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On the way, Qiao Kexin wanted to talk to Wen Yan several times. However, Wen Yan would always smile and say that she shouldn't be distracted while driving.

When they arrived at the front gate of Qiao Kexin's stepfather's villa, Qiao Kexin visibly became nervous.

Seeing her like this, Wen Yan couldn't help but shake her head.

If she felt uncomfortable staying in this house, why didn't she leave after graduating from college? Instead, she kept coming up with bad ideas for the original owner, trying to feel superior through her. What's the point of gaining a sense of superiority by calculating and suppressing others? The path that suits oneself is always taken with one's own feet.

Wen Yan didn't want to interact with Qiao Kexin's family either, so she took the initiative to speak up: "Kexin, I'll wait here for you. I won't go in with you. Just bring me the items."

Qiao Kexin felt relieved. "Okay, I'll be back soon. You wait here."

Wen Yan nodded. Not long after, a light turned on in one of the rooms on the third floor of the opposite villa.

However, it took Qiao Kexin quite a while to return.

"Sorry for the wait, Yan Yan. When I was coming down, my stepfather saw the bag in my hand and asked me what it was. I had a conversation with him, which delayed me a bit. You can take the bag now."

"Alright, let me check if everything is in order." Wen Yan took the bag from Qiao Kexin's hand.

Afterward, she took out an empty bag that she had just bought from the car.

When Qiao Kexin saw Wen Yan counting the items and transferring them to her own bag, her expression turned ugly.

"Yan Yan, you are so careful with counting. When you were buying the bag, did you intentionally choose one that can hold these things? It's okay, you can have this bag I used to store the items. You don't need to go through all this trouble."

Wen Yan finally finished counting the last item. She quickly zipped up the bag, turned to face Qiao Kexin, and no longer had the silly and sweet look she had before.

"Qiao Kexin, were you trying to deceive me just now?"

"What do you mean, Wen Yan? You were the one who didn't trust me first."

"Trust? You have the nerve to mention trust. Qiao Kexin, don't think that just because I used to be easily fooled means that I will always be a fool. You approached me for your own reasons, and you know it well yourself. I made it clear to you today, I don't want to be friends with someone like you who only wishes for my misfortune. I have already taken back the things that you borrowed, and I don't want to argue with you about anything else. From now on, we are no longer friends. I will delete and block your phone number and WeChat, and I won't contact you anymore. Please don't contact me either."

After finishing her words, Wen Yan threw the empty bag at Qiao Kexin.

Qiao Kexin realized that something was off with Wen Yan today, but she didn't expect her to end their friendship like this.

"No! Qiao Kexin grabbed Wen Yan's hand firmly. "I told my stepfather just now that you were waiting outside. No matter what, you are still part of the Shen family as an adopted daughter. It's Shen who is responsible for you on the outside. He asked me to invite you inside for a cup of tea and a chat. If you want to end our friendship, that's fine, but you have to go in and greet my stepfather first! You can't make me lose face!"

"Are you crazy, Qiao Kexin!" Wen Yan looked incredulous. "I've already ended our friendship, I don't care about your face. Let go."

"I won't let go!"

"You won't? Fine."

Wen Yan took out her phone from her pocket and forcefully hit Qiao Kexin's hand back with it.

It definitely hurt. Qiao Kexin could bear it at first, but after the second and third hits, she couldn't take it anymore. She instinctively let go of Wen Yan.

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She held her hand and glared at Wen Yan through gritted teeth. "You'll regret this!"

Wen Yan frowned at her. "Take some medicine!"

Inside the villa.

A father and son with ulterior motives were having a conversation.

"Dad, Shen Wen Yan is just the adopted daughter of the Shen family. Why did you let her in? If I want to make contact, it should be with the real heiress of the Shen family."

"Shen's true daughter can't be compared to you! Behave well when she arrives." 

"Fine, no need to behave. Look outside, the person has already left. This Qiao Kexin is useless, and can't even attract people. What's the use of keeping her? It's better to keep a dog."

After returning to the apartment, Wen Yan immediately blocked all contact information from Qiao Kexin, and she was too lazy to organize the things she had retrieved for the time being.

She just wanted to take a hot bath and lie in bed as soon as possible.

But just as she was about to put on a face mask, her phone rang.

Picking up her phone, it was a call from Su Yang.

"Hello, mom. Why are you calling at this time? Haven't you finished washing up?"

"Not yet. What were you doing, Yan Yan? Why didn't anyone answer my calls earlier? I called several times."

"Oh, I was taking a shower and blow-drying my hair. It took me almost an hour. The hair dryer makes too much noise so I couldn't hear. Mom, do you need anything?"

"I just wanted to ask if you're coming back tonight or not. It's already dark and I haven't seen you or received any calls or messages."

Wen Yan chuckled. She was originally going to say that she wouldn't be coming back tonight when she left in the morning.

But after thinking about it, she decided not to say that. Her stepmother was showing concern for her, and she couldn't hurt her feelings.

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Besides, she was still spending the Shen family's money now. She couldn't be ungrateful.

"It's my fault. I know I was wrong, Mom. I'll let you know in advance if I won't be coming home next time. I'm staying at the apartment tonight, it's safe."

"Okay, good. Girls should not wander around alone at night, you know?"

"I know. By the way, mom..." Wen Yan paused and asked, "Has Big Brother come back tonight?"

"No. Is there something you need to tell your Big Brother?"

Wen Yan knew that saying "no" would seem strange, so she just made up an excuse. "Sort of, I chatted with an old friend today and he wants to see Big Brother for something."

"Oh, then you should just contact him directly. You are siblings, no need to be so distant. Your Big Brother is a good man, he's cold on the outside but warm-hearted inside. You'll know once you spend more time with him. But you young people rarely have opportunities to communicate. If you have time, you should gather more often."

Listening to Su Yang's voice over the phone, Wen Yan could feel her mood becoming depressed because of her children's relationship.

If it weren't for her as their mother holding them together, the whole family would have long fallen apart.

Pity the hearts of parents. Wen Yan didn't want to worsen Su Yang's already low spirits, so she agreed with her words.

"Okay, Mom, I'll find an opportunity."

"Well, you should rest early. It's getting late and I have to wash up too."

"Okay, Mom, goodnight."

Wen Yan suddenly sweetly called "mommy" twice, and tears welled up in Su Yang's eyes on the other end of the phone.

Although "mom" and "mother" had the same meaning, her children hadn't called Su Yang "mommy" for many years.

"Mommy" seemed to belong only to innocent and naive children, and it was the closest few years between a mother and her child. After more than ten years of not hearing such a title, Su Yang was both heartbroken and moved.

This left Shen Yuan beside her at a loss. "What... What happened to you? Why are you crying?"

"Husband," Su Yang sniffled and leaned on Shen Yuan's shoulder, "Yanyan has grown up and matured. It was good that you brought her home that time."

"Ah!" Shen Yuan sighed, "Speaking of children, Zhirou gives me a headache."

"What happened? Is it about work?"

"Yes, I mean for her to start from the grassroots level, but it seems this child is unwilling and can't control herself. She already offended her direct superior on her first day of work."

"What? Didn't I already tell her before going to the company? Sigh, let's teach her slowly, maybe she will adapt in time."

Meanwhile, Wen Yan finally lay down on the bed.

She didn't have much hope for the response from the crew. After all, it was not yet time, but she still casually opened her email.

The result, to her surprise, was that she passed the crew selection for the TV drama audition!!

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