demon god is approaching Gerard.

'Maybe that's why...?'

The relationship that Ortansia and Gérard have built in her present life is not a lie.

That was why Ortansia couldn't believe that Gérard would be so cold like that, for the life of her.

 Considering what the goddess and Prince Victor said, the demon god's influence may be increasing due to the increased activity of the occult group.

If so, Gerard may be in a more critical situation than Ortansia thought.

'If that's the case, then there's no time to dither anymore.'

She must expose the stronghold of the Occult worship group as soon as possible and protect Gerard.

"Pamela, is Pamela there!"

She hastily called out, and Pamela immediately rushed over.

"What's the matter, Miss?"

"I'm sorry for calling you so suddenly, Pamela. Could you show me all the invitations that have been addressed to me?"


Pamela's eyes widened in surprise at Altansia's words.

"You mean all the invitations, not just the minimally selected ones on my end?"

"Yes, exactly."

Ortansia looked straight at Pamela, who looked puzzled, and told her with determination.

'I've decided to… become serious about socialising.

Ortansia had made up her mind to take on any danger if it meant protecting her precious brother.

Ortansia was prepared for that

...Because they cared for each other, Gerard and Ortansia had begun to drift apart, little by little.



"Good day, Duchess Verite.

"You are not with your Father and Brother tonight?"

"Yes, I've already come of age. I'm allowed to have a few nights out."

When she appeared at the evening party, many nobles approached Ortansia.

Ortansia carefully observed her surroundings, acting as if she were "a curious young lady who has just learned to play with fire".

'Maybe one of these people is involved with the Occult group.'

Once, Ortansia was almost kidnapped and sacrificed by them.

If she could make them think once more that she is an ignorant and easily duped girl, she may get a clue that will lead her to their heart of the matter.

So Ortansia was energetically showing up at social functions day and night… But,

'Ts, it's exhausting...'

 For Ortansia, who is more of an introvert, the glittering social scene was a tiring place to be.

It was also hard to keep up with the latest fashions and aristocratic friendships in order to keep up with what they are saying.

   Without the help of Janet, who is sensitive to trends, and Emily, who is attentive to detail, she would have collapsed early on.

"Lady Ortansia, you don't look well."

"You should get some rest…"

'Oh, it's all right. Tonight, is the evening party hosted by the Marquis, right?

Currently, they were gathered at the Duke's mansion and in the midst of a small tea party that also served as an exchange of information..

Janet and Emily gave Ortansia, who was dizzy from social exhaustion, an inquisitive look.

"Then, Janet, could you tell me about the dress styles that are likely to be popular next?"

"That's fine, but... Lady Ortansia, why have you suddenly become so active in the Social Society?"


Ortansia had been expecting someone to ask her that eventually. Her changes must have seemed sudden to others as well.

Ortansia took a calming breath and siad the answer she had prepared.

"That's because... we've officially made our social debut, you know? Next we have to find someone to marry. And the best men will be the first to sell out.'

Janet and Emily nodded in agreement.

The girls, who were the same age as Ortansia, were probably thinking about the same thing.

"Speaking of which, Emily. How is your relationship with that marquess? Is it going well?"

"Umm, I don't think it's going well… we're just in correspondence"

As she casually redirected the conversation from herself to Emily, she blushed and looked down.

Wow, that's a nice touch! Hey, hey, that Marquise..."

Janet also chimed in and bombarded Emily with questions.

As she watched the peaceful scene, Ortansia was lost in thought.

'Emily, like in her previous life, was noticed by the Marquis son'

 On the night of the masquerade ball, the man who spoke to Emily was the marquess who had engaged her in her first life.

Their destinies were on the same path to being united as they were the first time.

As much as she congratulates her friend on her love affair, Ortansia is horrified by the fate that awaits her in the future.

'No matter how hard she tries... she may end up with the same result in the end.'

 In her previous life, she does not remember a masked ball hosted by the royal family.

So Emily and the marquess in question must have met in a different way.

But they are about to be united in the same way.

 No matter how hard Ortansia tries, it may be futile resistance in the face of the great current of fate.

Perhaps Ortansia's death, Gerard's rampage, and their destiny cannot be changed…?

"So, what about Ortansia-sama?"


 The question was asked suddenly, and Ortansia, who had been lost in thought, looked up in a hurry.

She noticed Janet staring at her with sparkling eyes.

"Um, what are you talking about...?"

Oh my, you're trying to change the subject again. That means you're really popular, right?"


"Your progress in finding a husband, Lady Ortansia! You've been so active, it must be a feeding frenzy out there!"


Ortansia was taken aback by the ridiculous misunderstanding.

"Wait a minute! It's not like that at all!"

"I see, an ordinary man is not good enough for the daughter of the Duke of Verite, Lady Ortansia."

"Indeed, Lady Ortansia is remarkable…"

"I told you it's not like that."

Despite Ortansia's exasperation, Janet and Emily started getting excited.

"But if it were Lady Ortánsia, she might really be able to win over the prince."

"I thought so too! What do you think, Lady Ortánsia?"

"I don't think so! I can never be a queen!"

"Eh~, what a waste... But if you had someone as wonderful as Gérard-sama around you, no other men would catch your eye, right?"

"It may sound strange to put it this way, but Ortansia-sama and Gérard-sama are so perfectly suited to being together that I don't want anyone else to come between the two of them."

"I know"

 Ortansia chuckled at the conversation between Janet and Emily, which was mysteriously lively.

'That's right... There's no point in being depressed. The goddess said that there was something only I could do, and what good would it do if I gave up?'

In front of her were her friends, chatting away, and on her lap was the cute spirit, Tyrol.

Inside the mansion were reliable servants, and her beloved father and brother would also be coming back.

She wouldn't let her life end up the same way as before. She had worked so hard to get here. She would do whatever it took to twist fate... and save her Brother and Father.


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