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After getting dressed, Sango went to the breakfast table.

At her feet, Raccoon sat in front of its plate, looking like it was waiting for his meal to be brought to him.

She heard the sound of the dining room door opening. Hongyu arrived.

Sango quickly avoided making eye contact with him.


"No, nothing."

She replied in a displeased tone and she was not asked again.

Sango let out a sigh of relief.

The reason why she behaved like this was because of what Hongyu told her last night.

The current situation was that when they saw each other, she would remember them and feel embarrassed.

Breakfast was rice porridge. The rice was cooked until it lost its shape. There's nothing in the porridge itself, it was salty.

In addition, there were so many side dishes that she couldn't finish all of them.

Sweet and spicy boiled lotus root, boiled scallops, pickled plums, steamed chicken, fried beans, meat miso, dried shrimp, boiled shiitake mushrooms and so on.

The ingredients were added to porridge and eaten. The lady in charge of the food department gave her detailed instructions.

The omnivorous raccoon dog was fed several types of nuts and fruits, as well as steamed chicken. It looked happy and ate happily. Its food must be delicious. Its round, fluffy tail kept waving.

Sango ate the recommended steamed chicken and meat miso.

The soup stock was chicken. The soup was cloudy in color, but once it was tasted, its rich flavor would be deeply felt.

It was a gentle taste that made Sango's body, which had been tense with tension, melt away.

She had a hard time falling asleep last night, and she had no appetite due to lack of sleep, but strangely enough she was able to eat the porridge.

She finally finished eating one plate. As she took a deep breath, she realized that she was being stared at more closely than Hongyu.

“Ah, uh, something?”

“No, I thought you weren’t feeling well…”

She shook her head slightly, saying that's not the case.

"It's not like there's nothing going on. He's acting a little strange today. Yes, he's not behaving well."

Sango honestly confessed her feelings. She thought that she couldn't fool him anymore.

She said she felt uneasy about helping Hongyu with his work.

"I told you it wasn't difficult. What do you mean you feel uneasy?"

"But I really don't have much knowledge, and I don't know if I can keep up with the culture here."

"You're a fast learner and a hard worker. Yesterday, you only studied for a few hours, and your pronunciation was much better.”

He was speaking so quickly that Sango couldn't hear him. She decided to ask Konkon later.

“Can't you understand me again?…Well, that’s fine. Anyway, learn more words. Also learn how to play an instrument at the Miyabi. It would be a good opportunity for the Queen to have interest in you. If you have a child with Queen Star, this farce will end."

Hongyu, who had already finished eating, stood up and left the dining room.

Sango let out a languid breath.

Konkon, who had come in to replace the female servant from the food club, looked at Sango's face with wonder as she let out a sigh.

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Sango was walking in the hallway while the raccoon dog followed her. She tried to keep her at home but it started crying forlornly, so she brought her along.

While moving to the Shogi Club, Konkon would hold it.

“Um, I apologize for the inconvenience, but Sango-sama, do you have any concerns?”

"Um, what should I do? I'm in trouble."

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Konkon sensed something unusual about Sango and invited her to his room.

“Um, Konkon.”

"What do you want?"

Sango asked if the timing was okay. Konkon pulled her in with a smile.

“Is the time okay?”

"Yes, it's okay. I had some free time so I was thinking of offering you some tea."

"Oh really"

Konkon's room was larger than Hongyu's private room. Since there was only one room, it also served as the sleeping area.

The floor was covered with a silk carpet, decorated with beautiful floral patterns.

A luxurious brown fur was draped over the futon.

A table with elaborate vine work, the chest of drawers, and other pieces of furniture, such as the chairs. They had their own elegance, and it could be seen that they were luxurious items.

Sango sat down on the chair that was offered to her. She was inwardly surprised by the rich elasticity of the seat.

Konkon picked up Tanuki, the raccoon and sat him next to Sango.

Next, a ceramic tea cup and a bottle of fruit juice were brought out from the shelf.

"Sorry, it's a mess. My father has been sending me a lot of things, so I decided to do this."

“Yes, it was.”

Konkon spoke with a troubled face.

Normally, it was prohibited to bring items into the inner palace from outside.

However, Konkon's father would do whatever he could to get it to her.

“I'm already detested, now that my father sends this to me, I'm hated even more.''

“Konkon, don't be sad.”

Sango comforted her.

She was a generous person who behaved in a relaxed manner.

"I've been saved by your presence. Thank you for everything."

"N-no, I-I don't have anything like that."

Konkon's face turned bright red and she shook her head. What a funny, naive reaction.

Sango forgot her worries for the moment and smiled from the bottom of her heart.

“So, Sango-sama, may I ask you about your concerns?”

"Ah, um, is it something that can't be resolved even if you talk to someone like me? I won't force it, but I'm worried..."

"No, Konkon. That's not true. Thank you for listening to me like this, but-"

She paused mid-sentence, blushed, and looked down.

“Well, has something happened to Minister Wang?”

"No. There's nothing wrong with him!"

Konkon held her head and her face turned pale.

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“Is it that Minister Wang, who was said to be honest, upright, ridiculously serious, and suspected of hating women, was struck by Sango-sama’s androgynous sex appeal!?”


She couldn't make out any of the words she was saying so quickly.

Konkon said, "It's nothing!" and cooled her bright red cheeks with her cold fingertips.

“Oh, so what about Minister Wang?”

"Um, please help me with my work of making a baby with Princess Hoshi."


Due to the shock, Konkon collapsed into the empty gap in the settee.

“Konkon, is this kind of collaborative work? How can you help me?”

"I don't know either, I'm sorry."

Sango conveyed with teary blue eyes. “Please don't apologize.”

"It's probably okay. Hongyu said he would teach me one-on-one, starting from the simplest things."

"Oh, that's it. You look rational and serious, but you have an incredible sexual desire, don't you?"


"It's nothing. Sorry, I just--ugh!"

Konkon felt sorry for Sango and started crying.

"Ugh, uh, she should just try his best to have a child by himself, without you!"


Sango went to Konkon's side, hugged her shoulder, and gently wiped away her tears with a silk towel.

"I'm fine. Please don't cry."

"He's a pervert. Minister Wang is a pervert..."

The raccoon dog also came to Konkon and nuzzled into her as if it was consoling her.

"I was determined to do whatever it took to be brought here. However, since it was something I wasn't used to, I was nervous. Also, I felt embarrassed."

"That's right"

"Thank you for crying for me."

Konkon took the towel and wiped her tears.

Then, Sango quickly stood up and took something out of the shelf.

A wooden box was placed on the table.

She brought out a small vial and an incense stick.

“Konkon, what is this?”

"It's an essential oil that has an aphrodisiac effect. My father brought it from a foreign country."

“It is a substance purified from a plant. It is secretly distributed as an aphrodisiac.” Konkon explained.

"This has the effect of elevating your mood. It removes negative emotions and boosts your mood during sex."

“Women with a high sense of shame burn this essential oil before going to bed to heighten their mood.”

“If this is the case, I think I can remove your anxiety.”


“If you like, please do.”

“Are you sure?”

"Yes. All I can do is this-"

“But why do you have something like this?”

As she watched her smiling faintly, she couldn't listen anymore.

Sango accepted the incense and essential oil.

"Thank you, Konkon."

Sango smiled and thanked her.

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◇Correcting misunderstandings◇

Hongyu → Misunderstands that Sango was a man.

Konkon knew that Sango was a woman. She misunderstood that she had some purpose and that she came to the palace pretending to be a man.

Sango had to lie about her gender to live, she also thought that Hongyu was younger than her.

Tanuki, the raccoon dog, took Sango as its master.

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