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Ma Jiaojiao saw Lin Maosheng being pushed to the ground and screamed hysterically from her bed, "I've hated you since high school, but I've had to pretend to be friends with you just to bask in the remnants of your attention. I've never measured up to you—in academics, family background, or looks. Why can you attract the best men while I can't? But there's one thing I can do that you can't. Do you know what it is? Hahaha…"

Lin Maosheng roared back, "Ma Jiaojiao, shut up!"

"Yun Qingqiao, it's because I can sleep with him! Can you? Hahaha. You've been together for almost two years, and all you've done is hold hands and kiss cheeks. How can this happen to a top student in medical school?"

"Ma Jiaojiao, you lunatic, shut up!" Lin Maosheng hurled a throw pillow at her.

Hearing this, Yun Qingqiao stood up, bolted out of the room, and fled as if she were the one who had done something wrong. 

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Ma Jiaojiao's voice trailed after her, "Yun Qingqiao, I've finally beaten you at something, haven't I? Hahaha…"

Out on the street, the biting cold wind helped clear Yun Qingqiao's mind. Her phone wouldn't stop ringing. The first few calls were from Lin Maosheng; the later ones were from her roommates. 

Answering the dorm landline, she heard an anxious voice, "Qiao, where are you? Lin just called and said he messed up; he's worried something might happen to you. Are you okay?"

The urgency in the caller's voice was accompanied by a flurry of chatter from Yun Qingqiao's three loyal roommates, who had always warned her about Ma Jiaojiao. 

"Meng, I'm fine. Let's have hot pot tonight; I need a drink." Qingqiao couldn't hold back her tears.

In the hot pot restaurant near their school, the 'Four Treasures'—Qiao, Meng, Fang, and Hua—cheered with their drinks and comforted each other. But midway, Qingqiao broke into tears.

"We won't steal your boyfriend, so stop crying!" Fang reassured her while chewing on some beef.

"Don't be stupid," Hua said, patting Qingqiao's back. "We're always on your side!"

"But I don't even have a boyfriend to steal anymore," Qingqiao retorted, making everyone laugh. At least she could still joke.

Days later, Yun Qingqiao stumbled upon Ma Jiaojiao flaunting her love life on social media, twisting the knife deeper into Qingqiao's emotional wounds.

No amount of consoling from friends could help. Figuring a change of scenery might be good for her; she booked a solo trip to a picturesque snowy destination.

The place was a natural wonder, the air refreshingly pure. It felt like a world away from deceitful men and women. Qingqiao was enjoying her skiing sessions until, while video chatting with her friends, the screen went dark. "Oh no, I think I've encountered an avalanche!" were her last words before a wave of snow engulfed her.

As the mountain shook, she heard her friends mumbling about calling for help, but she couldn't say anything. Was she going to lose her life just after losing her love?

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