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I am grateful to you siblings. The blood that was shed that day when Gerard-sama saved Ortansia-sama loosened the strong seal that had been placed on me, and I am now able to appear in the outside world once again.


Ortansia paled at the words uttered by Lucian.

When she was once kidnapped by a group of demon worshippers, they had planned to resurrect the demon god with many sacrifices.

Gerard saved Ortansia in the nick of time, and Ortansia did not fall to their deadly blades.

At the same time, she thought that the revival of the demonic god was also prevented…

'Could it be that the demon was already resurrected…'

Ortansia looked at the man in front of her in disbelief.

As if to reassure her, Lucian smiled gently.

"If I had been able to consume your power back then, I might have fully regained my strength... Unfortunately, obtaining the blood of such insignificant beings wouldn't grant me much power. However, thanks to that, the perfect stage has been set."

"The perfect stage...?"

"Yes, using Gerard-sama, I will destroy the world completely... just like before."

Ortansia's heart pounded loudly.

Gently stroking Ortansia's pale cheek, Lucian whispered softly.

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thanks to all the hard work you've put in, young lady. I thank you, ...... Ortansia Remi Verite."

"Thanks to your efforts, young lady, I'm sure it's going to be even more delightful than the 'last time' . I appreciate it... Ortansia Remi Verite."

The moment she heard that name, her entire body tingled with unease.

He called. He called out Ortansia's "previous" name, which no one but Ortansia herself and the goddess who had sent her back in time should have known.

"You remember it too…"

"Yes, I was interrupted by a very nasty goddess before,but this time I believe I can achieve my true desires."

Lucian wore his usual frivolous smile, but now that smile felt incredibly sinister.

"Profound despair gives rise to great power. The deeper the despair, the stronger that power becomes. And now... the perfect stage has finally been set."

As Lucian bowed theatrically, Ortansia tightly clenched her fingers.

"...You intend to use my brother as a vessel—to possess him, don't you?"

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Even at Ortansia's accusatory words, Lucian continued to smile cheerfully.

"Using the term 'possess' sounds rather negative. It's a mutually beneficial relationship where we both exert our strengths—a Win-Win situation."

"Lies! You manipulated my brother and tried to bring about the world's destruction, didn't you!?".

"...... That's a big misunderstanding. It was Gerard himself who wanted to destroy the world after the death of his sister.

"My brother would never do such a thing..."

"Didn't you inquire about the details from the goddess? Gerard-sama, having gained the power of the demon, led the world to destruction, prompting the concerned goddess to rewind time. That's an indisputable fact."

Lucian explained in a tone of voice as if he was explaining to a child who was not very good at listening.

Ortansia gulped down some saliva and tried to digest his words.


'Come to think of it, the goddess also said something like that…'

 "...The Countess of Dendane, who had been imprisoned, also died at his hands. Even so, Gérard's anger was unrelenting, and finally, in support of his fury, he even invoked the demon god."

 "...He fused with the Demon God and became the Demon King, and with the advent of the Demon King, the world plunged into an age of chaos. Conflict led to conflict, and as more blood was spilled and lives were lost... thus prompting me to turn back time."

At that time, the scale was too vast for Altancia to fully grasp.


 "... Ortansia, not everything is as it seems. Gerard truly loved you... His love led him to the brink of madness."

"… Ortansia, please be by Gerard's side and guide him onto the right path. He possesses immense power that, if misused, could become a sword that destroys the world. Only you can save him."

...Unconsciously, perhaps she had been trying not to think about it.

In her second life, unlike before, Ortansia was able to connect with Gerard on a deeper level. As she got to know him better, the fear she had always held began to diminish. Gerard had his own will, and he wasn't someone incapable of reason. In her second life, Ortansia grew to love Gerard even more than before

Perhaps that's why she didn't want to think that Gerard had willingly tried to ruin the world.

That's why she might not have wanted to believe that Gerard would willingly bring about the world's destruction. She believed that Gerard's peculiar behaviour was due to the influence of the demon, and that he himself would never be the type to seek the world's ruin.

Unconsciously, she had come to think that way.

'Honestly, even now I can't believe it…'

Gerard, despite his cold appearance, cared deeply for others. She knew he worked tirelessly as the heir to the ducal family, constantly striving to do his best. Yet, if there were a reason that could fundamentally change him...

"Profound despair..."

Muttering those words, Ortansia noticed Lucian grinning.


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