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While her father's and brother's attention were absent from the mansion, Ortansia began to actively travel around social circles.

 As might be expected, the name value of "Daughter of the Duke of Verite" was powerful, and she was (ostensibly) welcomed wherever she went.

 Little by little, she made more and more acquaintances.

If she continued in this way, she may one day be able to catch the tail of the occult group... and Ortansia was always on the lookout, but so far she had not been able to reach any strong clues.

'If I don't hurry, my brother will...!'

She was gradually becoming more and more anxious.

"What's wrong, Sia? You don't look so good, do you?"

"No, I'm fine. Thanks for worrying about me, Tyrol."

In the carriage on the way to the evening party that evening.

As usual, Tyrol, mimicking the fur around her neck, called out to her in a worried tone.

While stroking the disguised Tyrol, Ortansia smiled softly.

Tonight's soiree (TL:Also called tea party) was quite large, and many people whom Ortansia had never seen before were in attendance.

She naturally tensed up when she thought that there might be people involved with Occult amongst them.

(TL: The Occult are the devil worshipers. I might refer to them as devil worshipping group in some places)

Ortansia was more attentive to her surroundings than usual, and engaged in casual conversation with the nobles she met.

It was at that moment.

"Oh, dear, isn't that the Duchess Verite over there?"

The voice suddenly coming from behind her made Ortansia's heart almost stop in surprise.

She knew this voice.

If she could, she would run away from there immediately.

But now that she had been approached, ignoring the voice and running away will bring about unwanted suspicion.


 Ortansia took a calming breath and looked behind her.

It turned out that the person who was there was just as she had expected.

" Good day, Countess Dendane."

"Oh, you know who I am. You've never been to a party hosted by my family, so I thought you didn't have your eye on someone as lowly as me."

 While uttering such sarcastic words, the Countess of Dendane in front of her had a nasty smile on her face.

It was rare for someone to pick a fight with Altansia, the daughter of one of the country's leading marquess families, head-on like this

Moreover, she was someone who had been responsible for Ortansia's execution in her previous life.

Unpleasant memories resurfaced, and Ortansia felt as if she was being oppressed.

'No, calm down... I must avoid making enemies with her...!'

She is the daughter of a prominent family and has a certain amount of influence in social circles.

In Ortansia's previous life, she was chosen as Prince Victor's bride-to-be, just like Ortansia.

And she is uniquely ambitious.

In her previous life, she even drank her own poison to try to get Prince Viktor's attention.

If she is seen as an enemy by such an opponent, something bad is bound to happen.

 Ortansia smiled calmly while accepting the gaze that provoked her.

"I am sorry for the late introduction, Countess Dendane. Of course, I know who you are. I had hoped to meet you sooner. I would be delighted to attend the next event organised by the Countess of Dendane."

In a lowhanded way, Ortansia replied in a friendly manner.

Considering the character of the Countess of Dendane, she thought this was the best move.

Apparently, Ortansia's strategy worked, as the Countess of Dendane widened her eyes in surprise and then smiled as if she was not in the least surprised.

"Well... if that's the case, we can be friends."

'Which mouth would say that...! If I were to be executed in the same way as in my first life, you too would be brutally murdered by Oniisama!'

Resisting the urge to say something like that, Ortansia put a smile on her face.

The Countess of Dendane was talking about herself and the Countess family, but then, as if suddenly remembering something, she stared at Ortansia's face.

Then, she suddenly asked.

"Speaking of which, do you... have a fiancée?"

"No… I don't have one at the moment"

The moment she said this, the Countess of Dendane's eyes were filled with a hint of caution.

"Well, then... What do you think of His Highness Prince Victor? If you don't have a fiancée, you might be offered the position of a potential queen."

'Here it comes!'

It's too impolite a question to throw at someone you've almost never met before.

But on the other hand, it might be a good opportunity.

 Ortansia smiled so as not to show her agitation and slowly opened her mouth.


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