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"Damn it, Shen Jingxiu definitely heard everything, including the nonsense about pocket money. It's a pity he still doesn't know that I saved him. Shen Jingxiu, do you know that if it wasn't for me, that woman would have spilled red wine all over your pants."

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Shen Jingxiu was dumbfounded.

He did see a woman carrying red wine walking past his table just now.

So, this was a part of his blind date's seduction plan? Huh, it's really low-level.

"You still haven't answered my question. Are you not planning to end your friendship with such a friend?"

‘End it! Since he already heard everything, there's no need to pretend in front of him.’

"Ending a friendship with this so-called friend is definitely necessary, but it's not the right time yet."

"Oh? When do you think is the right time?"

"I still have to go to her house to retrieve the jewelry and bags she borrowed from me in the past. At least, until the financial issues are sorted out."

"...." Shen Jingxiu raised an eyebrow, "After treating her like this today, you still want to go to her house?"

"Of course! Strike while the iron is hot. Besides, my time is precious, I can't waste it on someone like her."

"Is your time really that precious? As far as I know, you should be quite free."

Wen Yan was surprised.

‘This Shen Jingxiu, what kind of person is he? I helped him and he still mocks me!’

Shen Jingxiu quickly explained, "What I meant was, since you're not going to the company, why are you in such a hurry to retrieve your belongings?"

Wen Yan looked at Shen Jingxiu from his head to toe, ‘When did big brother become so interested in my matters? You weren't like this before.’

Shen Jingxiu thought, what kind of interest is she thinking about? He was just casually asking.

Forget it, better say less.

"The elevator is here, are you getting off?"

"Yes, I drove here. I'll wait in my car for my friend."

The two entered the elevator one after the other. Just as the elevator doors were about to close, a group of people suddenly rushed in from outside. This group consisted of both young and old, like a big family.

Wen Yan quickly pressed the open button to let the group in.

Shen Jingxiu noticed all of her small actions and suddenly remembered something from many years ago.

During summer vacation that year when he returned to the country, the family went out to eat. At that time, Wen Yan was still very resistant to crowded elevators and showed impatience throughout the elevator ride.

Now she actually willingly made way for others.

Due to the sudden influx of people, Shen Jingxiu and Wen Yan, who entered the elevator first, were inevitably pushed into a corner.

In addition, the shoving and playing of two mischievous children caused Wen Yan to bump into Shen Jingxiu several times.

The first time, Wen Yan thought it was an accident and didn't think much of it.

But unexpectedly, it happened the second and third time.

Just as Wen Yan was about to say something, a tall figure suddenly blocked in front of her.

That broad and slender figure instantly separated her from the noisy children.

Although Wen Yan could only see the back of his head when she looked up, it was indeed Shen Jingxiu's head.

"Thank you, big brother." Grateful for someone's kindness, Wen Yan didn't hesitate to say her thanks.

However, Shen Jingxiu responded with silence. 

[So cold, but he really is a good person. He's so handsome too. I wonder which woman in the future will be shielded from the wind and rain with his strong chest and broad back.]

Shen Jingxiu: ... Not again, is there really nothing good about me besides being handsome?

The elevator quickly arrived at the first floor.

After everyone in the elevator had left, Shen Jingxiu finally moved away from Wen Yan. They didn't speak until they walked out of the building.

Finally, Wen Yan pointed to the direction on the left and said, "My car is parked over there."

Shen Jingxiu just nodded at her and then went in the opposite direction.

After getting in the car, Wen Yan immediately called Qiao Kexin.

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Luckily, Qiao Kexin didn't drive today. Wen Yan planned to take her home and also retrieve her own belongings.

While waiting for Qiao Kexin to come down, Wen Yan happened to see Shen Jingxiu's Bentley car driving past.

Seeing him, Wen Yan suddenly remembered that she forgot to explain to him that she was lying to Qiao Kexin earlier.

But then Wen Yan thought, he's such a busy person and hardly has time to go home. It shouldn't be necessary for him to go to their parents and complain about this small matter.

Thinking this way, Wen Yan felt relieved.

Qiao Kexin quickly got into Wen Yan's car.

Thinking about what happened in the restaurant earlier, she became suspicious. "Yan Yan, you said you don't have a good relationship with your older brother, so why did he offer to drive you home just now?"

Wen Yan became engrossed in acting and slapped the steering wheel. "Exactly! Don't you think he's cold and emotionless like a refrigerator? When I went to say hello to him, he ignored me and asked if I had been drinking.

I don't know if I drank or not, and I didn't dare to go against him, so I went along with what he said. As you can see, in the end I had to drive back by myself."

"He seems difficult to get along with, but only he and Shen Zhirou from the four siblings have entered the company. Shen Zhirou will eventually get married, and the other three don't care much about the company. Shen's company will most likely be taken over by Shen Jingxiu in the future.

You still need to pay attention. Although his personality is cold, you must make an impression in front of him. The person he was having dinner with should be his blind date, right? You should really focus on that."

Qiao Kexin had a concerned look on her face, and if one didn't know any better, they would think she was a genuine and caring best friend.

Wen Yan didn't deny her, but instead looked at her closely.

Qiao Kexin felt uncomfortable under Wen Yan's scrutiny. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Wen Yan put on a silly and sweet face. "When you mentioned the blind date, it reminded me of someone sitting across from my brother who is not as good as you. How about I introduce you to my brother? When you become my sister-in-law, you will be the wife of the person in power in the Shen family. Then, would I still have to worry about my position in the Shen family?

By the way, do you still have the drug you gave me last time? Could you give me some more? I will help you set up a date with my brother another day, and then I will secretly drug him. You can help me complete what I couldn't do last time. Once it's done, let my brother marry you. What do you think about this proposal, Kexin?"

"Of course not. If the Shen family finds out that I used such despicable means, they would definitely find a way to kill me. I can't risk that..."

Midway through her words, Qiao Kexin suddenly realized that she had slipped up and quickly tried to make up for it.

"But you're different, Yan Yan. After all, you were raised by the Shen family."

"Oh, well then. Let's not talk about this matter again. Let's go to your place first."


After the car started, neither of them spoke.

Wen Yan focused on driving, while Qiao Kexin occasionally stole glances at her.

With a calm mind, Qiao Kexin finally had the opportunity to sort out her chaotic thoughts. And all of these chaotic thoughts were somehow related to Wen Yan.

She also finally realized that Wen Yan seemed different.

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