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 The Duke of Linie's mansion, visible from the carriage window, had a different and more serious air than when she visited  earlier.

Security soldiers were stationed all around, vigilant and ready to eliminate any intruders.

There was no doubt that something incredibly important was going on inside.

"Just to be sure, Miss Ortansia, do you know the Duke of Linie's purpose?"

"...the usurpation of the throne, I presume."

"Correct. And now, he has put his long-standing plan into action… a plan to kidnap and kill Prince Victor."


 Ortansia gasped at Lucian's words..

The first time she heard that the Duke of Linie was planning to usurp the throne, she had thought about the possibility of Prince Viktor falling into his clutches.

But she never thought he would put it into action so quickly. 

"We have to find a way to stop this."

"Yes, of course. If this continues, Gérard will be forced to take part in this and, worst of all, he could be made the main culprit."

"No way…"

"Under normal circumstances, it's hard to believe Lord Gerard would fall for such a shallow plan. He must have been targeted due to some existing concerns or vulnerabilities."

Lucian's words made Ortansia's heart ache.

Ortansia had also noticed that something was wrong with Gérard.

But she could not stop him before this happened.

The fact that she did not stop Gérard before it happened was a heavy regret that weighed on her heart.

"If only I had done things differently back then…"

Ortansia fought back the urge to cry and gazed at the Duke's mansion before her.

"I have to go, I have to save my brother."

Regret could be felt anytime.

But helping Gerard needed to happen "now."

Lucien nodded firmly at Ortansia's words.

"Yes. I am sure that only Miss Ortansia can move Master Gérard's heart."

Firmly patting Tyrol, who was mimicking her collar as she had done in the past, Ortansia quietly got out of the carriage.

But how would they get into the Duke of Linie's residence?


Despite Ortansia's doubts, Lucien approached the grounds of the mansion with ease.

Naturally, guards were posted to protect the grounds, but…


Seizing the perfect moment, Lucian dashed forward.

With graceful agility, he seemed to effortlessly execute a spinning kick that landed beautifully on the guard's neck, rendering him unconscious in an instant. Lucian then adjusted his glasses grandiosely.

"Now, let's proceed, Miss."


Lucian beckoned Ortansia, who hurriedly crawled out from her hiding place.

'Who is Lucian, really…'

Until now, Ortansia had always thought of him as a "troublesome yet capable bureaucrat." 

But to handle guards so daringly was beyond her expectations.

'So, that's why my brother relied on him?'

Ortansia felt a bit shaken by witnessing an unfamiliar side of someone so close to her. Nonetheless, she followed Lucian.

He deftly picked the lock on a side door with lock picking tools, and they entered the mansion without hesitation.

Judging from his unhesitating gait, perhaps he has been here before.

'Maybe he came with my brother…'

Ortansia's mind was preoccupied with thoughts of Gerard.

Of course she was worried about Victor, who seemed to have been kidnapped by the Duke of Linie, but what frightened her most of all was that Gérard would harm Prince Victor.

As Ortansia gulped, Lucien opened his mouth, as if he had read her mind.

"…It seems Lord Gerard had his own thoughts about Prince Victor. It's worrisome."

"Eh, my brother!?"

Lucian's words seemed to imply that Gerard held some dissatisfaction or resentment towards Prince Victor.

However, Ortansia couldn't recall any such indication.


She had assumed that Gerard had been manipulated by demonic power, leading him astray with indiscriminate violence…

"Why would my brother do anything to Prince Victor?"

"Oh, you don't have any idea?"

Despite the dire circumstances, Lucian's expression held a hint of amusement as he spoke to Ortansia.

"I suppose there's only one reason Lord Gerard might see Prince Victor as an obstacle."

"You mean he's after the throne like the Duke of Linie? But I can't believe my brother would do such a thing…"

"Ah, you're so pure, Miss. The answer… you should ask your dear brother directly."

With that, Lucian deftly evaded the question.

Ortansia momentarily considered pressing further but quickly realized that wasn't the time.

Although guards were stationed inside the mansion as well, Lucian skillfully hid and incapacitated them one after another, leading the way forward.

Eventually, they stood before a grand door adorned with elaborate decorations.

"Let's proceed.

Ortansia nodded, and Lucien opened the door.

Ortansia dashed through the door with determination.

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