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  Meanwhile, Gerard, who had parted with Ortansia, was strolling down the corridor without any expression on his face as usual. However, inside his heart, he was a little shaken.

He did not expect that Ortansia would realize that he was not feeling well.

 Gérard never overtly shows his poor health. In fact, the servants and outsiders were not aware of Gerard's ailments.

But only that precious little sister of his noticed the change in him.

"…No problem. I'm just a little sleep-deprived due to some urgent work."

Those words were half-lie, half-truth.

Gérard had his own schedule to keep track of. Even if he had urgent work, there was no way he could afford to let them threaten his sleeping schedule.

But the fact that he was sleep deprived was a fact that could not be disguised as a lie. He has had the same dream over and over again. Read only on

It could be said to be a nightmare.

"sama!... please… help me"

In his dreams, there was always one woman coming toward him and asking for help.

-- "Sama Please! I am…! I am… there is no….!"

Gérard was always driven by the thought that he must save her.

But he couldn't move his body, and Gérard, in his dreams acted in direct opposition to Gérard's will.

He is very dismissive of the woman who asked for his help.

"Oh... brother! Please help me!!! I am falsely accused! I have not attempted any assassination!"

Her hair was disheveled and her eyes were full of tears as she desperately reached for his hand. How he wish he had taken her hand and hugged her and told her it would be all right.

But a nightmare is always a nightmare.

"… You are a disgrace to the dukedom. I never once thought of you as my sister."

With those words, Ortansia's expression twisted into despair.

She was immediately taken to the execution platform and her fragile life was scattered.

Gerard had seen this scene many times.

He seemed to have grown up somewhat more compared to the present him, there was no doubt about it.

The woman was none other than Gérard's sister, Ortansia.

No matter how many times he tried to scream at her to stop, no matter how many times he tried to save her, Ortansia would disappear into the dew of the decapitation.

 Lately he had been cutting back on sleep because he didn't want to have the nightmare, but now that... Ortansia realized it, he had better stop. Read only on

"...Brother, please don’t push yourself too hard. I'll become stronger and support you! If there is anything I can do, please let me know!"

He remembered The figure of his little sister, whom he had just met a few moments ago.

Not to worry, This was reality 

No matter how many nightmares he had, a nightmare is still a nightmare and cannot encroach on reality.

"Oh, Gérard-sama. What's the matter?"

The one who noticed Gérard standing still, ran up to him and called out was a young servant who had recently started working for the duke's family, Lucian.

 Gérard viewed him as a very talented young man, but there were times when he seemed to have a... mysterious side to him.

Not wanting to let his weakness be known, Gérard started walking again.

"Nothing, let's go."

"Yes, sir."

Followed by Lucian, Gerard began to walk in the opposite direction to Ortansia.

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