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 ...How long has it been?

In the dungeon where there was no sunlight, it was hard to tell if it was day or night.

Ortansia leaned her back against the wall and stared blankly into the void.

In moments like this... memories of warm and gentle moments come flooding back.

Memories of living together with her mother when she was young.

Her bright and gentle mother was Ortansia's role model.

Ortansia, as a young girl, had hopes and expectations for an unseen future, wondering if she could become like her mother when she grew up.

As she ruminated on her old memories, she naturally recalled the period after she was taken in by the duke's family.

Unlike her first miserable life, Ortansia was able to have a proper "family" with her father and brother.

No... perhaps it was only Ortansia who believed that.

"No, that's not true."

… "You are of the Duchess of Verite, you are family to me and your father. I have told you so many times."

Gerard had indeed said so.

She never thought of those words as lies.

At that time, in that moment... Gerard unquestionably considered Ortansia as his "family."

That was something she didn't want to doubt.

'...I need to pull myself together.'

Sinking into despair here won't change anything. Gerard must have changed because he was facing some kind of danger.

This time, she must save him...!

Ortansia exhaled into her cold fingertips to cheer herself up.

'First, I have to escape from here…'

No matter how much she was told that she was a hindrance, a nuisance, and received cold stares... She couldn't just quietly back down and say, "Yes, I understand."


Even if Gerard comes to hate her like he did in her previous life, she must save him from a tragic fate.


Ortansia stood up with determination and began to examine her surroundings.

'The door... It's not going to open, of course…'

She attempted to open the firmly closed door, but naturally, it didn't budge.

This underground cell had no windows.

In that case...

'Do I have to dig a hole and escape to the outside?'

 Ortansia picked up a handy stone that was lying on the ground and swallowed it down with a gulp.

 Then, as she was about to recklessly start carving a gap in the stone floor--


 A familiar voice called out, and a light appeared in the distance.

 While Ortansia rolled her eyes in surprise, warmth slipped through the bars and plunged into her arms.


 Even in the twilight, she could clearly see Tyrol's big, curly eyes staring at her.

 Confused and completely unaware of the situation, she heard an unexpected voice.

"How are you feeling, Miss Ortansia?"


Ortansia looked to see Lucien, holding a lamp in his hand, staring at her from behind the bars.

 He touched the door and Ortansia was startled when she heard the sound of a lock turning.

(Why? Lucien is brother's subordinate, right...? And yet, he would act against his brother's wishes...)

 The door of the prison opened with a heavy sound in front of Ortansia, who blinked her eyes.

 Then Lucien knelt down and extended his hand to Ortansia.

"I am here to welcome you, my lady."

"Lucien, why...? Did your brother order you to do this?"

"No, it was my own decision."

 The hope that had begun to grow in Ortansia instantly faded as Lucien gave his answer.

 She was wondering if Gerard might have had a change of heart and was willing to let Ortansia out of this place.

 She thought about that, but her brother-in-law seemed to be stubborn.

"Don't worry. Gérard is not in the house at the moment."

"Where did he go?"

"To the Duke de Linie, I think."


 The Duke de Linie was a dangerous man who plans to usurp the throne.

 The future that awaits you if you give such a person a hand is...


 It is hard to believe that he would do such a thing if he were in his right mind.

 Has the demigod finally driven Gerard mad?

"The future is waiting for Gerard, and I don't think he would do that if he were sane. The only person who can stop Gerard-sama is you, Miss… Ortansia," Lucien said as he locked eyes with Ortansia.

 Ortansia was taken aback by these words.

"I am the only one who can stop my brother...?"

"Yes, of course I tried stopping Gerard, but there was no way he would listen to me… I am not in a position to contact the Duke. The only thing left to rely on is you, my lady," Lucien bowed deeply as he said this.

 The sight of him made Ortansia's heart beat wildly.

(Lucien...... Lucien also wants to help his brother, so he came to me against his brother's orders.)

 The man Ortansia knew was generally loyal to Gerard, although he had a side that made fun of people a little.

 The first time he betrayed Gerard.

 He betrayed Gérard for the first time in order to save.... Gérard himself.

"...Thank you, Lucien."

Ortansia firmly grasped the offered hand.

She gathered strength in her legs and stood up, though staggering.

"I'm going to my brother's place."

 No matter how many times she was rejected, she could not stop struggling.

 The goddess must have turned back time and entrusted Ortansia with the future in order to save the world.

 However, Ortansia was filled with the desire to save only one person, Gerard, much more than the world at large.

(I don't know if I can do it. No, I have to do it...!)

"It is known throughout the mansion that Master Gerard has locked the young lady in this place. If anyone finds out, it could be troublesome. I will lead the way, please follow me."

 After saying this, Lucien draped a soft, discreetly colored robe over Ortansia's shoulders.

 It warmed her cold body and gave her strength.

"Thank you, Lucien."

 Ortansia nodded firmly as she picked up Tyrol at her feet.

 Ortansia followed Lucien up the stairs to the ground level.

 The familiar hallway of the mansion seemed unusually empty.

 Perhaps Lucien had given some reason to get rid of the people.

 When Ortansia went out the back door, she found a carriage already waiting there.

"Come on, let's go."

Taking Lucien's hand, Ortansia climbed into the carriage.

Her head was full of thoughts about Gerard.

That's why she didn't notice.

Lucien, who was staring at her, was smiling so happily that one couldn't believe it was an emergency.


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