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"Yes, you're right. The deeper the despair, the stronger Gerard's power becomes. The previous Gerard held resentment for everything due to your tragic death, and he aimed to destroy everything by fusing with me."

"But, that was thwarted by the Goddess. This time, surely the same thing will…"

"No, I will not make the same mistake again. I will surpass the power of the goddess by delivering even more despair to Gerard-sama."

As soon as he said that, Lucian's hand reached out toward her.


With one hand gripping her throat, Ortansia let out a cry in response to the strength of his grip.

"The more Gerard-sama loves Ortansia-sama, the more profound his despair will be if he loses you. You have become the most intimate and important person to Gerard through all your hard work." Read

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Lucian tightened his grip on her throat, his face contorting in ecstasy

Lucian suddenly released his grip, allowing Ortansia to gasp for air.

'I'm sure Lucian is going to kill me right in front of my brother.'

On the other hand, it meant Ortansia wouldn't be killed until Gerard arrived.

Besides, he probably intends to bring Gerard to this place.


'But, I won't let everything go his way...!'

Ortansia looked up and glared at Lucian.

Lucian looked at her and narrowed his eyes with even more amusement.

"...It's about time."

As Lucian muttered those words, the atmosphere in the room changed.

Something was approaching them.

The presence of immense power drew closer, causing Ortansia to shiver involuntarily.

Without a doubt, it was…

"Big Brother…" Read

As Ortansia whispered, a man appeared at the entrance of the space.

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He gazed at Ortansia and Lucian, taking slow steps towards them.

His expression was terrifyingly blank.

But Ortansia sensed a degree of anger emanating from him that she had never felt before.

Lucian was the demon, and Gerard had received immense divine protection, yet he should be an ordinary human...

'It feels like Big Brother is even more like a Demon King already!?'

Tensions escalated rapidly.

In response to Gerard's wrathful aura, Ortansia felt lightheaded.

"I've been waiting, Gerard."

Greeting Gerard like one would when he returned to the mansion, Lucian offered a polite bow. At that moment, an icy coldness radiated from Gerard towards Lucian.

"Big Brother, I'm fine!"

Ortansia desperately shouted to calm her brother-in-law, who was quietly raging.

Gerard's gaze turned towards her, and their eyes met.

As soon as he did, his eyes, which had been tense like a frozen sea of ice, seemed to relax a little. Read

'Lucian intends to kill me in front of Big Brother and make him despair. I have to survive at all costs!'

Reassessing the situation, Ortansia gulped nervously.

Based on Lucian's words, he wasn't in perfect condition either. Still, dealing with a demon wasn't easy.

'At least not normally…'

But Ortansia hadn't idled away her time since the time rewound.

If she didn't stand her ground now, all her efforts would be in vain.

Taking a deep breath, she clenched her fist tightly.

She had to convince herself not to tremble so embarrassingly.

However, cowering wouldn't help against Lucian's schemes.

Suppressing her rising fear, Ortansia raised her head.

Gerard stood a short distance away, halting and calmly drawing his sword, pointing it at Lucian.

"...I won't say it again. Leave Ortansia behind and disappear now."

"Hmm, still as cold as ever. Nevertheless, your courage to not back down in the face of a demon like me is admirable."

"I don't care who you are. I'll eliminate any obstacles.". Read

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At Gerard's words, Lucian chuckled with delight.

"That's the Gerard I know. Indeed, you are the one worthy of being my vessel."

As soon as Gerard heard those words, he moved

He slashed at Lucian with blinding speed.

It was so instantaneous that Lucian did not even have time to take Ortansia hostage.

Gerard's sword flashed, and his body fell to the ground with a heavy thud.

But it was not Lucian who was lying there.


At Gerard's feet lay a familiar golden-haired woman.

Someone Ortansia recognized...


The vacant face illuminated by the dim light undoubtedly resembled Ortansia's own.


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