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"Huina, your shoelaces are undone."

Yin Huina, who was busy eating across the table, trembled involuntarily.

She silently put down her chopsticks and bent over to tie the shoelaces.

Someone took care of tying the shoelaces, and Li Zhenyu was in a good mood.

So, it took an hour for this meal, and Li Zhenyu had two bowls of soup and rice.


I don't know if it's because of changing bodies, but Xiaoxiba's food is also delicious.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. It seemed pretty good.

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Li Zhenyu had completely adapted to his current identity and began to think again about what he should do.

"Zhen...Zhenyu, I have washed the dishes and put them in the cabinet."

"If...if there's nothing else, I should go to work."

From resistance at the beginning to compliance now, Yin Huina didn't know what had happened.

She had gotten used to this way of getting along without realizing it.

Every time Yin Huina's mother took the kids to the kindergarten, she would be here.

Cooking for him, cleaning, and tying shoelaces.

"Alright, let's go...Be careful on the way." Li Zhenyu nonchalantly bowed and sat back down.

Yin Huina walked forward with a heavy heart, suspecting that her brain must be broken.

Just as she was about to leave, she was stopped again.

"The first drawer of the shoe cabinet, there's something I got for you."

Opening the shoe cabinet, Yin Huina saw a bulging envelope.

Holding it in her hand, she opened the envelope, revealing a stack of 10,000 yuan bills.

"Use this money to buy some good food. Is the child getting enough to eat? As a mother, the first thing you need to learn is to take care of your own body!"

Yin Huina looked at him with a complex expression, but in the end accepted the money and left.

With this money, the household expenses could be taken care of.

Besides, she should buy some supplements to replenish her body.

There's a big difference between supporting oneself and supporting two people.

Upon careful consideration, he was actually not bad to her.

He often brought high-quality ingredients home, he was polite to her mother, and liked to make Shangyu happy.

Every time he held Shangyu in his arms, Shangyu would smile like an adorable angel.

Except for that thing, the demands...standards...and positions...

The frequency was also wrong!

In short, he was much better than the men she had chosen before.

Yin Huina chuckled self-mockingly and looked back at the closed door. "So, how bad was your judgment in the past?"

Yin Huina, you must have been blind at that time.

Blind, blind...

"Huff, huff, huff..."

In the room, Li Zhenyu finished his daily training sets and draped a towel over his shoulders, preparing to take a shower.

He pondered about the future and his arrangement for Yin Huina.

Getting her to quit her job and become his full-time secretary would be a good choice.

Ding Dong...

Looking through the peephole, Li Zhenyu saw a familiar figure.

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"Sigh...why did you come again." Speechless, he opened the door and walked into the bathroom.

"Zhenyu, were you exercising just now, or are you hiding a woman inside?"

"Yes, when I heard the doorbell, I thought it was the lady of the house coming back, so I jumped out of the window."

"...This is the 12th floor, do you think I'm a fool?"

"Ye~ Simeida."

His insolent tone made Kim Ji Yon angry and amused at the same time.

This guy's thick-skinned attitude was increasing.

Where did that shy good boy from before go? Oh?!

"Zhenyu, just wash up properly inside, make sure to clean every inch~"

With an ambiguous tone, Li Zhenyu, who was showering, was full of helplessness.

Did she really think he was just a harmless little lamb who wouldn't do anything to her?

Inside the room, Kim Ji Yon looked at the humble but clean room.

With a face full of joyful satisfaction, this wasn't her first time coming here, but she couldn't keep it this clean every time even if she tried to pretend.

He really was a clean and tidy good boy. Today, let's reward him nicely!

Putting the lunchbox on the small cabinet, Kim Ji Yon opened the drawer below and muttered softly, "Where is it, where is it!"

"Ah, found it." Taking off her coat, her perfect curves were exposed under the tight-fitting skirt.

Kim Ji Yon put on the apron in front of her chest and started making kimchi dumplings.

If she remembered correctly, his favorite was kimchi dumplings.

The kimchi made at home was really delicious.

Using it to make dumplings would definitely be super tasty.

Turning off the shower, Lee Zhenyu instinctively wanted to go out.

But then, he released his hand that was holding the door handle.

He almost forgot, there was someone outside, he couldn't go out like this.

However, the clothes he just took off were still wet and couldn't be worn again.

"Sigh~ I always say women are troublesome." Lee Zhenyu angrily wiped his head with a towel and looked around.

He then took another towel and tied the two towels diagonally, trying to wrap them around his waist.

Hmm~ not bad, he tied the other end tightly.

This way, he made handmade, tight-fitting, and breathable underwear.


Hearing the sound of unlocking, Kim Jiyon, who was kneading the dough, turned her head with a smile, but the words she wanted to say were choked back by the shock in front of her.

Then, before he noticed, she quickly lowered her head and beat the dough absentmindedly.

"Huh?!" Not hearing Kim Jiyon's playful teasing, Lee Zhenyu felt a little uncomfortable for a moment.

Casually glancing, Lee Zhenyu happened to see her stealing a glance.

Their eyes met, and Kim Jiyon turned her head like a child caught cheating.

In her hands, the dough took on various strange shapes.

Perhaps she had already forgotten why she came here today.

"Kim Jiyon, what are you doing?" Lee Zhenyu dried his wet hair with a towel and casually threw it on the back of the sofa.

Lee Zhenyu went to the side of the bed and took out clean clothes from a simple clothes rack.

Then, he turned away from her and untied the towel.

"Such strong muscles, you can't tell when he's wearing clothes... Wow, they're so firm..."

"He's not embarrassed at all? He's even doing it in front of me..."

"No, he's turning his back, I'm the one sneaking a peek... Ah, what am I doing!"

Getting frustrated, Kim Jiyon rubbed her hair and completely forgot that she had flour on her hands.

As a result, her shiny brown hair was instantly covered in flour.


"Were you like this at your in-laws' house too?"

Seeing her covered in flour and looking disheveled, Lee Zhenyu said with disgust, "No wonder people find you annoying."

"Ah~ Lee Zhenyu, do I have to do these things normally? What do you take me for, a maid?"

Stomping her foot, Kim Jiyon pointed at the dough on the table and got angry.

"Lower your voice, the neighbors will complain soon."

Disgusted, he pouted and continued her unfinished work.

"You should go wash up first, I'll take care of this."

"What is this, kimchi?"

"You said you like kimchi dumplings the most. You said you can't buy the kimchi made by your aunt outside."

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