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 Strange. No matter how she thought about it, Gérard's attitude just didn't seem right.

"Shut up, you disgrace my ducal family. I never once, not even once, thought of you as my sister." Even now, she remembered it clearly. Gerard clearly refused Ortansia, who desperately asked for help on the execution table.

 In other words, Gerard hated Ortansia. There should be no doubt, but…

"Good morning, brother."

 In the morning, when she when she cautiously greeted Gerard, who happened to pass by her in the hallway of the Duke's mansion, he stopped and stared at her

Looking at that cold gaze, Ortansia froze and thought, 'Shouldn't I have called out to him!?' Read only on


'What's with the "Uhm"?! Is that supposed to mean that he returned my greeting! I mean, why is he still standing still!!!?'

Confused, Ortansia stared at Gerard with a  smile, but for some reason he continued to stare at her without moving from his position.

'Perhaps I should say something? But what should I say! Let's see, in a situation like this…'

 Tempest, Ortansia desperately tried to remember her late mother's words.

"Ortansia. To speak to your guests in a way that entertains them, you should... well, maybe start with the weather or a bland topic and see how they react."

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"Uh, Onii-sama…! It's a beautiful day, isn't it?


As usual, Gerard was staring at her with a cold gaze. She couldn't figure out what he was thinking.

'Huh! What was this reaction to it!? Good!? Bad!'

Not knowing what he was thinking, Ortansia was confused. But when she saw that he did not walk away, she wondered if he was waiting for her next words.

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"Uhm, on a nice day like this, a walk in the garden sounds pleasant!"


"I was taking a walk in the garden the other day and I found the most beautiful flowers! I asked the gardener about it, and he said it was a very rare flower... Well, it's just like the Duke de Verité to have such a rare flower!'

'Oh what are you saying! There's no way Onii-sama would be interested in that!'

 "The good thing is that, Ortansia, you don't have to do the talking, you just have to lead the other person to do the talking. All you have to do is smile and give them a little direction." She remembered what her mom once told her. Read only on

'I can't do that kind of advanced technique, Mom!'

 Ortansia felt like crying because she had gone in the opposite direction of her late mother's advice.

 She had made a last, apologetic gesture by bringing up the garden, but there was no way that Gérard would be interested in Ortansia's boring stories about her daily life. He was sure to be displeased. Read only on

"...Got it."

Ortansia was trembling like a sinner waiting to be executed when she heard her brother's words.

At the same time, he clumsily patted his head and quickly left the place.

 Left behind, Ortansia held her breath and just waited for the footsteps to move further away.

'What did he mean by 'I get it!' You mean you understand my boring story and you want me to keep my mouth shut forever! Right? That's the only way I can think of it!'

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'I must have stepped on Gerard's landmine this time...!'

 Ortansia, who collapsed on the spot in horror, would learn the true intentions of her unexpected brother in a few days.

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