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[The Story of a Butler]

Are you interested in learning about the Earl's family? Is that right?

However, it's quite... unexpected for a humble butler like me to have an interesting story to share. Oh my. Is this your way of expressing gratitude for today's guidance? Well, it's part of my duty, so I cannot accept such a valuable wine.

Hmm, so you simply want to know about the young ladies' childhood, is that it?

...Please bear with this old man's ramblings, but Lady Amalia was always an incredibly intelligent and kind-hearted person. However, because of that, she often kept things to herself.

Yes, exactly. That's why the Earl's somewhat strict upbringing and the strong-willed younger sister had their influence. It would have been better if the master and mistress had paid more attention to Lady Olivia.

Yes, Lady Olivia was always like that from a young age. She particularly disliked studying and managed to drive away every tutor within a day.

No, the master and mistress scolded Lady Olivia only once in the beginning. Lady Amalia was very diligent, so the stark contrast disappointed them.

When Lady Olivia reached adulthood, they suddenly decided to strip her of her inheritance rights and marry her off to another family immediately.

Well, I'm getting on in years too, so perhaps I misheard or misunderstood. But that's the story as it goes.

Considering the current situation, it's hard to believe she could get married, right? You already knew that? Well, strictly speaking, it's confidential information.

It's embarrassing to admit, but because the master and mistress had little interest in Lady Olivia, by the time her actions were discovered, it was already too late. Fortunately, at that time, the damage was limited to the household staff, so we managed to prevent it from spreading outside.

To prevent Lady Olivia from revealing it herself, we concocted the story that she is suffering from a severe illness. As a result, Lady Olivia remains secluded and does not participate in society. Lady Amalia is unaware of this as well, so please keep it confidential.

Yes, I'm glad you understand. Oh yes, I was talking about Lady Olivia.

As you know, if she loses her purity, she cannot be married off to another family. Furthermore, even if Lady Olivia were to marry into another household, she would inevitably bring shame upon herself.

With that in mind, the master and mistress decided that after Lady Amalia's marriage, they would conceal Lady Olivia's existence by stating that she is focusing on her recovery.

Those two would undoubtedly execute such a plan without hesitation, but... No, I've already revealed too much. Please forget what I just said.

Haha, I tend to talk too much at my age. It's merely an elderly man's ramblings, so please don't take it too seriously. Well then, if you'll excuse me.

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[The Story of a Maid]

I've heard about it. You have some luggage... Oh, this is...

Well, as a maid serving the mistress, I've mostly given up on pride. Alright, let's talk until the maid arrives. But judging by that expression, I assume you've already heard most of it from Sebastian, the butler, right?

Ah, yes, indeed. He probably doesn't know much about the mistress. Let me clarify, though: there are no heartwarming family stories. Is that alright?

...You're quite curious, aren't you? By the way, have you already guessed the relationship between the mistress and Lady Olivia?

Yes, as expected. In the mistress's mind, the decision regarding Lady Olivia is already made. As long as she exists, she's seen as a disgrace to the Earl's family.

That's why, even when her affair with William was exposed, the engagement wasn't broken off. Loveless marriages are not uncommon, and deviating from the storyline she devised would be more terrifying.

Is she not worried about playing around so much and possibly getting pregnant? Well...

...Lady Olivia's morning tea... It contains... um, a certain medicine. It reduces the chances of getting pregnant... I apologize. The maid has arrived, so I'll stop here.

[The Story of a Maid]

Ah, my apologies! Oh, you seem a bit pale... I-If there's nothing wrong, that's the best scenario! How presumptuous of me, a mere maid... E-Eh?

Please relax and take it easy...? Well, if you insist... Alright, understood! You're searching for the young lady, right? I'll guide you.

I dislike Lord William! He's always indecisive and never talks about important matters! He acts as if he deserves love without putting in any effort! Just because he's the third son of a marquess, he gets carried away!

...However, Lady Olivia seemed to like him. But this morning, something felt different!

Hehe, I believe it's thanks to the Duke. As Lady Olivia's personal maid, I can say that with certainty!


Forgive my audacity, but I couldn't help but wonder why someone like the Duke declined the reception and wandered around the Earl's estate... How did he manage to enter without causing a commotion?

What? Sebastian made arrangements yesterday? I see...

N-Nothing important! Ah, the young lady is inside the Great Hall. She's quite occupied at the moment... I apologize, I'll leave you to her. I'll be waiting here, so if you need anything, please let me know.

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