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"So, do you have children now?" The last time he saw her was five years ago.

By now, she should have already had her wedding with Lee Chengen and had a family. Maybe they even had children.

So, did marriage change her?

Before, she dressed very conservatively.

"We got divorced."

Kim Ji-yeon picked up her coffee and took a sip with a shallow smile.


Li Zhenyu was a bit puzzled. They didn't have a free relationship.

It was a marriage arranged for the interests of the family and political alliances. How could they divorce just like that?

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Which family had a problem?!

"You don't know... Lee Chengen is no longer the heir of the Dequan faction. With the strong alliance situation gone, naturally, we got divorced."

Kim Ji-yeon patted her chest and sighed, "Thank goodness, I thought I would be trapped in that family for the rest of my life. As the eldest daughter of the Kim family, I have already dedicated my youth and business value to the family. For the rest of my life, I want to live for myself."

The fluctuating waves seemed quite weighty.

So, she had disguised her true self under the facade of being a "good girl" due to the pressure from her family.

She had been acting for over a decade, truly amazing!

"And now? What are your plans?"

Hearing his question, Kim Ji-yeon retorted, "What about you? What are your plans?"

"Leaving home and relying on myself? Can people like us really leave the family and survive on our own?"

As someone who had contributed to the family, Kim Ji-yeon naturally would receive compensation from the family.

After all, the cooperative family had gained a lot of benefits over the years.

They had to give some benefits to this great contributor, which would be enough for Kim Ji-yeon to live in luxury for the rest of her life.

That's why she asked about whether people like them could really leave the family. Because she herself was still a parasite attached to the family industry.

Li Zhenyu smiled slightly and pointed at himself, asking, "Aren't I here?"

It had been five years since the previous Li Zhenyu left home.

He was eating and drinking well, living a good life.

"Is this really good?"

Looking at his cheap clothes, the tattoo on his neck, and the low-quality watch on his wrist.

"Zhenyu, you should consider going back home."

Li Zhenyu shook his head and said seriously, "I'm really fine, no need to worry."

Seeing his resolute attitude, Kim Ji-yeon thought for a few seconds and said, "Come with me."

On the third floor of the shopping mall, Kim Ji-yeon took him to pick out a slim-fitting high-end tailored suit.

Looking at the refined appearance, sharp eyebrows, and eyes filled with masculinity of the young man in front of her, Kim Ji-yeon suddenly felt a sense of attraction.

"It's really... Agoo, when did the crybaby grow up?"

"Big sister-in-law, you're only five years older than me."

"Five years, isn't that enough? In the past, it would have been enough for you to be a mother... Isn't it?!"

Li Zhenyu nodded helplessly and said with a bitter smile, "You're right, it's my fault."


Kim Ji-yeon extended her index finger and teasingly pressed her fingertip against his chin, tilting it slightly upwards with a flirtatious tone, "You just need to be obedient."

"You're not my big sister-in-law anymore."

"Just now, you called me your big sister-in-law, and now you don't recognize me... Agoo, so heartless!"

Kim Ji-yeon playfully blinked her eyes and retracted her finger, saying, "Ah~ or maybe you can call me... sister-in-law."


Ignited by a furious flame, Li Zhenyu hurriedly rushed back home.

After taking a cold shower, the anger in his heart still burned.

Glancing at the clock on the wall, Li Zhenyu turned and walked to the door next to his.

Knock knock...

"Who is it?"

"Auntie, it's Zhenyu from next door. I have something I want to ask Hui-na for help with."

"Oh, Zhenyu!" The madam opened the door, looking at him with a face full of blame.

"Agoo... Look at you, turning into this state. Why didn't you study well? Why did you go to learn from those bad people."

Receiving a scolding from the madam, Li Zhenyu smiled shyly throughout the whole process, as if nothing had changed from before.

"Hui-na, Zhenyu is looking for you. Why aren't you coming out?"

Unable to escape, Yin Huina appeared at the entrance, her face looking strange.

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"Do you... Do you need something?”

"Huina, I forgot some steps from the dish you taught me last time. Could you teach me again?"

Li Zhenyu said as he handed over what he was holding.

"As a token of gratitude, this is the best Korean beef I bought specifically."

"Oh my god... Agoo..." she exclaimed, receiving the beautifully packaged box of Korean beef, the rich lady couldn't hide her joy.

"A gift like this must cost tens of thousands!"

"No, it's only thirty thousand yuan."

"Agoo..." The lady looked at him with a different expression, liking him even more.

This child was just impulsive for a moment and took the wrong path, but he still had a good heart.

"Huina, as neighbors, we should help each other. Please teach him again!"

"Although he made a mistake, I don't think he is a bad person."

Encouraged by the old lady, Li Zhenyu successfully invited Yin Huina into his room.

At the moment the door closed, he covered her small mouth to prevent her from speaking.

Struggling and sobbing, Yin Huina felt anger and sadness, realizing that he was much worse than she had thought!

The advantage of a young woman was that she would give you whatever you want.

Completely unlike dealing with a young girl, who was inexperienced and hard to handle.

A glance, a movement, a sigh, it was a completely new experience.

From beginning to end, no language communication was needed.

Ding Dong~

Opening the door, the old lady saw her daughter's radiant face and curiously asked, "Why did it take so long?"

"The ingredients were a bit complicated, so it took some time."

Frowning, the old lady leaned forward and sniffed. Yin Huina nervously looked at her.

"What's the smell, it's so familiar!" The old lady pondered carefully.

"Let's have kelp soup tonight."

"Okay." Although Yin Huina resisted in her heart, she still nodded in agreement.

"Mom, soup..."

"Shangyu, Mom doesn't want to drink soup now."

"Soup... Soup..."

With the urging of her child, Yin Huina had to reluctantly pick up the spoon.

One spoonful, two spoonfuls!

Yin Huina's furrowed brows gradually relaxed.

"Ah~ Agoo, Yin Huina, what are you thinking? Aiya..." She lightly tapped her head, driving away the strange images in her mind.

From now on, she would never give him any chance again.

No matter what, she would never surrender, never...

Yin Huina made a firm resolution, cheering herself on in her heart, 'Yin Huina, come on, you can do it.'

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