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"Why would you do that, Feng Yi?" Zhao Liejie asked angrily, unable to comprehend why Feng Yi, now a master himself, would willingly serve as Wang Lin's underling.

Feng Yi advised Zhao Liejie to leave for his safety, but Zhao, undeterred, began calling for reinforcements. Wang Lin observed silently, also messaging Hong Lin to inform him of the situation.

Receiving Wang Lin's message, Hong Lin mobilized his forces towards Hongxuan Restaurant. Simultaneously, other major families in Luocheng dispatched their people to investigate the sudden movement of the Hong family.

Half an hour later, Zhao Guowu, the patriarch of the Zhao family, arrived at the restaurant with a group of men. Upon seeing Wang Lin, Zhao Guowu's face darkened with anger, still holding a grudge for a past incident where Wang Lin had cost him a significant financial loss.

"Is it you again, kid?" Zhao Guowu sneered, "You're in for it now!"

Wang Lin, unfazed, asked if Zhao Guowu intended to fight. Zhao boasted about having two master-level fighters and numerous advanced martial artists in his family.

As the confrontation escalated, Yang Yi arrived with two others, seeking to join forces with the Zhao family against Wang Lin. Despite being from a second-tier family, Yang Yi's recent master-level breakthrough gave the Yang family newfound status.

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Zhao Guowu, reveling in the situation, agreed to let Yang Yi have his turn after dealing with Wang Lin.

Feng Yi, Wei Lao, and another elder, Chen, prepared to confront Wang Lin. Just as they advanced, a booming voice echoed from the corridor, "I'll see who dares to touch Mr. Wang!"

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With Zhao Lijie's words hanging in the air, Hong Lin arrived at the private room with four formidable figures. One stepped forward, effortlessly parting the crowd at the door to clear a path.

"Ah, it's Brother Hong. May I ask who this Mr. Wang is that you speak of?" Zhao Guowu greeted with a laugh, failing to connect Wang Lin with the person Hong Lin was defending.

Ignoring Zhao Guowu, Hong Lin walked straight to Wang Lin and respectfully said, "Mr. Wang, I came as soon as I got your message. Are these the ones causing trouble?"

The deference Hong Lin showed to Wang Lin baffled everyone in the room. The head of Luo City's premier family, showing such respect to a young man was unheard of.

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"What do you mean by this, Hong Brother?" Zhao Guowu demanded, his voice laced with irritation. The Zhao family might not be on par with the Hong family, but they were not to be trifled with either.

"There's no hidden meaning. If anyone wishes to harm Mr. Wang, they'll have to answer to the Hong family," Hong Lin stated plainly.

"If you think you can stand against the Hong family, feel free to try. But be prepared for the consequences," he added, his tone turning commanding.

Enraged yet powerless, Yang Yi wanted to protest but held back, considering the Hong family's overwhelming strength. His anger smoldered as he swallowed his words.

"Such bravado, Hong family head. But let's see if you can always protect this boy," Yang Yi sneered, hinting at future retribution before reluctantly deciding to leave.

As they tried to depart, Hong Lin wasn't about to let them go so easily.

"You think you can threaten us and just walk away? That won't be easy," Hong Lin declared, signaling to his men.

At his command, the four Grandmasters of the Hong family moved swiftly, confronting Yang Yi and his companions. Despite their newly gained Grandmaster status, Yang Yi and his associate evaded the Hong family's experts.

"Have you also broken through to the Grandmaster realm?" Hong Yi expressed surprise, acknowledging Yang Yi's significant improvement.

"Yes, the Yang family now boasts two Grandmasters. We may not be a top family, but we're not to be underestimated," Yang Yi stated confidently, readying himself to break free from the encirclement.

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