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At that moment, Zhao Guowu was the most shocked of all. As a member of one of the five major families, his Zhao family only had three master fighters. But now, the Yang family had suddenly emerged with two, posing a greater threat than even the Hong family, the foremost clan. Typically, the Hong family, being the leading family, wouldn’t interfere in the affairs of the other major families unless absolutely necessary. However, the sudden rise of the Yang family changed everything. The slight humiliation Wang Lin had inflicted on him seemed trivial in comparison. Now, Zhao Guowu's primary concern was how to bring down the Yang family.

"Brother Hong, the issue between Wang Lin and us is just a minor dispute among the younger generation. Let's leave it to them to resolve, shall we? We, as elders, shouldn't intervene," Zhao Guowu suggested with a forced smile, offering a face-saving way out for both himself and Hong Lin. If they really came to blows, it would only bring shame to his family.

"Well, if that's the case, then..." Hong Lin began.

"Fine, we'll settle it ourselves!" Wang Lin interrupted, standing up. He walked over to Zhao Lijie, who was huddled in a corner, and slapped him hard across the face.

"This slap is a lesson for you. When you're out in the world, don't be so arrogant and overbearing," Wang Lin said calmly. "There are many people in this world you cannot afford to provoke."

With another slap, Wang Lin continued, "This one is to remind you that just because you have the Zhao family behind you doesn't mean you can bully the weak. The Zhao family also has many they cannot afford to provoke."

After speaking, Wang Lin kicked Zhao Lijie in the stomach, sending him tumbling out the door. "Get lost!"

Zhao Guowu clenched his fists tightly, barely containing his anger. "Brother Hong, we'll take our leave then." He ordered his men to carry the unconscious Zhao Lijie away. Now, he had to prepare for a confrontation with the Yang family. As for Wang Lin, much as he despised him, there was nothing he could do at the moment.

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With the departure of the Zhao family, only the Yang family members, along with the Hong and Yun families, remained.

The members of the Yun family felt their worldview collapsing. The revelations of the evening were simply too overwhelming.

"Wang Lin, you truly are full of surprises," Yun Hong remarked. "I thought you were just another family's scion. I had no idea the Hong family was allied with you."

"And who might these gentlemen be?" Hong Lin asked curiously, looking at Wang Lin's companions.

Wang Lin replied tersely, "New friends and neighbors. They live in Villa Number Ten."

Seeing that Wang Lin preferred not to elaborate, Hong Lin didn’t press further and turned his attention to the Yang family members, who had already been subdued.

"Yang Yi, isn't it? I've heard of you. A martial enthusiast from a young age, uninvolved in family affairs. But why did you join forces with the Zhao family this time to target Wang Lin?"

"Hmph, that brat has crossed paths with my Yang family several times, even breaking my son's arm. I naturally had to retaliate!" Yang Yi retorted coldly.

"If your Yang family hadn't repeatedly caused trouble for me, do you think I'd bother playing these games with you?" Wang Lin replied, his voice icy.

The feud was now firmly established, with neither side willing to back down. But it was clear to everyone there that Wang Lin wouldn’t be the one to fail.

"Let them go," Wang Lin said firmly. "I'll handle the Yang family myself.”

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Wang Lin's decision to release Yang Yi was not out of mercy, but a desire to settle scores personally. He saw no need to use the Hong family's power for this feud. His motive for involving Hong Lin tonight was to gauge the Hong family's commitment to their alliance, and he was satisfied with their response.

After the dinner and the drama had ended, Yun Hong had the waiters serve a fresh meal. Throughout the meal, he and his family were too nervous to speak much.

"Wang Lin, I plan to acquire Hengfeng Company. Can you arrange someone to help with that?" Wang Lin asked after the meal. He preferred not to approach the matter directly due to his feud with the Yang family, which would likely lead to an inflated price.

"Ah, that's easy. I'll have someone handle it tomorrow," Hong Lin agreed, laughing heartily.

Their conversation was interrupted by a call from Zheng Xian, which alarmed Wang Lin. Zheng Xian's distress indicated something was wrong, especially since Sun Feifei usually handled such matters. Upon answering, he learned Sun Feifei had been kidnapped.

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Wang Lin's anger was palpable as he overturned the table, his fury sending shards scattering across the floor.

"Who did this?!" he demanded.

"It's that beast, Yang Zhen!"

"I'll save her, don't worry. If anything happens to her, the Yang family will pay dearly," Wang Lin promised coldly.

His outburst and chilling promise sent shivers down everyone's spines, including Hong Lin's.

"What happened, Mr. Wang?" Hong Lin asked cautiously, sensing the murderous intent emanating from Wang Lin.

"A friend has been kidnapped by the Yang family. I need to save her immediately," Wang Lin explained briefly before leaping from the third-floor window, his speed almost invisible to the naked eye, heading straight for the Yang family.

"If Sun Feifei is harmed, tonight will mark the end of the Yang family," Wang Lin thought grimly as he disappeared into the night.

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