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I half-dragged Ilvis out of the mansion, and before I knew it, he had led me to a carriage. It was a remarkably clever move.

The carriage belonged to the Duke's family. It may not have been as luxurious as the emblem-adorned one from yesterday, but it was still of considerable quality.

Come to think of it, Ilvis's attire was also simple. It seemed to be a "disguised style" to avoid standing out. Well, if asked whether he succeeded in concealing himself, it would be a dilemma, but I appreciated his consideration.

"Are you alright?"

Ilvis, who sat across from me, asked with concern after the carriage started moving.

"Yes, well. It's a world of difference from a few days ago."

"From my perspective, the situation is still quite strange."

He then patted my head gently, careful not to disturb my hair arrangement, which made me involuntarily smile.

"By the way, may I ask why you won't break off the engagement now?"

"Yes... As I mentioned before, my fiancé wasn't always like this. That's why I could genuinely love him for so long."

"When did he start behaving strangely?"

"Probably about two years ago. But it was only a few months ago that the communication between us became so difficult."

"I see. So, he started becoming possessive recently."

"Why are you... Wait, Ilvis-sama, you had already been outside quite early, hadn't you?"

No wonder he timed his entrance so well.

Yesterday, my sister had also overheard our conversation, so maybe I should be more sensitive to our surroundings.

"My fiancé has always been possessive. When I was young, I genuinely believed in him, but I realized it was odd after entering high society."

"Normally, one would want their fiancée to become more beautiful."

Ilvis fell into deep thought and suddenly stared at me intensely. His gaze was serious, but I felt a strange tension being exposed to a man's eyes like this.

"Could it be... She resembled that woman... But then... Damn it, what's wrong with my sense of ethics?"

"Um... Ilvis-sama?"

Ilvis frowned uncomfortably, then met my gaze again. The anger smoldering in his eyes was evident, and even as someone who didn't know him well, I could tell he was furious at my absent fiancé.

I never expected a woman he had met just a few days ago could capture his heart like this. Well, Ilvis's actions have constantly surprised me. I used to think talk of gods was nonsense, but if someone told me now that he was a god, I might believe them.

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Suddenly called, my voice faltered, but Ilvis didn't say anything about it.

Earlier, he suggested that I should be cautious in the mansion, but it seems like it might not be a joke after all.

"You mentioned that my fiancé might do something strange..."

"Yes. That man is indeed timid and easily influenced. However, such individuals have never been in dangerous situations, so they lack discretion."

Certainly, my fiancé never took any proactive action. If something happened, he would quickly blame others and retreat to a safe zone, remaining silent.

"It seems you have some idea. In that case, my expectations won't be off the mark."

"You mean my fiancé might do something outrageous?"

The face of my fiancé, which I thought I had forgotten, flashed through my mind. The indulgence that he couldn't do such a thing was slapped away by the reality that he could.

"That man is the type to live in his own world, so I don't think he'll suddenly act boldly. I'll also keep an eye on him, but be cautious around him and make sure you're never alone."

"...I will."

"I'm sorry for causing you anxiety again."

"No, it's important information."

Better to be aware before something happens. Even if I can break off the engagement, I should be cautious for a while.

To change the heavy atmosphere, Ilvis smiled brightly.

"Since it's our first date, let's leave the unpleasant talk for now."

As if in response to his words, the carriage came to a gentle stop.

"I might be late in saying this, but that dress suits you very well. Actually, I was so captivated by you that I missed the timing to enter the hall."

Having already stepped out of the carriage, Ilvis reached out to me with an indulgent smile.

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